What I learned about the CFL Draft: Television Broadcast Edition

With one of the biggest days on the Canadian Football League calendar having come and gone. Here is my moment by moment observations from the CFL draft.

First off we get a glimpse of the Saskatchewan Roughrider war-room and a question crops up immediately. Why can’t all of the executives get together in one room? The league has meetings in Vegas so could they not eek out some money to meet at BMO Field, or TCU Place in Saskatoon or Quebec City, or Halifax? You know build the brand?

The Saskatchewan Roughriders select Josiah St. John from the University of Oklahoma. No surprise as the Green and White are wanting a player that can step in immediately and they may have found one.

Montreal is on the clock … The Alouettes select Philippe Gagnon from Laval. Great depth move for a team that goes with an exclusively Canadian offensive line.

BC is up next. Interesting to see Geroy Simon sitting next to Wally Buono at the draft table. Further proof that time heals all wounds I suppose. During the break BC trades down to allow Hamilton to trade up.

Hamilton makes the selection and takes Brandon Revenberg the third straight offensive lineman.

Quick note on the panel and I will be the first to tell you that I’m not he biggest fan of Farhan Lalji but he is doing a really nice job. Wonder why they wouldn’t have Rod Smith the CFL on TSN host anchor?

Toronto is up next. The Argos select Brian Jones REC from Acadia. Real good athlete and physical which should fit their offence nicely. That being said it will be curious if Ricky Ray will be able to throw him the ball.

B-C after trading down is next. The Lions select OL Charles Vaillancourt. Interesting to see the “live” look at the Lions draft party, wow it is set up worse that reality t-v. I would bet 9 of 10 fans have no idea who the kid is or when the Lions play their first home game.

Calgary is on the clock. The Stamps decide to go with Alex Singleton LB Montana State University, from Dave Dickenson’s alma matter.

Next up it’s the REDBLACKS with the second last pick of the first round. Without hesitation Offensive Lineman Jason Lauzon-Seguin from Laval comes off the board.

Next up the Edmonton Eskimos for their first selection of the draft and they take Tevaun Smith from the University of Iowa. The only question is whether or not he comes back to the CFL. Not a bad gamble with the final pick of the opening round.

On to round two and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are on the clock. Prior to the pick Winnipeg’s Gary Lawless pronounces the team can now draft for development and not necessity. Funny I would think that a 5-and-13 team, one season removed from being the Grey Cup host, would have a few necessities. Just thinking out loud though. With the pick the Bombers take Trent Corney DL from Virginia. Seems like a great athlete who could be a big asset for the Bombers.

To the number ten pick and the Bombers are set to go again. With this pick the Bombers go with Michael Couture from Simon Fraser. Kelly Bates I’m sure is smiling ear to in Vancouver with his program getting some additional recognition.

The final pick of the tv broadcast goes to Montreal and Wayne Moore RB from McMaster. And with 1 second to spare TSN gets out so that the network on all three stations TSN 1,3 and 5 can cut to the same NBA game. What the heck? Why can’t the league get the rights broadcaster to at least come up with two full rounds of coverage? Talk about a headscratcher.

With that being said tip of the cap to Duane Forde who was the star of the show with outstanding preparation for the draft and an incredible knowledge of all of the draft picks. If I was running a CFL team I know I would approach him for at least my National content as he know his stuff. Job well done Duane.

Time to click over and see if it is possible to catch the draft on the TSN website as advertised.