WGR Week 2 Recap

The sun may have been shining down, but so too the wind was blowing throughout the day at Wyant Group Raceway as race teams tuned their cars and trucks in preparation for the first Saturday night racing of the
2016 season.

The Super Trucks were in town, sponsored by Irv’sWestside Auto and C&S Consulting, both out of Edmonton, were in town for their second trip around an oval this year. They raced at Edmonton International Raceway last weekend, before making their first of two stops in Saskatoon.

There may have only been six trucks, but they showed fans they still know how to put on one heck of a tight race where any of them could come out the winner. In the end it was the #76 of Kyle O’Connell from Lloydminster taking home the WGR checkered flag. Kyle bested the field in time trials by more that 2/10th of a second, but crashed out in the first heat. Problems continued to plague the #76 team through the second heat with the truck finishing last.

Things were looking good for the #76 team in the feature as O’Connell took the lead around lap 15 of the 40 lap feature. It came down to a green, white checker finish though and the #43 truck of Dan Saunders knocking on his door for O’Connell to get his truck to the line first and pick up the Saskatoon win.

The Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks put their second race meet of the year to bed Saturday with Jim Barnsley proving that age and experience can win over the fearless minds of the younger racers. Jim’s #41 Streetwise Service Dodge Neon kept it a perfect year as he crossed the finish line first all three times Saturday night.

Cole Nixey brought the #23 home second in the heat and feature, third in the qualifier. The #37 Neon of Scott Kozak finished third in the feature, while #4 of Shawn Magee was third in the heat.

More than the weather was heated in the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks as several rolled up black flag warnings were issued and one black flag DQ in the qualifier race. Curtis Houben, in the #81 RPM Camaro continues to be the car to beat as he picked up a perfect points night, taking the win in all three races. The #3 of Craig Katelnikoff was second in the heat and feature, while the #18 of Mike Rea was third in both races.

After the #3 of Katelnikoff took out Mike Rea’s Monte Carlo in the Qualifier, drawing a black flag, the #0 of Chris Gaeveart and #1 of Scott Barrand followed Houben across the line.

We see some variety as we move to the WSSL Super Late Model Division.
Kevin Dyck proved that he moved up from Pro Trucks to be a contender, picking up the first late model heat win in his #15 2016 D&S Homes Dodge Challenger. Kenny Heintz was second and last year’s Pro Truck champion, also making the jump to SLM, #10 Kevin Dyck was third.

Jim Gaunt cruised the #55 Sky Financial Chevy SS to the finish line in the second heat, showing rookie #12 Matthew Shirley the path, with the
#17 of Rob Janzen also in tow.

Rob Janzen showed he still knows how to win though as last year’s SLM champion picked up the first qualifier win in the #17 J&A Heating and Plumbing 2016 Toyota Camry. Matthew Shirley once again had to settle for second with Kenny Heintz in third.

In the second qualifier, Jason Gervais barely kept the #88 Commercial Sandblasting Ford Fusion ahead of the hard charging #97 of Jared Reddekopp, with #38 Dave Bone finishing up third.

And in the 50 lap WSSL Super Late Model feature, Jim Gaunt took home the commemorative WGR feature flag, after a green, white, check finish, keeping his car in front of the #38 of Dave Bone and #10 of Kevin Dyck.
It wasn’t a cruise to the win though as Gaunt faced challenges throughout the race from Gervais and Shirley.

It wasn’t to be for the blue crew team of Matthew Shirley as Mr smooth Gaunt showed why he has so may championship trophies, gracefully out for a Sunday afternoon drive around the track.

The late caution had Jim and Matthew starting side by side with three to go. It was promising, but Matthew ended up with his nose in the wrong place and Dave Bone showed his experience as he slipped by Matthew for second. Kevin Dyck followed Bone for third in the #10 2016 Chevy SS.

At the end of the day, Jim Gaunt and his #55 Sky Financial Impala SS has one more checkered flag hanging on the shop wall at home.

It’s a quick turn around as we feature the Shrine Club Sask Legends on Wednesday night, joined by the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros, the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks and the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks. Gates open at 6:00 on Wednesday, with the first of many green flags at 7:05pm.

Coincidentally, the Shriner’s hit the grounds on Friday as they present the Wa Wa Shriners Circo Ma’ceo this weekend at the Wyant Group Raceway.
Shows run Friday at 7:30pm, three shows Saturday at 11am, 3pm and 7:30pm, finishing up with two shows Sunday at 1pm and 5pm.

See you at the races Wednesday.

Complete Results:

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Division:

Heat Race:
1. #41 Jim Barnsley
2. #23 Cole Nixey
3. #4 Shawn Magee
4. #37 Scott Kozak
5. #77 Shawn Conarroe
6. #05 Darcy King
7. #7 Dylan Isley
8. #24 Jaxen Gervais

Qualifier Race:
1. #41 Jim Barnsley
2. #4 Shawn Magee
3. #23 Cole Nixey
4. #37 Scott Kozak
5. #77 Shawn Conarroe
6. #05 Darcy King
7. #24 Jaxen Gervais
8. #7 Dylan Isley

Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stock Feature:
1. #41 Jim Barnsley
2. #23 Cole Nixey
3. #37 Scott Kozak
4. #7 Dylan Isley
5. #05 Darcy King
6. #77 Shawn Conarroe
7. #4 Shawn Magee
8. #24 Jaxen Gervais
Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Division

Heat Race:
1. #81 Curtis Houben
2. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
3. #18 Mike Rea
4. #1 Scott Barrand
5. #0 Chris Gaeveart
6. #90 Denny Neudorf
7. #7 Aaron Ratzlaff
8. #63 Kevin McLaggen

Qualifier Race:
1. #81 Curtis Houben
2. #0 Chris Gaeveart
3. #1 Scott Barrand
4. #18 Mike Rea
5. #7 Aaron Ratzlaff
6. #90 Denny Neudorf
7. #63 Kevin McLaggen
8. #3 Craig Katelnikoff (Black Flag)

Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Feature:
1. #81 Curtis Houben
2. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
3. #18 Mike Rea
4. #63 Kevin McLaggen
5. #1 Scott Barrand
6. #0 Chris Gaeveart
7. #90 Denny Neudorf
8. #7 Aaron Ratzlaff
WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model Division

Heat A:
1. #15 Andrew Hardy
2. #62 Kenny Heintz
3. #10 Kevin Dyck
4. #97 Jared Reddekopp
5. #88 Jason Gervais
6. #04 Tim Kammer

Heat B:
1. #55 Jim Gaunt
2. #12 Matthew Shirley
3. #17 Rob Janzen
4. #38 Dave Bone
5. #8 Andy Clewes

Qualifier A (Fast from Heats):
1. #17 Rob Janzen
2. #12 Matthew Shirley
3. #62 Kenny Heintz
4. #55 Jim Gaunt
5. #15 Andrew Hardy
6. #10 Kevin Dyck

Qualifier B (Slow from Heats):
1. #88 Jason Gervais
2. #97 Jared Reddekopp
3. #38 Dave Bone
4. #8 Andy Clewes
5. #04 Tim Kammer

WSSL Auto Parts Super Late Model Feature Race:
1. #55 Jim Gaunt
2. #38 Dave Bone
3. #10 Kevin Dyck
4. #12 Matthew Shirley
5. #88 Jason Gervais
6. #15 Andrew Hardy
7. #04 Tim Kammer
8. #97 Jared Reddekopp
9. #17 Rob Janzen
10. #62 Kenny Heintz
11. #8 Andy Clewes
Irv’s Westside Auto / C&S Consulting Super Trucks:

Time Trials (seconds):
1. #76 Kyle O Connell, 15.232
2. #43 Dan Saunders, 15.458
3. #07 Brian Morrison, 15.536
4. #18 Ron Elder Jr., 15.701
5. #19 Cody Lang, 16.011
6.#14 Ron Larsson, 16.274

Heat A:
1. #43 Dan Saunders
2. #19 Cody Lang
3. #14 Ron Larsson
4. #18 Ron Elder Jr.
5. #07 Brian Morrison
6. #76 Kyle O Connell

Heat B:
1. #07 Brian Morrison
2. #43 Dan Saunders
3. #18 Ron Elder Jr.
4. #14 Ron Larsson
5. #76 Kyle O Connell
6. #19 Cody Lang

Super Truck Feature, presented by Earth Works Equipment:
1. #76 Kyle O Connell
2. #43 Dan Saunders
3. #07 Brian Morrison
4. #19 Cody Lang
5. #18 Ron Elder Jr.
6. #14 Ron Larsson