WGR Season Ends With A Bang

We’re really not sure what words best describe the racing we saw Sunday at Wyant Group Raceway. Some of the words we heard include great, super, fantastic, F%*#$@^ Awesome!!

We know there was some great disappointment Saturday when continued rain forced the cancellation of the points final races for the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks, the Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends and the Crimestoppers Bandoleros. Bad weather has played a huge factor in their race schedule and it is extremely disappointing the drivers were not able to try and slip through some of the tight points races.

The crowd was so large and the lineup to get stretching back to 71st Street, we delayed the start of the action for 30 minutes. We even opened extra gates and made our flagmen take tickets to get everyone in quicker. Diversification at its best.

I’m not sure if the Run-Your-Junk drivers really dislike each other away from the track, but they sure beat on each others cars from the second the green flag dropped. The #50 Ford Ranger of Josh Rob had probably the most spectacular crash of the day. Coming out of corner four the quarter ton was over on its side, then up on its nose doing a pirouette for the fans, before crashing against the corner four traffic light and catch fence.

Safety crews got out Josh out of his seatbelts, he crawled out and danced on his overturned truck, before going for the mandatory ambulance ride to be checked out.

M.D. Ambulance had a busy afternoon Sunday as they attended to two more roll-overs and at least a couple more hard crashes. While several drivers are going to be feeling the effects of their five-point seatbelts today, only one was referred for further medical attention with a wrist and ankle injury.

With 44 Run-Your-Junk cars registered, they were split into three heats, with the winner of each heat receiving $150.00. #98 Taylor Derdall took home the first prize of the day. Heat B saw Andy Clewes pick up the cash in the #8 RB car. And the #5 of Kirk Senger picked up the third heat win.

It was all on the line for the Run-Your-Junk feature though as 40 cars were still running and lined up four wide for the standing start. As the green flag flew there was no shyness about body rubs or trading paint. Race officials had to put in extra effort trying to calm the drivers down, giving extra pace laps under caution to settle them down and even sending a couple in for a chat with pit copper Rob.

It took an hour and twenty minutes, but we finally got our 60 lap winner, the #14 of Alyssa Derdall, walking away with $500.00. Two more cars actually finished the full 60 laps, #98 Taylor Derdall and #15 Wyatt Campbell.

The older and larger Ultimate Enduro cars hit the track for two 50 lap segments. With only 13 of these older rear wheel drive Chevelles, Monte Carlos, Lincolns and Cadillacs, favor has obviously turned to the easier to build Run-Your-Junk cars.

There’s also the tendency that the Enduro car drivers are old thunder stock drivers, so there is more racing. The hits are also harder, with emphasis on spinning the car rather than smashing it.

There’s also the old bump to pass rule, dropped on the drivers occasionally to tighten the competition. Drivers also never know when water may appear on the track, turning a corner into a skating rink.

The bump to pass rule, indicated by the green traffic lights flashing, got the #34 of Mike Schroeder. Flagman Ryan Thompson set the lights to flashing with eleven laps to go in the first Enduro segment. Drivers are given a couple of laps grace to catch on, but Mike must have missed it a little longer as he passed two cars without so much as a love tap.

The result was a two lap penalty. Though Mike ended the segment as the first car to hit lap 50, the two lap penalty tied him with #13 of Kelly Davis at 48 laps.

In the second segment, a late pass brought the #76 of Logan Derkson across the finish line first, but Schroeder was close behind, also completing the full 50 laps. As Logan only did 46 laps in the first segment, Mike’s 98 laps total score gave him the win and the $1500.00 payout. #76 Logan Derkson was second with 96 laps for $1,000, #13 Kelly Davis third for $700.

#55 Russell Smith and #79 Ryan Andrew were tied at 73 laps, but Russels’s 5th plus 5th finish gave him the edge over Ryan’s 7th plus 4th, and $500 to Ryan’s $300.00

And finally in Always Towing Demolition Derby, the top prize of $1,000 was picked up by #143 of Rob Seniuk. #3 of Faron Burtnack took $300 and
#88 of Landon Peeteetuce cleared $100.

That wraps up the 2016 season for the Wyant Group Raceway. The SSCRA, all the drivers and race teams, Prairie Boys Concessions and Azim Sports Shop would like to thank all the fans, the corporate sponsors and partners and of course the media for all the support this year. It was a wonderful inaugural year under the Wyant Group Raceway banner.

Seasonal shutdown occurs next weekend and the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association Awards Banquet takes place at Prairieland Park Saturday November 5th. See the SSCRA office (12pm-4pm M-F) or any executive member about tickets.

There will likely be one more race report coming out in the next few days with the division and series champions and points leaders.

Complete Results
Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saskatoon Media Group Enduro
Segment A (laps):
1. #34 Mike Schroeder, 48
2. #13 Kelly Davis, 48
3. #76 Logan Derksen, 46
4. #42 Nicole Skeetka
5. #55 Russell Smith, 36
6. #94 Layton Senger, 34
7. #79 Ryan Andrews, 33
8. #89 Anthony Graham, 32
9. #1 Scott Barrand, 27
10. #5 Ron Eby, 26
11. #44 Colin Gaudet, 12
12. #71 Dallas Andrew, 71

Segment B (laps) (overall):
1. #76 Derksen Logan, 50 (2nd)
2. #34 Mike Schroeder, 50 (1st)
3. #13 Kelly Davis, 47 (3rd)
4. #79 Ryan Andrew, 40 (5th)
5. #55 Russell Smith, 37 (4th)
6. #89 Anthony Graham, 36 (7th)
7. #1 Scott Barrand, 26 (8th)
8. #42 Kelsey Sheetka, 25 (6th)
9. #44 Colin Gaudet, 20 (10th)
10. Layton Senger, 11 (9th)
11. #5 Ron Eby, 0 (11th)
12. #71 Dallas Andrew, 0 (12th)

The Man Show Meets Woman’s World Run-Your-Junk:
The Man Show Heat A:
1. #98 Taylor Derdall
2. #68 AJ Morrison
3. #99 Gavin Campbell
4. #46 Adrew Postma
5. #04 Dylan Robinson
6. #88 Tom Smith
7. #47 Marty Knudson
8. #79 Levi Wilcott
9. #66 Travis Klotz
10. #26 Nick Lucki
11. #54 Curtis Speidel
12. #14 Alyssa Derdall
13. #911 Randy Kachur
14. #25 Dylan Lynn

Woman’s World Heat B:
1. #8 Andy Clewes
2. 35 Jason Palmer
3. #71 Blaine Hancock
4. #300 Ken Bartch
5. #55 Mike Smith
6. #05 Ian Landstad
7. #93 Aaron Andre
8. #71x Joey Peters
9. #62 Rosey Sinclair
10. #14x Leroy Fraser
11. #77 Jeff Larkin
12. #78 Joel Penry
13. #34 Bruce Peters
14. #45 David Lowdermilk

Ritchie Brothers Auction Heat C:
1. #5 Kirk Senger
2. #00 Kyle Schroeder
3. #08 Landon Peeteetuce
4. #6 Curtis Senger
5. #5x Rob Work
6. #1 Cliff Yelland
7. #89 Dayton Van Meesen
8. #50 Josh Rob
9. #09 Josh Robb
10. #09 Connor Cooper
11. #42 Austin Backman
12. #96 Jake Van Meesen
13. #49 Bruce “Bulk” Banner
14. #15 Wyatt Campbell

The Man Show Meets Woman’s World Run-Your-Junk Feature
1. #14 Alyssa Derdall
2. #98 Taylor Derdall
3. #15 Wyatt Campbell
4. #47 Marty Knudson
5. #46 Andrew Postma
6. #05 Ian Landstad
7. #93 Aaron Andre
8. #5 Kirk Senger
9. #300 Ken Bartch
10. #96 Jake Van Meesen
11. #55 Mike Smith
12. #8 Andrew Clewes
13. #6 Curtis Senger
14. #49 Bruce “Hulk” Banner
15. #54 Curtis Speidel
16. #35 Jason Palmer
17. #88 Tom Smith
18. #00 Kyle Schroeder
19. #71 Blaine Hancock
20. #42 Austin Backman
21. #14x Leroy Fraser
22. #25 Dylan Lynn
23. #78 Joel Penry
24. #99 Gavin Campbell
25. #68 AJ Morrison
26. #92 Justin Hanson
27. #66 Travis Klotz
28. #79 Levi Wilcott
29. #34 Bruce Peters
30. #77 Jeff Larkin
31. #04 Dylan Robinson
32. #26 Nick Lucki
33. #71x Joey Peters
34. #29 Larry Hanson
35. #5x Rob Work
36. #1 Cliff Yelland
37. #62 Rosey Sinclair
38. #911 Randy Kachur
39. #89 Dayton Van Meesen
40. #69 Adam Booker

Always Towing Demolition Derby:
1. #143 Rob Seniuk
2. #3 Faron Burtnack
3. #88 Landon Peeteeuce
4. #5150 Dan Seniuk