U of S Apologies Over Handling of Towriss Departure

The University of Saskatchewan has apologized for their handling of the announced resignation of Head Coach Brian Towriss last week.

After a hastily called news conference last Monday, where the Huskies Head Coach of 33 years announced he was stepping down, there has been significant push-back from the community as well as current and former Huskie athletes.

Yesterday on the Huskie athletics website an apology (below) from University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff was published. However, a news release or media availability was not issued.

The Huskies hope to name an interim Head Coach next month with a full-time replacement in place by the end of February.

A message from President Stoicheff and Coach Brian Towriss
Dec 27, 2016

Statement from University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff

On December 19th, 2016, the University of Saskatchewan announced that Brian Towriss will step down from his position as head coach of the Huskies football team. That announcement led to questions from people in the community who share our passion for Huskie Athletics.

I want to apologize publicly for the handling of that announcement. Huskie supporters and alumni, our current student athletes, and coaching staff deserved a far better communication and celebration of BT’s longstanding commitment to excellence here. His 36 years of contributions to the university and to Huskie Athletics are legendary, full of historic CIS accomplishments, the mentoring of hundreds of student athletes, and raising the profile of this University across the country.

I want our fans and the public to know that the decision for Brian to step down as the Head Coach of the University of Saskatchewan Huskie Football Program was not based upon any performance issues, health reasons or wrongdoing. Following discussions between Huskie Athletics and Coach Towriss about the future of the program, it was recognized that this is an appropriate time for change. I was informed of these discussions and the final approval for this decision rests with me.

As President of the University, I reiterate my apology for the way this change was communicated. Over the holidays, I personally expressed my gratitude to Coach Towriss for his dedication to the university and look forward to appropriately celebrating his achievements at a later date.

Comment from Brian Towriss

“In consideration of the new direction of the program, including a new Dean of Kinesiology, the upcoming recruitment of a new Athletic Director and a transition to a new governance structure, it became apparent this was the absolute best time for a change in leadership and for me to leave the program. After some discussion, a mutually acceptable agreement was reached between the University of Saskatchewan and myself. I appreciate the apology from the president of the university about the way the decision was communicated and sincerely wish the program continued success and a return to national prominence.” — Brian Towriss, A Proud Huskie Forever.