Tuesday’s Top Ten Thoughts:

Here is a random look at my top thoughts from the week that was in the world of sport in no particular order.

10 – The CFL Labour dispute is over, or is it? From all that I am told ratification of the new deal between the Players Association and the League is all but a done deal. That doesn’t mean that it all is well. It appears as though the outcome from a players perspective is ‘Grin and Bear It.’ The vocal minority of players are not happy with the deal and are even more upset with the Players Association Executive for the way in which they devised a game plan to approach the negotiations. All said, players will be back on the field but in five years the negotiation may be very different.

9 – To put the deal into perspective the minimum salary that will increase to $50,000 a year one person close to the league pointed out, “that you can make that much working at Tim Hortons in Fort McMurray, the players got let down.”

8 – To that extent the five year deal should make every franchise in the league profitable which may bode well for expansion and the likely sale of the Toronto and B-C franchises.

7 – On the field the vibe at Rider training camp has been something that I have never before experienced. There is a lot of tension in the air. From the limited amount that I have seen the players are starting to get back into the swing of things. The true test will be Saturday when the Riders play Ottawa.

6 – Last one on the CFL and it was interesting to see the pass interference review in Winnipeg last night as the non-call was overturned and allowed the Argos to score the winning points. It appears that no longer the “players will be allowed to determine the outcome.” I fear this could get ugly this season, instead of using challenges to verify turnovers coaches will have to reserve the orange flags for possible pass interference reviews.

5 – To baseball and I hate to say I told you so but I told you soon. The last two shutout victories by St. Louis over Toronto proved that the Jays are susceptible to good pitching. If T-O wants to find a way to get into the post season and beyond they are going to have to get better pitching to keep them in tight games and find some clutch hitters which I don’t think that they have their roster currently.

4 – Back at home and it’s been a tough start to the season for the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets. The Y-J’s have dropped three straight to Alberta foes, however, a win over Swift Current has them in the still in the mix in the Central Division.

3 – The Whole New Blue mantra of the Saskatoon Blades is starting to gain some momentum. The hiring of Bob Woods as General Manager and Head Coach is being greeted very well by all those that I see on the street! Many look at his winning mantra and his local roots as being big pluses. Will it translate into ticket sales? Time will tel.

2 – I have to say that I was intrigued by the action at the French Open. Yes I even took the time to watch Canadians Geneie Bouchard and Milos Raonic compete in the semis. Too bad both fell to higher seeds, however, their upward trending is capturing a lot of attention. It is attention like that, that will spark young Canadians interest in the sport and subsequently breathe life into the two Canadian Open events that will have more of a following with two legitimate local contenders.

1 – One can only hope that the same model can be adopted by the men’s national soccer program. The World Cup in Brazil will mark the seventh consecutive time (28 years) that the Canadians will watch the event as opposed to taking part. That lack of success has caused the Canadian Soccer Association to undergo numerous revaluations and despite the arrival of Major League Soccer to Canada results have not been realized. Therefore, a national program resurgence will only booster the sport!

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