Top Ten Tuesday With A Priority List For A New CFL Leader:

Well another Tuesday has come and it’s once again time for my take on the last seven days in the world of sports.
So without further ado and in no particular order here we go:

10 – The Canadian Football League appears poised to introduce their new Commissioner later this morning in Toronto. I honestly have no idea who it will be although I have heard three names that all are very good candidates. It will be interesting to see if it is one of them or if the league will go off the map! That being said in order to help the new boss with his “To Do,” list I’ve compiled a priority list. Firstly he has to find a way to fix the Toronto Argos. Owner David Braley wants out, Rogers who own the Jays and Rogers Centre want them out of the building and the league wants Canada’s largest market in. This deal needs to get done sooner than later and the new head honcho will have their hands full trying to get this sorted out before training camp opens in two months.

9 – Next on the list of fixes for the Commissioner has to be video review. The pass interference challenge in my mind was an exercise in futility in 2014. Get that shored up and finding a way to speed up the process is a necessity for 2015.

8 – The last major job for the CFL Commissioner is to gauge interest in someone coming forward to own a team in the Maratimes. For years expansion to Halifax or Moncton has been rumored. The time has come to get off the fence if there is no interest by someone to head a franchise then the time to explore Quebec City, Saskatoon, Kelowna or Victoria for a tenth team may be here.

7 – More football and great to see that former Roughrider Head Coach Ken Miller was given his due at the Regina Thunder banquet over the weekend. In my limited interactions with “Grandpa Ken,” they were always very genuine and thoughtful. Seeing some of the images from the evening sparked the new poll on the right.

6 – On the baseball diamond, if you believe in curses or jinxes you will want to steer clear of the Toronto Blue Jays. A sprinkler head, a routine bunt drill and now a sneeze have caused injuries this season. If you are General Manager Alex Anthopolis all you can do is scratch your head.

5 – To hockey and the only franchise more messed up that the Toronto Maple Leafs has to be the San Jose Sharks. Their former Captain Joe Thornton, and best player, has called the GM a liar and told him to shut-up. Good luck making the play-offs amidst this war of words and we shall see who ownership backs in the off-season.

4 – Meanwhile, the NHL’s General Managers are meeting at Boca Raton Florida, no word if they are staying at Del Boca Vista Phase 2, and one intriguing proposition is the idea of a 3-on-3 overtime format. Personally I love the idea as it still involves some team strategy and game-play as opposed to the individualistic shootout.

3 – More hockey and I love what the Saskatoon Blades are doing this week. As the team winds down their schedule the Bridge City Bunch have brought in a number of their prospects to live the life of a WHL’er. This is incredible motivation for a young player and a great opportunity to see first hand where the future of the organization is at.

2 – One more hockey note and congratulations to the University of Alberta Golden Bears on the repeat of their University Cup Championship this past week. A number of former WHL players that I have had the opportunity to come into contact with are on the team and the victory is well deserved. Back at home the University of Saskatchewan Huskies were a young team in 2014-2015. It will be interesting to hear their recruiting class heading into the fall.

1 – Lastly speaking of recruiting. I mentioned the idea of forming super teams in the province to attempt to not only end our 25 year winless streak at the Brier but also push for spots in the Olympics. This past week’s announcement by Team Marsh to join forces with Bruce Korte is a solid move and definitely will make things very interesting on the World Curling Tour and at next year’s Tankard in Kinderlsey.