Top Ten Tuesday: What Changes Can Rider Nation Expect? And Is AA off the wagon?

It’s that time of the week for my random thoughts on the world of sports.

From fixing the Saskatchewan Roughriders to figuring out what the Toronto Blue Jays are doing heading into the trade deadline is all here…. In no particular order.


10 – So the Toronto Blue Jays have made a major deal prior to the deadline, check. (Last night the Jays dealt Short Stop Jose Reyes and prospects to Colorado for Troy Tulowitzki, and some bullpen help). However, they didn’t address their glaring need for pitching instead helping their defence and adding another bat. Here’s hoping that this is the first of more moves for Alex Anthopolis.

9 – So the MLB trade deadline is this Friday, I do appreciate the new Commissioners thoughts that the deadline needs to be pushed back to further separate buyers and sellers. I hope he’s thinking of mid to late August.

8 – Before I get to the Saskatchewan Roughriders oh-and-five start to the season how about the CFL? I mused in my To The Point thoughts yesterday that the CFL may be changing their rules mid-season. There was a drastic drop in illegal contact on receiver penalties from week 4 to week 5 which makes me think that the CFL is changing its’ stance on zero tolerance on contact beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage. OR have the players adjusted that well and that quickly? I think the CFL recognized the problem after backlash from the media and fans through the opening two months of the season, pre-season included.

7 –So the Roughriders fell to oh-and-five after a loss to Hamilton Sunday at Mosaic Stadium. Things don’t look good and apparently Rider Nation is looking for answers. Well the answer is simple the defense hasn’t been good and they are banged up with four opening day starters missing Sunday’s contest. Yes that is a quarter of the starting D. That’s the issue. Blame the coach all you want but no one could foresee these mounting injuries.

6 – The question then becomes can the Riders use injuries as an excuse? I say yes. The Riders will not though. So does that mean that their problems are strictly personnel or is it scheme? Believe you me that is the question being asked at Mosaic Stadium.

5 – The one thing that is absolutely certain is that the Riders are a very fragile bunch and it doesn’t take much to send things south.

4 – One other question before a solution is what has happened to John Chick. Him and the Rider pass rush have been noticeably absent all year long. One reason for it though may be the Riders inability to get physical with receivers. If the DB’s can’t jam a receiver and disrupt a pattern it takes away that split second that the Riders rushers had to get to the quarterback. Couple that with their inability to stop the run game the Green and White have been unable to make teams one dimensional offensively.

3 – SO what to do in Riderville. Many pundits are calling for Head Coach Corey Chamblin to drop the job as Defensive Coordinator and focus his attention on Head Coaching. The question is who do you replace him with? The most popular name appears to be former BC Lions Head Coach Mike Benevedes. However, TSN’s Gary Lawless is reporting that he is away on a family vacation in Europe and won’t be back until Labour Day. Can/will the Riders wait or is he even on the Rider radar. Truthfully I am not sure I do know that they team has to get better on defence if they want to turn their season around.

2 – To the Pan Am Games and I don’t get it! I will admit the games did grow on me but Kanye West for the closing ceremonies please explain. Were all Canadians booked?

1 – However, the games that no one seem to want in Toronto appear to be a huge success. The Pan Am Games gained momentum over their 17 day stay in the Big Smoke. The success and popularity of the games now may lead to a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Will T.O. get them? I’m not sure but with the current financial climate in Ontario I’m not sure that it is a real good idea.

That’s it for today. Enjoy it and stay dry!