Top Ten Tuesday Tipping The Cap to Scratch the Head?

Hooray, Hooray, football season began on Sunday! Rider camp opened here in ToonTown on the weekend and this year’s team will be very interesting to watch. From some intriguing battles to new systems they are all on display right now in the Bridge City. At the end of the day the organizations and fans wanted change in the football department and they are going to get it.

On that vein some things remain the same in junior hockey thanks to some forward thinking and a possible second for a Saskatoon landmark on the weekend; that and other news that was in the world of sports from the last seven days. Here’s this week’s Top Ten list, as always, in no particular order:

10 – Battles to watch at training camp: Back-up quarterback. Brett Smith now has had a season and a half to lay claim to the number two job. The question is can he?

9 – Battles to watch part two. I’ll be very interested to see what happens along the defensive line. There definitely is a lot of a talent assembled the question is how do you get them all on the field, and within the ratio, especially with the sudden retirement of Rory Konnop?

8 – More CFL and you have to give the Toronto Argonauts p-r staff a lot of credit. They are doing absolutely everything in their power to make the Boatmen relevant in Canada’s largest city! From going over the top to promote their new jerseys to do anything possible to build momentum for their move to BMO Stadium. Unfortunately, as of this morning for the Argos there is only one section in the entire stadium that is sold out for season tickets which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

7 – A shot across the bow. Well this most certainly won’t help the Argos either. Bell, who also owns TSN in addition to the Boatmen, must be fuming after anchor Jennifer Hedger and the graphics department pointed out that Toronto has been without a professional sports team championship since 1993. The comment sparked a firestorm on social media from Argo player Matt Blanck who tweeted:

Matt Black: Interesting, could of sworn the @CFL was a professional sports league. Meh, guess not…@TSN_Sports @CFLonTSN

10:31 PM – 27 May 2016
That was piled on by a number of the Twitterati who pointed out, TSN is the exclusive holder of CFL broadcast rights and therefore, would probably prefer that their own anchors refer to it as a professional league…


6 – Speaking of coming under fire, Steve Simmons, a columnist with the Toronto Sun, has come under fire for pointing out that a pair of Toronto Raptors were out at a casino in Cleveland at 2 a.m. the morning before game five of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Final. To me the optics are horrible but the point is moot. Players, I believe, know how to prepare themselves for games and if they are not at their best they will soon be out of work.

5 – Back to championships and best of luck to the Saskatchewan Rush who have an opportunity to repeat as Champions Cup winners on Saturday night when they host the Buffalo Bandits in game two of the series. The Rush took the opener in a wildly entertaining game last weekend in New York State. Having said that history is not on the side of the Rush. In the 28 year history of Sasktel Centre, formerly Credit Union Centre and formerly Saskatchewan Place, the “home” team has only ever won one championship. That team by the way, Team Canada at the 1991 World Junior Hockey Championship.

4 – Tip of the cap to Toronto Blue Jays fans who tipped their cap to Boston starter David Price when he was taken out of the game on Sunday. (Just before the Blue Jays bullpen blew another one) The move was a class gesture to thank Price for his help in propelling the Jays to the post-season both through his play on the field but perhaps more for his leadership off the diamond. Equally as classy is the tweet the Price sent out following the game:

David Price: Jays fans thank you for the applause when I came out of the game…if you would have boo’d I would have understood but cheers meant a lot

3 – Congrats to the Brandon Wheat Kings on a terrific season. Unfortunately, in my opinion the season caught up to them (extensive travel, four rounds of play-offs and injury) at the Memorial Cup, hence they were three and out but a championship season should not be tarnished by the national farce also known as a championship tournament. (More thoughts for a different day)

2 – What is the secret to the London Knights success? Don’t get me wrong coaching and management are huge factors BUT the OHL’s ban on exchanging first round draft picks is huge. It protects teams from themselves and ensures that at least one prospect remains in the system, so that they don’t mortgage their future for one shot at glory. Additionally, the league’s policy of only allowing contending teams to bid for the Memorial Cup prevents them having to forfeit the future for a shot at the now.

1 – Last one from hockey and I actually had a pair of people ask me about Canada’s roster for the upcoming World Cup. I was curious whether or not there would be much of a following maybe I was wrong?