Top Ten Tuesday: The Arm Chair GM/Commish:

While there definitely has been action on the field of play the last seven days, administrative headlines seem to be capturing the spotlight.

Now let’s face it every sports fan loves to play the role of General Manager of their favorite team or even the role of Commissioner for their favorite league. From the off-field news of the week here’s my take from the armchair.

10 – The WHL will pause from their play-offs for this week’s Bantam Draft. The annual selection of bantam age players will be held on Thursday. For the life of me I don’t understand why the league feels the need to take the attention away from the on-ice FINAL series that is set to begin. Additionally, they have hamstrung two of their 30 franchises. Neither the Eastern Conference nor Western Conference Champions can do anything with their roster or list aside from selecting players and dropping list players. As Commissioner for a day the draft moves to one week after the end of the Memorial Cup. That would allow all-teams to fully participate. Capture some off-season media attention and maybe even release your regular season schedule for the upcoming season.

9 – Not done being the WHL Commissioner. The next move for the draft is to make it a midget draft as opposed to a Bantam draft. The reasoning is that a rebuild is sped up for any franchise by one full season. AND fans that may have had to see top end players leave via trade mid-season due to them becoming a seller at the trade deadline can see immediate returns on the ice the following season with the new acquisitions eligible to participate full time.

8 – Still in the WHL there are some that say that administrating from a bantam draft to a midget draft would be too tough how about establishing a rule that only drafted players and draft picks outside of the first five rounds can be swapped in trades?

7 – Wow I am on a roll as the WHL Commissioner! Continuing to Lethbridge where the league has, reportedly, asked the community owners to sell to a private group. I completely understand where the league is coming from in wanting to find a solution for the team to be vibrant and successful on and off the ice. Plus what is the saying about too many cooks in the kitchen?

6 – One more from the WHL and the decision to ease their sanctions on Portland and allow them a frist round pick in 2017 is a head scratcher. The league took that and five other first rounders away from the Winterhawks for player compensation violations. The great Gregg Drinnan is reporting that one source in Oregon is calling the move , “total vindication!” Yikes I’m not sure that’s the message the league wanted to send, especially, to the small centre franchises that have no choice but play by the economic rules. However, it should be noted that the league backed off on their discipline a year ago when they allowed the Hawks to obtain a first round pick from Calgary.

5 – To my GM cap and is there any better in the WHL than Kelly McCrimmon? His moves with his roster are calculated, not based on emotion and predominantly the right one. That and being one of the most isolated franchises in the league has not held the Wheat Kings under McCrimmon back.

4 – To the NHL and if I was the GM of the Montreal Canadiens I would definitely consider dealing goaltender Carey Price. The problem is that Price like the rest of the Habs roster cannot score goals. I’m looking at Edmonton and taking their second first round pick in this springs draft and Jordan Eberle for Price and any of their d-men aside from Subban. The pick could then be flipped for another Top 6 forward. Teams, like Chicago, have proven that you can win with mediocre goaltending if they can score.

3 – To the Toronto Blue Jays. Give me the reigns of that team for a month and I am trading away Jose Reyes who is no longer needed at the top of the order given the success of Devon Travis. Also time to make a move with Jose Bautista, the slugger has tons of upside and should be able to fetch some big league pitching.

2 – Switching to the MLB Commissioner’s role and current Commish Rob Manfred is set to meet with Montreal mayor Denis Coderre on May 28 and I would keep the meeting. To tell you the truth I would love nothing more than to see the Expos return. However, the one and only question that I ask is, “Do you have an owner?” With no as the answer no more meetings are required.

1 – Finally as Commish of MLB I am completely getting rid of Instant Replay unless the Managers have to formally challenge a call before coming out of the dugout. You get two a game. This saves the inevitable delay following EVERY close play.