Top Ten Tuesday: It’s All About Knowing Your Place:

Well there is a lot going on in the world of sports. Here’s my top ten thoughts in no particular order from the seven days that were:

10 – The Toronto Blue Jays need to focus on baseball. As analyst Greg Zaun mentioned on the weekend the attitude around the Blue Jays is like a country club. I couldn’t agree more! The Jays need to focus less on their home run celebrations, the stirring the pot gesture when they get on base and just take care of business. To me the Jays inability to do all of that points to leadership within the clubhouse. Might be time for a managerial change.

9 – Furthermore the Jays have to quit arguing balls and strikes. The Jays have to realize that they are a below .500 team and that they are not going to get any breaks by consistently arguing with the umpires. SO, if you strike out (which to me happens at an alarming rate at horrible times) you need to head back to the dugout, head down, saying NOTHING.

8 – Getting back to Gregg Zaun and I wonder how long Rogers will allow him to continue to “call it like it is.” He raises a ton of good points but the host broadcaster who also owns the teams and is trying to sell tickets can’t be happy. However, the other good point that he raises is that despite the Jays need to improve their pitching, there is no one that will trade the Jays for pitching this early in the season, even if they offer up Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion or Jose Reyes.

7 – Like most Canadians I am reluctant to change. Proof is in the pudding as NHL Stanley Cup ratings have dropped by 6% thus far into the post season on Rogers. I think the answer is simple. You can’t teach a dog new tricks and trying to get fans to find their team on one of the Rogers channels as opposed to the CBC is flawed. Canadians are used to seeing the Canadian teams on CBC. So exclusively airing the Calgary Flames on Sportnet, for example, I think was a mistake.

6 – The ultimate insider? It’s funny how each network wants to have the ultimate insider to bring you breaking news first. However, Darren Dreger took a major step forward. His interview with Mike Babcock and Ken Holland in Prague was amazing. The rapport he had with his guests left me drooling and while Babcock appears poised to cash in on the coaching free-agent market you definitely get to see the personal side of the decision.

5 – Speaking of Prague it is amazing how relevant the tournament all of a sudden became now that TSN has lost the NHL rights. TSN’s own pundits referred to the tournament as a second class event behind the Olympics and even the proposed World Cup as little as a year ago. Again, funny how that changes when you need to maintain television ratings and interest.

4 – So what should Canadians think of our country’s victory at the tournament? First and foremost it was a great team that we were able to take to the tournament. Additionally, the commitment by Sydney Crosby to play in the tournament was a very positive sign. However, the coaching by Todd McLellan has to be taken very seriously! Getting that group to buy in that quick was remarkable.

3 – Staying in Prague and the Russians are being criticized for leaving the ice prior to the Canadian National anthem. To be honest it isn’t a big deal to me. I think that the post-game ceremony was a little much anyways AND losing the way they did I would have wanted to book it as soon as possible too!

2 – What I think is a big deal is what do Alexander Ovechkin’s Washington teammates think of him jetting from North America, less than 48 hours, after their loss to the New York Rangers in game 7 of their second round series to play in the World Championship? Commitment comes into question again.

1 – Final thought from the World Championship and if you are the Edmonton Oilers would you consider trading for Sidney Crosby? The best line at the tournament and therefore in the world was Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Crosby. The Oilers have two of those three pieces on their roster at the moment. Would you consider a deal that most likely would have to involve this year’s first overall pick (AKA Connor McDavid) for a package that includes Crosby and D-man and maybe a goaltender? I would think that it would be awfully tempting as the Oilers would become a legitimate play-off team right away as opposed to the 2 or 3 years away that they would be in just drafting McDavid.