Top Ten Tuesday: Back In The Saddle Again!

Call it a momentary lapse of creativity. Call it trying to sit back and quietly observe. Call it trying to figure out stuff.

Call it what you want but a refocus and rededication for ToonTown Sports.Net is here!

No better way to kick things off than with a look back at the week that was with a Top Ten Tuesday.

So, as always, in no particular order here are my random thoughts from the past seven days in the world of sports:

10 – Kevin Koe wins the Tim Horton’s Brier in Ottawa. The Alberta skip is having a dominant year with the old Kevin Martin rink. Am I the only one that has a hard time cheering for Koe? After winning the 2014 Brier he left his team, news that broke mid-week at that Brier, leaving them without a skip and having to come back and defend as Team Canada the following year without their anchor. To me you knew the stakes going in so you have to fulfill your obligation!

9 – If I had a magical broom and could change curling. The sport has to long at the number of blank ends that are being scored. Additionally, when a team gives up a steal for trying to be aggressive it’s almost lights out as even the free-guard zone has been trumped by curlers. So, with all that being said to remove the snooze-fest that some games have become it’s time to consider one of two options. First change from ten end to seven or eight end games. OR secondly, have the hammer alternate every end. Teams will at least then be forced to be aggressive.

8 – The CFL combine was held over the weekend and the coverage had my head spinning, in a good way. To see the talent in this nation perform was great. I’m not a scout so I can’t tell you who the “must-have” prospects are but the stage for the athletes was set and the cream was allowed to rise to the top. With that being said the CFL has to quit shooting themselves in the foot. When asked why the 40 times seemed slower than a year ago (no sub 4.5 second times) he alluded to malfunctioning league timing equipment as being the difference. To me that is a serious jab at the league and another reason to doubt the integrity and professionalism of the event. To me that’s a suspendable comment and a black-eye on the league.

7 – Staying with the CFL combine and one quick question where was Jeffery Orridge during the event? The Commissioner that was slammed for his lack of knowledge of the league during Grey Cup week in Winnipeg in November wouldn’t it be prudent to make sure that he is front and centre to answer any and all questions regarding the league?

6 – Last one with the CFL and the league has decided to add an extra replay official that will oversee the entire game in 2016. Talk about cutting your officials off at the knees. Having this official in my mind is like having a constant review during a game. I have no idea how this will decrease penalties and/or speed up the game.

5 – Oh what a feeling! What a Rush! Yes the Saskatchewan Rush have taken ToonTown by storm! Not only have they increased the profile of the sport of lacrosse they also have created buzz and hype that has not only lacrosse fans asking about their games but the entire community. 13,000 + at their game on the weekend is a heck of an accomplishment for Saskatoon’s latest attempt at pro sports. With that being said there are a lot of skeptics in the Bridge City waiting for the Cinderella factor to wear off. Time will tell.

4 – OK pop quiz what was the last sports event to sell out Sasktel Centre? Not the Rush, not the Blades, not the NHL, not the World Juniors, not the University Cup, definitely not the Memorial Cup or Top Prospects game. SO, perhaps the question is rhetorical as I cannot recall any type of event that has had every seat filled.

3 – Credit where it’s due! One of many positive opinions that I have overheard heard regarding the Rush is that you can purchase seats in prime viewing areas! One knock against other events is that the club seats that are set up between the Blue-Lines are extremely limited. AND with that being said are often spoken for and not used pushing fans into the corners and end zones. Just an observation.

2 – The main tenant, of course, of Sasktel Centre is the Saskatoon Blades. The Bridge City bunch have now officially been eliminated from post-season contention. Having said that the team still has one of the youngest rosters in the league and with five 16-year-olds gaining valuable experience the future indeed is bright. However, the future may be now for the Blades as the team has to find a way to reengage their fans next season.

1 – Last but not least the WHL was thrown under the bus, so to speak, by CHL Commissioner David Branch when he commented that the Western League was the one branch of the CHL that was reluctant to eliminate fighting. In a way that’s surprising as there seems to be increased liability in fighting and its’ relationship with brain injuries and don’t forget that the WHL stopped reporting concussions a few years back in order to attempt to not disclose the libelous information. It appears the WHL, OHL and QMJHL will have to duke out the ruling.