Top 10 Tuesday: What I learned From Don Cherry: WOW I just typed that!

Well another seven days have come and gone in the world of sports. North American headlines have been dominated by the Texas Rangers-Toronto Blue Jays dust up in Arlington on Sunday. That’s where we will start with lots of other observations to come in no particular order that we call the Top 10 Tuesday.

10 – Well let’s start with the brawl that all began when Jose Bautista emphatically tossed his bat after a dramatic home run in the fifth and deciding game of the ALDS last October. All was quiet until the Rangers got their retribution in the finale of a three game set in Texas on Sunday when reliever Matt Bush plunked him with a 90+ mph fastball in the eighth inning. Bautista was incensed and had to be restrained, somewhat, by the first base umpire. Getting no satisfaction he slid hard into second base on a double-play opportunity for the Rangers that drew the irk of Rougned Odor who landed a right-cross for the ages that cued the benches to clear. So the act is being called cowardly by the Jays. I prefer ingenious. Firstly, the Rangers won the game. Secondly, they exacted revenge in front of their fans, something the faithful have been calling for since October. AND finally, they were able to get their pound of flesh which should have settled the situation not withstanding Bautista’s slide.

9 – Now speaking of the slide I say it was dirty as there was intent from Jose Bautista to injure the Texas second baseman. MLB’s view of the slide will be interesting to hear. However, I didn’t notice Odor’s throw until I saw Don Cherry’s take on Coach’s Corner and it is hard to dispute that Odor was throwing at Bautista coming at him. The low throw almost caught Bautista in the bucket which also may have caused the tentions to ratchet up a notch.

8 – To the ramifications of course MLB will lower the boom on both teams. That being said there could be long term consequences for Jose Bautista. The Jays slugger is poised to become a free-agent at season’s end and he has built a reputation as a player who you don’t want to “awaken,” as he can take matters into his own hands which he wasn’t able to do. Yes his bat may speak louder but he was definitely knocked down a couple of pegs.

7 – The other consequence for the Jays following the melee, that I think is going to affect this team for the long term (this season and beyond) was there loss of the desire to win the ball game and the loss focus on the task at hand. That carried over into Monday’s embarrassment against Tampa Bay a game that may have been a predictable downer but not nearly that much.

6 – More on last night’s debacle and what is John Gibbons doing? For the second game in a row he was tossed, this time for arguing balls and strikes. (Something that the entire team has been doing all year) To make matters worse the Jays were losing 11-nothing at the time so what was the point, aside from torqueing off the umpiring crew who will work the entire game and giving his team and their lack of offence an excuse.

5 – One more on the Jays and great insight by Jays Colour Analyst Pat Tabler as to why Josh Donaldson is struggling and seeing so many off-speed pitches. The answer is simple, Donaldson is not getting as many fastballs because there is no Revere/Reyes on base in front of him, like last year which means no real threats to steal in front of him which means no need to throw the fastball to pick off runners.

4 – Changing fields and the CFL in addition to holding their draft last week which is chronicled further down, all nine teams launched their new Adidas jerseys. Personally I like the looks there is some new mixed with the old. Yes, you need to buy a new jersey if you want an exact replica but that comes with the territory of switching suppliers.

3 – Speaking of suppliers and this week’s only in the CFL moment comes to you from Adidas. When the league-wide launch rolled out last week the Winnipeg Blue Bombers jerseys were not in stock due to a back-order from the supplier. Yes, ONLY in the CFL!

2 – The Saskatchewan Rush return to Sasktel Centre on Saturday night to continue their series with Calgary. Good on the Rush for securing a television broadcast of the game through Sasktel Max. With that being said what was TSN, the right’s holder doing on Saturday night? Could one of their five feeds not pick up the game? Wow!

1 – Congratulations to the Brandon Wheat Kings on winning the WHL Championship in five games over Seattle. Hats off to General Manager and Head Coach Kelly McCrimmon. Terrific personnel decisions and top drawer coaching paved the way to the Memorial Cup in Red Deer. McCrimmon knows that he demands a lot from his team but the results speak for themselves.

BONUS: Laugh of the week goes to the TSN Hockey Panel and their original song, “Don’t Take My Goal Away.” If you haven’t seen it, it will make your day. CLICK HERE to see it!