Top 10 Tuesday: Time to Sound off About An Amazing Young Man

10 – Thanks to Darren Entner for sharing his flyby picture of the new Mosaic Stadium. My reaction is goosebumps! I think the facility is going to be amazaing and the shell that we are starting to see emerge is spectacular.

9 – Social media blew-up with the release of the picture of the Roughriders new digs with some reactions ranging from ‘Money Pit’ to ‘Waste of time.’ Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion but with two young boys entering minor football the opportunities are endless.

8 – To curling and it appears as though they will be introducing the crowd as opposed to releasing attendance figures at the men’s world championship in Halifax. This has long been a head scratcher for me. How can the men’s national championship attract 8,000 fans per draw while the Worlds have little to no interest from our country? I know Curl Canada would love the answer.

7 – That all being said could Pat Simmons be in the running for Saskatchewan’s athlete of the year? There is little doubt that he has carried his team to a national championship and has been lights out at the worlds. The better question may be whether or not he has been shunned by his home province for curling out of Alberta.

6 – Which NHL race are you watching closer, play-off positioning or the tanking for Connor McDavid? I know which one the NHL wants to believe that we are.

5 – So with Buffalo, Toronto and Edmonton in the mix for the first overall pick some are asking how the NHL could improve their draft lottery system. Of course the idea is that the worst team picks first so that they can improve their club the most but let’s face it tanking the season so that you can land that first pick goes all the way back to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Mario Lemieux. Basically so long as there is a way to manipulate the system it will be done. Teams have to judge for themselves the risk-reward when it comes to “throwing” games.

4 – Closer to home the WHL play-offs are well underway. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you how much I miss play-off hockey. It is fun to live vicariously through the Swift Current/Regina which has been a dandy thus far and has gone completely against my prediction.

3 – More from the WHL and the Lethbridge Hurricanes held a meeting to inform the public where they are at and unveil their hope to attract 2,000 season tickets and increase their average attendance to 3,500 per game. Lofty goals for a franchise that averaged 2,200 all of last year. We wish them the best and General Manager and Head Coach Peter Anholt who is a beauty and by all accounts doing a great job in the Southern Alberta city.

2 – So last week I mentioned how Brandon would be in tough to win the WHL Championship due to their travel schedule and the 2200km round trip that they needed to make to Edmonton in the first round alone. That being said here’s an interesting solution that I heard poised in a hockey discussion this week. What if the standings at the end of the year weren’t used to determine play-off match-ups? For example, the first place team could pick their first round opponent, then the second place team, so on and so forth. Then repeat the exercise for each round of the play-offs?

1 – Lastly, I mentioned this on the radio earlier this week , I had the opportunity to take in the Provincial High School Basketball Championships over the weekend, Hoopla 2015. The number of volunteers both staff and student was amazing! One in particular caught my eye, there was a young man that I tried to catch up with at the end of the day but he had already left and I couldn’t get his name. Regardless he did the Public Address announcing at Bedford Road and the energy, enthusiasim and professionalism that he brought was outstanding! He was a one man show, not only would he announce the starting line-ups but then he would also stand-up and sing the anthem before getting the crowd hyped for the game. Well done!