Top 10 Tuesday: How Long For Tino Time? And Nowhere To Sit?

In no particular order here are my top 10 thoughts from the week that was in the world of sports.

10 – Tino Time? Tino Sunseri and the Saskatchewan Roughrider offence were beat up in Hamilton on Sunday. Sunseri admitted that he expected more pressure from the Hamilton defence, instead they dropped back into pass coverage and forced him to make a decision with the ball which he had a lot of trouble with. Yes the team needs to be better around him but he needs to elevate his game in a hurry.

9 – It’s also clear that the Green and White are desperately missing some of their depth players on special teams. For the third time in four weeks the Riders allowed a special teams touchdown against. Players like Scott McHenry, Neal Hughes, Levi Stenihauer, Spencer Moore, and Kevin Regimbald all play a big part of the Rider teams and the Green and White are missing them.

8 – On more on the Riders and last week I kicked around some QB names with CFL experience that may be considered to help out in the absence of Darian Durant. The one name that was brought to my attention on the weekend was Casey Printers. The 33 year old is still an active ball player as he has not filed any retirement papers with the CFL and he is a free-agent. I’m not sure what it would take to get him to Riderville or the kind of shape that he is in but it might be an intriguing option.

7 – Speaking of pivots and talk about a big game for the Calgary Stampeders. The Stamps travel to Montreal to take on the offensively challenged Alouettes in week 13. However, in my opinion this will be the ultimate of auditions for Drew Tate. Tate has been supplanted by the now injured Bo-Levi Mitchell on the Stamps depth chart. You know that Tate wants to be on the field and the most glaring opportunity for him could be in Montreal who is not sold on Johnathan Crompton yet. Call it a big audition for Tate and for the Stamps who I’m sure would move him if the price was right.

6 – Elsewhere in the CFL who will recover faster? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers from Drew Willy’s week to week hurt or the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Darian Durant’s season ending injury? It could mean the difference between a play-off spot or not in the west.

5 – South of the border and the NFL has a major image problem. The indictment of Adrian Petersen for child abuse and the indefinite ban of Ray Rice for domestic abuse are the latest in a string of deplorable off-field conduct. So what do you do if you are Commissioner Roger Goodell? Simple, whatever the owners want and take your $44-million/year salary to the bank! It’s the owners that need to do something and the reinstatement of Petersen after a one week ban shows that wins and losses are more important than anything else.

4 – Staying on the grid iron and the statistic of the week from the Prairie Football Conference may be the QB efficiency ratings. The Hilltops Jared Andreychuk has been criticized at times by some (not here though) BUT he has not turned the ball over and is starting to heat up as he is second in QB efficiency in the PFC. His 85.5 mark shows six touchdown passes compared to one pick, by far the best ratio in the league!

3 – One reason for his success is simple the return of Evan Turkington to the line-up! The tall receiver is that good and after missing the first two games of the season with a lower-body injury he is back and proving to be a force to be reckoned with!

2 – The WHL is set to drop the puck on the 2014-2015 season this week and I get the feeling that there isn’t a lot of optimism around the East Division this season. Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon are all sporting new looks behind their benches this season which to me will be very intriguing!

1 – So do you have your tickets to the Blades home opener on Saturday night? The night is always one of my favorite of the season with the pomp and circumstance that comes with introducing the team individually! However, here is an argument made to me this week; there are no good seats to watch the game. Yes believe it or not there, apparently, are no good vantage points inside Credit Union Centre according to one visitor to this site. Yes the Blades in an attempt to create more atmosphere and a demand for their tickets have closed off the upper level at C-U-C. However, this individual argued with me that the lack of seating between the blue lines due to the facilities club seats has limited the “good seats” to the end of the rink and below the glass. I’m not sure if the argument is a valid one but I will say that there is no better place to be than at the rink! See you there on Saturday night.

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