Top 10 Tuesday: For Pete’s Sake, I May Have Done It Too! And A New Poll:

Wow what a weekend, the Saskatoon Blades split a home-and-home with Swift Current, the Saskatchewan Roughriders landed Weston Dressler and named their 2015 coaching staff. Additionally, that little thing called the Super Bowl was full of intrigue and story lines while a former U of S Huskie may have a chance to play in that game next season.

In no particular order here are my random thoughts on this Tuesday morning.

10 – First off I wish Ben Heenan all the best. The former University of Saskatchewan Huskie and first overall selection in the 2012 CFL draft is a first class guy all around and the future looks extremely bright for Ben. Heenan, takes a ton of his own time for the betterment of the community and here’s hoping for a long career south of the border.

9 – That being said losing Heenan along the offensive line is a big blow even if the Green and White do have a contingency plan in place. It’s no secret that high calibre National players are difficult to come across, especially ones that start and dominate on the offensive line.

8 – Staying with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Green and White announced their 2015 coaching staff yesterday, click here to see the complete list. The one notable omission was a quarterback coach. Offensive Coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine will take that roll on in addition to his O-C duties but I think that there is a strong case to be made for having a dedicated QB coach. If nothing more than a sounding board, Darian Durant has had his best seasons as a pro when he has that direct support! If you look at his best years he had Marcus Crandel, and Khari Jones by his side.

7 – Four more years! I love the signing of Weston Dressler to a four-year contract extension by the Green and White. There is a solid argument that could be made that Dressler has been the most consistent player in the seven years that he has been in Regina. The long-term deal means that both sides don’t have to worry about another free-agent negotiation for a long time. Additionally, the pact protects Dressler from loss of income due to injury and the Riders from inflation.

6 – So as the CFL’s free-agency period is set to open next week you know that the Riders will be in the market for National players but I also wonder if they will take a run at free-agent quarterback Kevin Glenn. With contract talks with Tino Sunseri stalled the team is in need of a number-two behind Darian. The fact is that Glenn’s best days are behind him but when pressed into service he can get the job done on a short-term basis. Additionally, Glenn’s ability to mentor Durant and develop young Seth Doege and Keith Price could be a huge upside. That, of course, is assuming that Glenn would want to come back to Saskatchewan.

5 – Speaking of coming back you have to love the sensationalism of the NFL. The Super Bowl broadcast trumpeted the scouting of the Seattle Seahawks and their ability to find receiver Chris Matthews who was selling shoes after spending some time in Canada in the CFL. The more appropriate story may be that Matthews was the CFL’s rookie of the year in 2012. In 2013 he suffered a turf-toe injury and could not return to the line-up. Some within the Manitoba capital have alluded to the fact that he quit on the 3-and-15 Bombers and was subsequently released. Again it is all how you frame it.

4 – Staying with the NFL and you have to give the Public Relations machine that is the National Football League credit. The NFL Honors awards show was a who’s who of football and was an outstanding event to watch. That being said why in the world does the CFL not broadcast their awards ceremony? It’s not like cameras are not there and TSN isn’t front and centre.

3 – To the Super Bowl itself and while Canadians grumbled at not being able to see American commercials, for at least two more years if the CRTC has its way, you have to give credit to Chevrolet. How many thought that there television went on the fritz in the late stages of the game thanks to their commercial? Masterfully done.

2 – Not so masterfully, according to many, was the Seahawks execution on the Patriots goal line late in the fourth quarter which gave the Pats the victory after an interception. So what stings more, the Riders 13th man or the late interception throw by the Seahawks? Have your say in this week’s poll.

1 – Lastly, a lot has been made about Pete Carroll and the Seahawks decision to throw the ball on second and goal from inside the five yard line. In one text message I receive it was called the dumbest play call in the sports history. At the time I had to agree. The idea of handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch in the back field seemed to be a no-brainer. Upon further review it may not have been that bad of an idea after all! Yes, hindsight will dictate that the wrong decision was made BUT take this into account: Its 2nd and goal and the Seahawks have one timeout left. If you throw the ball on second down, like Seattle did, statistically one of three things generally happens; the pass is completed for a touchdown, the pass falls incomplete, or pass interference is called. The odds of an interception are below 10%! So with two of those three results ending with the clock stopped Seattle would have the clock stopped with under a minute to go and two more cracks to try and score with one time out. So then on third down you hand off to Lynch, despite the box still being loaded up by New England, and if you don’t get in call the time out. Then on fourth down you get one more crack to run the absolute best play you have in your arsenal run or pass. Unfortunately for the Seahawks and amazingly for the Patriots rookie DB Malcolm Butler made an absolutely perfect play for the New England win. Tough to dispute the Seattle logic in my mind just the outcome didn’t come to fruition.