Top 10 Tuesday: Backing The Riders Cuts!

Another Tuesday is here! AND as always here are my random thoughts from the world of sports in no particular order.

10 – Riders release John Chick/Weston Dressler: This is the ugly side of the game of football. Two fan favorites that perhaps didn’t fit into the new scheme of the new Rider regime are shown the door. In defence of Head Coach and General Manager Chris Jones on paper it was a move that really had to be made. Through Dressler, Chick and Darian Durant that would tie up a reported $1-million of the team’s $5-million salary cap. (20% of the cap being spent on 4.76% of the player roster) That doesn’t add up.

9 – On the other hand you have to feel for the vets as they were not the ones that made the contract offer. They signed the deal in good faith to stay in Riderville. This what they call the business of football and to be truthful I don’t agree with it! Contracts in my mind should be gaurunteed in the CFL similar to how they are in the NHL. This holds management accountable for their decisions and gives the athletes who are trying to provide for their families some security. Keep in mind a CFL salary isn’t in the millions it’s in the thousands.

8 – Last one on the Riders it’s a shame that the team had to confirm that Darian Durant’s contact will be honoured and that they expect him to be the starting QB this year. I guess that’s the passion of Rider nation and shows how one open ended question can take off in Riderville.

7 – NFL play-off OT format has to change. Yes, more football but south of the border. When will the NFL get with it? The Arizona/Green Bay game came down to the wire with Aaron Rogers connecting on not one but two Hail Mary’s to send the game into overtime. However, due to the NFL’s flawed Sudden-Victory format Rogers didn’t get a chance to step onto the field in extra time. That’s if you don’t count the coin toss which is a totally different head scratcher.

6 – Get your kids on the grid iron over the February break. A really neat program will be back on the Sasktel Centre turf during the February School break. Saskatoon Minor Football’s Playground to the Pros program still has some spaces available. The link to more information is right here. (

5 – To hockey and the NHL’s banning of John Scott (the leading fan vote getter to be the captain of Team Pacific) is embarrassing for all involved. For the fans to vote Scott is comical but that was the system that the NHL put into place. That being said the NHL hasn’t listened to the fans before so why would they now? (See expansion to Quebec City, and no fans in Florida, Carolina and Arizona).

4 – Staying on ice and I was watching some of the curling from Las Vegas on the weekend and caught three ends of the Mixed-Doubles competition. The event is now an Olympic sport which I am sure means that it will get more and more coverage. With that being said how boring? It is incredibly hard to sweep a rock to where you want it to go or hold it’s line on a take out. The inability to make shots hampers the strategy and aw factor of the sport. A rethink is needed.

3 – To the floor and how about the Saskatchewan Rush pulling in 10,000 bodies for their home-opener on Friday night against Vancouver. I can’t tell you how much I wish that I was at the game but I can’t wait for the next one. The only flaw in the opener was a loss by the home team. With that being said it will be interesting to see if the fans maintain their interest once the new smell wears off. I’m guessing that they will.

2 – On the hardcourt. The tennis world has come under scrutiny for apparent match fixing. With tennis officials reeling and on damage control Roger Federer hit the nail on the head when he said, “Name, names.”

1 – Well the Toronto Blue Jays front office continues to show their incompetence. New President Mark Shapiro’s failure to at least offer pitcher David Price a contract was a head scratcher. The latest though, the trading of Ben Revere is baffling. I get that there are more bodies behind him on the depth chart. Revere’s speed and ability to set the table with his outstanding average and on-base percentage were a huge benefit. Especially if you consider the uncertain future of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnaciaion in the Jays line-up.