Top 10 Thoughts On This Tuesday Morning:

Here are my top ten musings from the week that was in the world of sports.

10 The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost a pair of great players and great people in the Ottawa Expansion Draft when the REDBLACKS selected Keith Shologan and Zack Evans yesterday. Some in Rider Nation have become critical of General Manager Brendan Taman for leaving Sholo unprotected. One simple question, knowing that you cannot protect everyone, who which non-import starter on the Rider roster would you prefer to be heading to the Nation’s Capital?

9 One more answer to Rider Nation and the notion that Shologan will be back in Green after a year in Ottawa. I’m sorry but that isn’t going to happen. I know never say never but despite being the outstanding person that Keith is it is unlikely that he will return to a team that didn’t protect him. Secondly the work that he does around the community is part of the reason the REDBLACKS selected him. Look for him to become as invested in Ottawa as he was in Saskatchewan.

8 All in all Marcel Desjardins, the REDBLACKS General Manager has to be commended for the job that he did. He didn’t sway from his game plan and selected no pending Free Agents meaning that the players will have to report to his team.

7 The lone player that he went off of his board for was pending free-agent and former University of Saskatchewan receiver Rory Kohlert. The young receiver has shown a great deal of upside in his young career and as one CFL observer mentioned to me, I don’t know who the Bombers protected but let’s just say that they didn’t have a lot beyond that.

6 Speaking of the Blue Bombers and the happiest guy in the CFL has to be Zack Collaros. Ricky Ray’s back-up was not selected in the Expansion Draft meaning that the pending free-agent will have an opportunity to sign anywhere he chooses. That means that he likely is in for a huge over-paid pay-day as the Blue Bombers truly have no other options for quarterback as they were unwilling or unable to make a deal before the expansion draft.

5 One more on the draft and the quarterbacks the REDBLACKS will start out with are Kevin Glenn and Thomas DeMarco. Great picks! I know that some are surprised that Ottawa picked two pivots, however, in the CFL’s battle of attrition you truly are only as good as your back up and the REDBLACKS have perhaps the best one-two punch in the league.

4 More football and is anyone else surprised that Peyton Manning was selected as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year? Two words, despite my despise for the Yankees. Mariano Rivera.

3 To hockey and the Saskatoon Blades winless streak has reached 10 games. The young team will play their final game before Christmas tonight. Whispers of change are starting to be heard at Credit Union Centre. However, the Bridge City Bunch are in full-blown rebuild mode and in my opinion have to stay the course. It isn’t pretty but it is valuable experience. The lone concern would be an acceptance of defeat. The players have to still believe that they can compete and do so on a night in and night out basis. IF that doesn’t happen could we be in for a repeat of history and a year that I now only refer to as the six win season?

2 More Junior Hockey and the Canadian Junior Hockey Team is continuing their preparation for the upcoming World Championship in Sweden. This has to be the worst time of the entire experience for the players. With cuts looming the players not only have the pressure to make the team but also the scrutiny that they are forced to face with television cameras camped outside their hotel. It truly is a lot to ask of 18 and 19 year olds don’t you think?

1 Lastly, how about the miraculous recovery of Steven Stamkos? It is amazing that he is back on the ice four weeks after a gruesome broken leg put him on the sidelines. Here’s hoping a quick return to health not only for him but perhaps a Canadian Men’s Hockey Team who may have a tough time scoring some goals.


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