Week 6 CFL Power Rankings:

Western domination continued in week six of the CFL regular season.

The Stampeders were bucked off their horse while Montreal was once again left scratching their heads.

Can we start the talk of eliminating all but one East Division team from the post-season? Things are starting to look that way.

Regardless, here’s where the teams rank after last week’s action with a change at the top!

9 – Montreal Alouettes (1-4) LW 31-5 loss vs. Toronto – Last Ranking #9 (2 weeks in a row)

I’d like to say that there is nowhere to go but up for the Montreal Alouettes unfortunately I think the team may fall further before climbing out of their funk. Chip Cox and the defence have done their part and more, however, the offence’s inability to do anything has left them on the field way too long. With the uncertainty of the coaching staff and the uncertainty at quarterback this is going to be a long season!

8 – Ottawa REDBLACKS (1-4) LW: 38-14 loss vs. Saskatchewan – Last Ranking #7

To be truthful the REDBLACKS are a spot above where I thought that they would be entering the third-way mark of the season. There are some bright spots but also some deficiencies that will need to be rectified. I can’t help but look and wonder if Ottawa isn’t falling into Montreal’s trap playing Henry Burris as much as they are and not allowing Thomas DeMarco to develop. At least the REDBLACKS appear to have a plan and are sticking with it unlike the aforementioned team.

7 – Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1-4) LW: 27-26 loss vs. Winnipeg – Last Ranking #8

They are getting closer! The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are starting to grow week by week gaining confidence in their systems as well as their personnel. They are not yet at the calibre of a west division team but they are making strides and when Zack Collaros comes back Kent Austin may have a decision to make thanks to the play of Dan LeFevour.

6 – Toronto Argonauts (1-5) LW 31-5 win at Montreal – Last Ranking #6 (2 weeks in a row)

Well the Argos were able to discover some offence against a tired Montreal defence. The Boatmen are still a long way from being healthy but they are definitely the class of the east to this point. It will be interesting, though, come Labour Day to see how the Boatmen measure up against Hamilton!

5 – Saskatchewan Roughriders (3-2) LW: 38-14 win at Ottawa – Last Ranking #5 (2 weeks in a row)

There will be some in RiderNation crying foul with this ranking. However, the Riders beat to beaten up Eastern opponents the last two weeks. Yes they looked much better than they had the prior to weeks but there still is a lot of work to do especially in the second half where they continue to sputter offensively. The true test will be this week in Winnipeg.

4 – B.C. Lions (2-3) LW: 25-24 win at Calgary – Last Ranking #4 (2 weeks in a row)

It didn’t look good in Calgary at the start of the game but the Lions found a way to steal one at McMahnon in week 5 and it all was thanks to Andrew Harris. He is the steadying factor for the B.C. offence and Khari Jones and the staff need to be patient with the running game and allow it to carry the offence which Kevin Glenn and his receivers have seemingly yet to master.

3 – Edmonton Eskimos (4-1) LW: BYE – Last Ranking #3

If there was a good time for a bye week I would say the Eskimos had it. The Green and Gold went into the week off after a close loss to Calgary. The break allowed the coaches some time to self-scout and gear up for the push to Labour Day. The Eskimos are a legitimate number three at the moment. Now we need to see if they can stay here after their break.

2 – Calgary Stampeders (4-1) LW 25-25 loss vs. B.C. – Last Ranking #1

After a month at the top of this list the Stamps slip to second not so much for what they have done but more so because of what the Bombers have accomplished. The best news of the week for the Stamps will be that Jon Cornish is symptom free and may be available to return sooner rather than later from his concussion. That being said John Huffnagel showed his personnel mastery with the addition of Martell Mallette to the roster. Out of football for five years no issues as he lit up the Lions and almost carried the Stamps to a win.

1 – Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-1) LW 23-6 win at B.C. – Last Ranking #2

Yes, I as well as a number of others (might I add) are eating their words as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have been for real thus far this season. Those waiting for the other shoe to drop expected it to come as Hamilton came all the way back in week 5 and forced the Bombers into a late game winning drive. The Bombers showed grit and character to get the win and have proven that they are the most consistent team in the league at the moment and a big week against the defending Grey Cup champions this week will give them an opportunity to further prove it!

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