ToonTown Communications CFL Rankings Week 11:

Well its official the halfway mark of the Canadian Football League season has come and gone and there are some definite trends emerging but will those go by the wayside in the second half with all of the pivotal injuries around the league?

Here’s where the rankings are at heading into week 12:

9 – Ottawa REDBLACKS (1-9) LW: 7-5 loss vs. BC – Last Ranking #9 (2 weeks)
The only thing offensive with the REDBLACKS is their offence. It is incredible that they cannot score. They have scored forty points less than any other team in the league which is an average of four per game that they have played. This group should be better but they cannot find a way to get on track. That’s why they are in the basement.

8 – Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2-7) LW: 38-31 loss at Montreal – Last Ranking #6
Just when things seemed to be going so well in Steeltown they lay an egg on the road. Good teams give themselves opportunities to win. The Ti-Cats are giving those opportunities away. This team needs to find an identity in a hurry!

7 – Montreal Alouettes (3-7) LW 38-31 win vs. Hamilton – Last Ranking #8
Is Johnathan Crompton the answer or did Hamilton give away two points? I wish I had the answer for that but I will say that he is better than anything else the Als have had at the position this year. I’m not entirely confident in this ranking but for the time being the Als are ahead of what the Ti-Cats are putting on the field.

6 – Toronto Argonauts (3-7) LW: BYE – Last Ranking #7
Well it seems to be happening more this season than ever before, a team moves up in the ranking while being on their bye. The move up is as much a result of the Ti-Cats inability to make a move in the East and the fact that Montreal hasn’t proven anywhere near enough that they are ready to be the best of the worst in the east.

5 – Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6-5) LW 30-24 loss vs. Saskatchewan – Last Ranking #5 (3 weeks)
As mentioned earlier good teams find ways to win! The Bombers had not one but two chances to move into position for a win late against the Riders in the Banjo Bowl. However, two interceptions by the Riders closed out the game. The Bombers are not good enough to not be at their best against the league’s elite. Five of their final seven games are against the west can they recover to get back in the play-off picture that’s the big question.

4 – B.C. Lions (6-4) LW: 7-5 win at Ottawa – Last Ranking #4 (3 weeks)
Well the Lions were dealt a blow with the loss of Travis Lulay but before he reinjured his shoulder in Ottawa my thought was that it didn’t look right. Fortunately the Lions have Kevin Glenn as an insurance policy. Will he be able to get the offence on track against the tough western defences? Time will tell!

3 – Edmonton Eskimos (7-3) LW: 41-34 loss vs. Calgary – Last Ranking #2
Well the Edmonton Eskimos looked pedestrian in two successive weeks against the Stampeders. Granted they didn’t have their starting quarterback with them BUT their defence didn’t do them any favours either. Hence the drop.

2 – Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-2) LW: 30-24 win at Winnipeg – Last Ranking #3
Well a seven game winning streak no matter how you shake it is impressive. The biggest question now, however, is can the Riders maintain their position without Darian Durant. There are a lot of naysayers in Rider Nation as I am not so certain that the defence can’t keep the offence in the game long enough to continue with some big wins. How will it all play out? I’m not sure but I do know that based on their body of work the Riders are number two in the CFL at this junction of the season.

1 – Calgary Stampeders (9-1) LW 41-34 win at Edmonton – Last Ranking #1 (5 weeks)
To be truthful the late game scores by Edmonton in the Labour Day rematch really make the game and perhaps the teams look much closer than they are when in reality the Stamps are head and shoulders above the rest of the eight teams. Unfortunately, for the rest of the league the Stamps are only going to get better as they get healthier with a more consistent line-up on the field.

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