Toon-Town CFL Power Rankings Week 1:

Join us every week as we use cybermetrics, gut instinct and a lot of experience to rank all nine teams in the Canadian Football League.

Week one sees a familiar team atop the ranking while there is a surprise in the middle check it all out and feel free to agree…. or disagree



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Week 1 Toon-Town CFL Power Rankings:

9 – Montreal Alouettes (0-1) LW: 29-8 loss at Calgary

If you don’t have a quarterback in the CFL you are in a lot of trouble and for the first time in nearly two decades without Anthony Calvillo the Alouettes don’t have one. Troy Smith, the former Heisman Winner, was erratic and looked confused and frustrated at the same time. Additionally, Smith has to battle with protection issues as the offensive line is not where it needs to be right now. Defensively, Montreal may be alright despite some veteran players starting to show signs of their age. End story unless Montreal can keep their offence on the field and find a way to put up points it is going to be a long season in La Belle Province.

8 – Hamilton Tiger Cats (0-1) LW 31-10 loss at Saskatchewan

The Tabbies had everything to play for in week one in Regina. A chance to redeem themselves from last season’s blow-out loss to the Riders in the Grey Cup, a new quarterback at the helm of the offence, even a chance to generate more excitement for their fans as they prepare to open a new stadium later this summer. Unfortunately none of those came to fruition as the team looked flat and uninspired to play albeit in monsoon type conditions in Regina. The Tabbies offensive line has a long way to go and the offence has to get CJ Gable involved in the offence or it could be a long season in Steel Town.

7 – Ottawa REDBLACKS (0-0) LW BYE

Well for an expansion team that has never stepped on the field to be ranked at number 7 is honestly a pretty big feat. What the REDBLACKS have that the two teams below them do not is a proven quarterback. Where the rest of their talent and scheme fits in will be another measuring stick. However, for the time being I would say that the season looks a lot brighter for the REDBLACKS than the other teams below them.

6 – Toronto Argonauts (0-1) LW 45-21 loss at Winnipeg

The Argos looked dumbfounded in the CFL regular season opener in Winnipeg last Thursday. The offence looked confused. The defence was lit up with a number of new faces that seemed to miss assignments. The Special Teams were truly the shining light for the Boatmen as Chad Owens was a threat every time that he touched the ball. The Argos are a better team than they showed and will need to be if they want to have success against Saskatchewan in week two.

5 – Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1-0) LW 45-21 win vs. Toronto

Talk about a shocker! I for one predicted that the Bombers would be lucky to find a way to win six games this season. However, they are on pace now for 18! OK back to reality, first year Bomber pivot Drew Willy had an incredible night managing the offence and making big plays when they presented themselves. Additionally, the defence under the direction of Gary Etcheverry really confused Ricky Ray and the Toronto offence. Great preparation by the Bombers paid off and the new regime has brought in some stability to a volatile situation. Can the Bombers maintain that level of play? We will find out Thursday when they host Ottawa.

4 – B.C. Lions (0-1) LW: 27-20 loss vs. Edmonton

Do I believe the B.C. Lions are the fourth best team in the CFL? No, and the good news for the Lions is that to figure out what went wrong it’s a pretty easy fix. DON’T TURN THE BALL OVER! Believe it or not there are lot of positives from the loss in week one for B.C. and I have every confidence that they will shine threw in week two in Montreal.

3 – Edmonton Eskimos (1-0) LW: 27-20 win at B.C.

These rankings in the early stages of a season truly are all about the wins and losses and less about how a team go there. Full marks to the Eskmos, however, for gutting out a win in B.C. Last year’s team with a late lead may have found a way to cough it up. This season new Head Coach Chris Jones kept the pedal to the metal with trick plays and aggressive play calling that allowed the Eskies to pull off the week one upset. I’m still not sold on the Eskimos offensive line but if they can continue to fly around on defence they may be able to give their offence just enough time to score the necessary points to win.

2 – Calgary Stampeders (1-0) LW: 29-8 win vs. Montreal

Like the Riders the Stamps toyed with their opposition in week one. The offence under the direction of Bo-Levi Mitchell showed some big play capability while also being able to sustain drives and keep control of the ball. The defence was swarming and very tactical in their ability to confuse rookie starting quarterback Troy Smith. The talent on the Calgary sideline is evident and they flexed their muscles in week 1.

1 – Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-0) LW: 31-10 win vs. Hamilton

The Roughriders picked up right where they left off in 2013 with a route of the visiting Hamilton Tiger Cats. While there has been double digit player turnovers for both clubs the Green Machine showed that they are running on all cylinders and executing at a very high level. The Tabbies were no match for the defending champions and the late touchdown was the only flaw in the Rider defence’s 10 sack performance.


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