The Ole Top 10 With A Pair Of Weyburn Shout-Outs!!

Here are my Top 10 Thoughts on This Tuesday….

10 The journalists have named Calgary Stampeder running back Jon Cornish the winner of the Lou Marsh Award as the top male Athlete in the country this year. To say it is rare for a CFL’er to win the award is an understatement as the feat hasn’t been accomplished since Russ Jackson in 1969. Call it my bias but is anyone else surprised that Weyburn Golfer Graham DeLaet wasn’t even in the top 3? Arguments for Cornish were his consistency, (Umm DeLaet’s 7 Top 10 Finishes, 12 Top 25 Finishes, and 21 of 26 cuts made not to mention earnings of $2,834,900 last year) Top Canadian in his sport, (DeLaet – ditto) and the knock against DeLaet was that he wasn’t able to come up in the clutch and win an event (I don’t think Jon did that either this season?). All in all congratulations to Cornish and DeLaet for great seasons. You can discuss amongst yourselves whether or not the sports reporters got it right.

9 Brendan Taman did his best Santa Claus impression over the weekend by making his list and checking it twice. The list, his protected list for the Ottawa Expansion draft next week. So, if you had to play General Manager for a day who is the one player on the Saskatchewan Roughrider roster that you would protect? If you said anyone other than Darian Durant I think you may be kidding yourself, however, a case could be made for Brendan LaBatte, no?

8 To hockey and talk about a worthwhile activity! It would appear that the NHL salary cap will rise next season from $64.3 million to $71.1 million per team. Good news for the players who took a hit in last year’s lockout. Can someone remind me what the lockout was all about again? The salary cap before the lockout last fall was $70.2 million. So, in less than one year the salary cap will be back above its original level. Makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it?

7 More NHL and the league appears to be poised to throw the book at Boston’s Shawn Thornton. He hauled Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks Orpik out of a scrum and proceeded to beat him onto a stretcher. No one has come in defence of Thorton for his actions on the defenceless Orpik, however, it is continuously pointed out that he has never been suspended in his career. IT SHOULDN’T MATTER.

6 The other point brought up out of this scuffle is the unwritten hockey code. It obviously didn’t work here and for proponents of fighting isn’t the argument that keeping fighting in the game will eliminate instances like this?

5 More hockey and the Saskatoon Blades skid has hit six games. Yes six straight losses and some fans are calling for heads to roll. Two points here 1; there are a lot of young players on this team that hopefully will be better for the experience that they are gaining. 2; who came up with the schedule here? The Blades played 5 games in 6 nights through their US Division Road trip. Had three days off and then hosted Regina. Tonight’s game against Edmonton marks the start of 5 games in seven days heading into the Christmas Break. Yikes!

4 On the pebbled ice there have been rumblings out of Winnipeg that the competitive career of Kevin Martin may have come to an end with his semi-final loss on the weekend. He no doubt was a pioneer in his sport spearheading the World Curling Tour and raising the profile of the sport. The biggest question in Alberta now may be who picks up his front end, Marc Kennedy and Ben Hebert if he indeed is done.

3 Speaking of Martin did anyone else think that it was poor taste for him not to be there Sunday to collect his bronze medal? The CCA say that Martin had to leave due to scheduling conflicts so they presented him with the medal the day before at the women’s final. My lone question, “Would those same conflicts have presented themselves if he had made it to the final?” I didn’t think so.

2 To baseball and great move by the Toronto Blue Jays signing Roy Halladay to a one day contract so that he could retire a Blue Jay. Too bad they couldn’t have made it a one year contract as Doc would have looked great on the hill for one more year in the Jays rotation.

1 With Doc’s retirement the debate can begin as to whether or not he is the best hurler to ever dawn a Jays uniform. One would think that the best would have to still be Dave Steib, however, the gap is a lot closer than one might think!

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