Some Tasty Thoughts On This Top 10 Tuesday!

As they say time flies when you are having fun… These last seven days is no different. Here’s my look at 10 attention grabbers from the last 7 days in sports including why the WMBL may have to RIP in Saskatoon and why Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons should have RIPPED into Jose Bautista.

Check it all out as here we go with another Top 10 Tuesday!

10 – Once again I start with the Saskatchewan Roughriders coming off of a big win in Hamilton on the weekend. It was far from a flawless performance for the Green and White, however, the team did enough to win the game against a desperate Hamilton Tiger-Cat team. Rider players can now enjoy the bye week and prepare for a big test in Calgary in just under two weeks.

9 – Speaking of the bye week in the Canadian Foobtall League, can anyone tell me why in the world the league would schedule byes 5 and 6 games into an 18 game schedule? I realize last year with the London Olympics the break had to be moved earlier to accommodate TSN’s Olympic obligations. A bye this early makes no sense and I believe is going to affect the product later in the season.

8 – To the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and have we seen the last of Buck Pierce under centre. Justin Goltz debut at quarterback for the Bombers was shaky at best but isn’t it time to move on with Buck’s injury history? If the organization truly believes that he is capable of performing in this league the time is now to go all in. He isn’t going to learn standing on the sideline and with Pierce on the bench the Bombers do have an alternative should things go sideways with Goltz. The time is now or never for Joe Mack and the entire football Operations department in Winnipeg.

7 – The easier QB question could be in Calgary right now. Despite a limited field of work for Bo Levi Mitchell the Stamps appear to have three capable QB’s. It almost ensures that the Ottawa REDBLACKS will take one of them away in their expansion draft. Which one to protect? AND how does John Hufnagel deploy them for the rest of the year? If there was a 1a, 1b and 1c scenario this may be it! Almost as good as when the Edmonton Eskimos had Tracy Ham, Matt Dunigan and Damon Allen.

6 – Despite my constant tooting the horn of the Western Major Baseball League and the Saskatoon Yellow Jackets that tooting may be turning into Taps. The Jackets played their final game of the season last night against Moose Jaw. A single game separated the clubs in the standings for the final spot in the WMBL. A schedule makers dream right? Wrong! The league ruled that a rained out double header earlier in the year between Saskatoon and Okotoks will not be played despite the obvious implications in the standings stating a travel rule. Rule or no rule, the league comes off looking bush league. Even if they recorded the games a split the final contest in Saskatoon could have meant something. However, a late season slip by the Bridge City boys of summer and the embarrassment the league has brought upon itself may have just choked out the remaining fan base.

5 – One final point on the WMBL, I don’t want to kick folks when they are down but I’m echoing the thoughts of a number of my colleagues. In this day and age if you wish to have a credible product promoted you need to have some form of media relations. The fact that the schedule was released 48 hours prior to the start of the season, there was no notification of training camps opening, the lack of an up to date website and the frustration in attempting to get league officials to clarify the post season process are all strikes against a very good on-field products.

4 – Speaking of media relations. The Prairie Football Conference the last few seasons has really done a nice job in attempting to move towards stronger media relations. For example I wasn’t kicked out of or asked to move my broadcast location once last season, which hasn’t always been the case. (Well except for the Canadian Championship where a race to the mall and purchase of 200 feet of phone line actually allowed for a broadcast of the event) Stats, weekly previews and the like were all readily available which was a big step forward, here’s hoping that will continue now that the league has eliminated their Media Relations position.

3 – To the majors and if I am the Toronto Blue Jays I am seriously considering moving Jose Bautista prior to tomorrow’s deadline. No doubting Bautista’s ability and what he adds to the team. However, he is no longer the go to bat in the line-up and getting tossed out of a tie game in the 7th inning, thus taking his bat out of the line-up would be considered treason on a number of teams that I played on. The Jays need a shake-up. It’s too late for this season and moving Bautista may be the kick in the pants the squad needs not to mention the return that you would get in trading the star. In addition, although he wouldn’t or shouldn’t do it publicly manager John Gibbons should have tied into Bautista for getting tossed. It’s not the first time that Bautista has been ejected from a game this season for arguing balls and strikes and the skipper needs to manage his players in order to get the most from his team. If Gibby doesn’t do this soon his time in Toronto could be up as well!


2 – Speaking of the Blue Jays and I had the chance to take in my first Jays game at Rogers Centre over the weekend. There are a number of teams in football, hockey, minor and pro sports that could take a lot away from what the Jays do. The game-day experience was engaging and entertaining, and the access to players was outstanding with many taking the time to stop and talk, autograph, and take pictures before after and during the batting practice. Some may argue that it may take away from the focus of the players prior to the game. What you cannot argue is the buzz around the stadium and the seemingly growing number of patrons that are there to take it in.

1 – One last thought regarding the baseball game and the one truly refreshing part of an MLB game is that the contest does not sell out to TV. Unlike the NHL, NFL, CFL, and even curling the game is about the game on the field and not the viewing experience at home. There are no red lights/flags denoting commercial breaks. Batters are not held back from the batter’s box to wait for t-v to catch up nor are start times delayed in order to accommodate tv. Pitchers pitch at their pace (like it or not) and if they want to throw over to fist 10 times to allow a reliever to warm up in the pen so be it. How refreshing!


Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section! Talk to you soon!

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