Some Of Dis N’ Dat To Wrap Up A Busy Week

So the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders swung a deal yesterday that the rest of the CFL has to be shaking their head at. The Bombers who were dealing from a position of weakness with no answer at Quarterback and no clear to opportunity to acquire a veteran presence at the pivot position had to reach out to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and acquire Drew Willy a young quarterback with limited experience, lots of potential and an opportunity to become a Free Agent next week. In return the Roughriders get another local product who is under contract and has turned the corner in his professional career, oh and did I mention that he is a non-import.

With all of that being said Willy’s signing of a two year contract with the Bombers after the deal yesterday he really let them off the hook. There were at least two other teams interested in his services if he became a free-agent next week. Could you imagine if he didn’t put pen to paper? Yikes!

In other Quarterback news one has to wonder what is happening in Ottawa with the REDBLAKCS signing Henry Burris to a deal reportedly worth $400,000+ per year. The REDBLACKS seemingly had locked up the position with mentor Kevin Glenn to work with youngster Thomas DeMarco. We will see if all three are in the nation’s capital to start 2014.

If there was one Quarterback on the outside looking in it would have to be Kevin Glenn. So where does Glenn end up? Would he be willing to return to Winnipeg the franchise that ran him out of town after a Grey Cup appearance in 2007? OR would perhaps an opportunity to mentor a young Troy Smith in Montreal prove a better fit.

More on the CFL and I have to wonder about the league’ changing the date of the opening of free-agency from February 15th to the 11th. I completely agree with the change as logistically it makes a lot of sense. The question is why couldn’t the CFL figure out the upside of a date change prior to last season? All in all I think if the CFL could do it again they would have completely revamped the off season. For example. CFL Congress and Coach of the Year award presentation in December, The opening of the Free Agency period the Wednesday after Super Bowl and then the expansion draft in March, followed by the CFL draft in May. Training Camps open in June. Those date changes would keep CFL interest year round, and would definitely change the dynamic of the Expansion and entry drafts not to mention free-agent signings.

One last one from the CFL and I’m not sure what the early release of free-agents has done for the league or its’ players. Yes the CFL looks like good guys allowing their players to pursue their NFL dreams but for inter-league maneuvering I think it takes away from the allure of the opening day of Free-Agency.

On the ice and how about the University of Saskatchewan Huskies Men’s hockey team? The group appears to be gelling in the second half of the season as they prepare to host the University Cup next month. The team knocked off previously undefeated Calgary in a pair of weekend games last week without their leader Dave Adolph. The wins set the team up for a first round bye in the play-offs and should have the team on cloud 9.

More hockey, and the Brodsky family name has officially left the Saskatoon Blades with the news that the team and Assistant General Manager Jarod Brodsky have parted ways. Jarrod is a great guy and if there is something that you want to know about a midget or bantam player in Western Canada or that has competed in an international tournament he can tell you anything that you want to know. It won’t be long before we see him at a rink again. For now some much deserved time with his young family.

Excited to see Bobby Orr in town tonight for the Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner. The dinner which is once again a sellout is going to be terrific. My most sincere thanks to Bill and Jeff Krischke for the invitation. It’s going to be a fun night tonight.

Even more hockey and the news that Steven Stamkos is going to sit out the Sochi Olympics shouldn’t be considered a surprise. The sniper broke his leg on November 11th and at that time medical professionals said that it would be nothing short of a miracle for him to be in the line-up. That for Canada unfortunately won’t happen. However, the Tampa Bay Lightning should be thrilled with the progress that he has made and the fact that he won’t injure himself further in Olympic competition.

Speaking of the five ring circus have the Olympics become a victim of themselves? The hype around the games the need to be bigger and better than the previous. One country unfortunately is going to be saddled with a big loss which will hurt future events and in the end athletes. Here’s hoping that bug bust isn’t in Russia as the venues and athlete facilities seem anything but complete.

Lastly, I wonder if Curl Sask was ripped at the tweet sent out by Brock Virtue’s Second. Earlier in the week while Stefanie Lawton’s team was battling through a flu at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts she was forced to play with only three players. That prompted Schille to tweet out: “Guess we could take a lesson from @stef_lawton on how to play 3 handed next time we have an ejection!” To me the tweet makes light of the fact that for the second year in a row Team Virtue has had a player ejected at the Tankard. I don’t think that Curl Sask considers it a laughing matter! Nor do the sponsors. Is it time for Curl Sask to lower the boom?

Staying with Curl Sask and the proposed idea of implimenting a card system like in soccer won’t work. With all due respect the curlers were warned in a pre-competition meeting and the members of Team Virtue were issued warnings during the event. If Curl Sask wants to stop this behavior they need to lower the boom now!

And speaking of the boom CTV’s lack of Super Bowl Commercials takes away the mystique and allure of the game. I understand the economics in them needing to air their own commercials, however, as a subscriber to American channels there has to be something that I, the consumer, can do to see the entire show as opposed to seeing what I missed on line the next day!

That’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend.

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