Some of Dis N’ Dat To Wrap The Week:

Another interesting seven days has come and gone with a lot going on.

In no particular order here are a smattering of my thoughts from the week that was:

If I were to grade Saskatchewan Roughrider General Manager Brendan Taman and Assistant G-M Jeremy O’day they both would get solid A’s for the work they have done this off-season. Re-signing two of their top three free-agents, bolstering their Canadian Content, solidifying their back-up quarterback and middle linebacker positions and perhaps having the coup of the off-season in signing veteran rush end Alex Hall.

No surprise but the Riders just get it! They sign quarterback Kevin Glenn to a contract Thursday and have him in Moose Jaw at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts that night. Genius public relations moves.

Timing is everything! Not quite getting it was Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. They held a season launch news event earlier this week but forgot to tell anyone that it was happening. The news conference was an aside to the announcement of one final air show for Saskatoon that will once again be hosted at the Speedway. You know my affection for the track and its’ competitors and the idea of the media being there anyway wasn’t a bad idea. However, most reporters had left when the conference started and with most unaware that it was happening it was a missed opportunity to promote the family fun that is Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

Is this the negotiation that finally sees the Toronto Argonauts sold to MLSE? Talks between the owners of the Leafs, Toronto FC and Raptors and Senator David Brailey resumed this week with a goal of transferring the team’s ownership and home field to BMO Field. While, I don’t believe Toronto deserves a team I do believe that the CFL needs a presence in the Big Smoke.

How quickly Alex Rodriguez’s career has gone up in smoke. After being banned all of last season for PED’s he is back in the game. If I’m the New York Yankees I’m paying him and his circus to stay away from the team.

Amazing TV numbers from TSN. The Sports Network reported an all-time high for viewership in the month of January and that is without being the NHL rights holder. If I’m Rogers I am a tad concerned especially considering I spent $5.2-Billion to attain the rights.

More sad news from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. The report from Kindersley that they are another of the league’s club struggling to remain viable and put a product on the ice next season is troubling. I know the Klippers executive didn’t take going public with their finances lightly but the ball is now in the community’s court to determine if they want an SJHL team.

What’s a solution? If I knew that I would make a lot of money as the plight of all brands of junior hockey doesn’t look good. A small step in the right direction may be to dial back game access. Radio in my mind will always be an outstanding tool for promoting the game as it creates a, “I wish I was there to see that,” emotion. However, now that teams are streaming their games with video the casual fan doesn’t have to leave their home to come out and buy 50/50’s programs or concessions. Some franchises do charge a nominal fee but I’m sure it doesn’t cover the cost of production or the money lost without that fan’s seat in the stands.

That’s it for today… Stay warm this weekend.