Some of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat to Wrap Up The Week!

Here are my random thoughts from the world of sports to wrap up the week.

RIDERVILLE: Love the contract extension granted to Brendan Taman this week. His contract and that of Corey Chamblin are now tied to one another. Taman has had the Midas touch since taking over as General Manager. What has been his best move since taking over the GM duties with the Riders? There have been a lot of good ones but last year my vote would go to the addition of Weldon Brown last year.

RIDERVILLE 2: Apparently the Green and White are on the verge of signing UND grad Ryan Smith. The receiver, who is drawing comparisons to Weston Dressler, showed well in the team’s mini-camp in Florida last weekend. Nothing like putting pressure on a player that has never been on a field with CFL vets! I approach the news with cautious optimism but here’s hoping.

GOLF: Tough start to the Masters for Graham DeLaet with an opening round 80. To get to Augusta is an amazing accomplishment in its’ own right, however, DeLaet may have suffered from a case of the “just happy to be there’s.” His entourage was there for a good time and may have served as a distraction for a young man who had a lot to deal with the least of which not being nerves.

BASEBALL: The Toronto Blue Jays once again showed an inability to hit in the clutch and that would bite them late again last night. Don’t get me wrong, winning 2 of 3 from Houston with some solid pitching is a big plus. However, when the Jays had an opportunity to make a monumental comeback (from five runs down in the 9th) they couldn’t get a two-out hit from one of their big guns with runners on the base paths.

BASEBALL 2: I realize that instant replay is a work in progress but the concept is slowing the game to a snail’s pace. Managers will come out of the dugout following a close call, kill some time, and wait for word from their dugout as to whether or not they are going to challenge a call before actually initiating the process. To simplify the process why not force the managers to rely on their own eyes and not someone in their replay booth? The umpires have to do it and if the managers feel strongly enough they need to challenge on the spot? It would hopefully pick up the pace in what already seems to be a drawn out game.

HOCKEY: The Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs have made changes to the tops of their hockey operations departments with the hiring of new presidents. Trevor Linden and Brendan Shanahan will both have their hands full with some tough to move contracts and not a lot in the way of young players in the systems. We will see which player that has enjoyed success on the ice can transform that into their executive role with the their respective team.

HOCKEY 2: I was stopped this week and asked if I have a hate on for the WHL as I have been very critical of them amending their overtime formats to compensate for building availability issues in Edmonton. The opposite is true! I have a lot of passion and respect for the entire Western Hockey League, however, I also am a proponent of ensuring the viability of the league in smaller markets like Moose Jaw, Lethbridge and Prince George. Therefore, making exceptions to league policies for any individual club needs to ensure that the greater good has been considered.

HOCKEY 3: I am very impressed with the Saskatoon Blades and their new ownership in recognizing the need to bring an “event” back to the Bridge City. The Subway Super Series game for November 10th that was announced yesterday will serve as a carrot to entice more season ticket holders. My question is will the team open the upper level for the game? Of course the Blades, in what is a great marketing move, have said that they will only have the lower bowl available to hockey fans for the 2014-2015 season.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? The Moose Jaw Warriors are the latest team to have to defend their history. The team was criticised this week for their plan to use a logo that they used back in the 1980’s. I understand that there is some sensitivity with the name Redmen and logos from the past. However, they are from the past and the Warriors weren’t celebrating the logo but instead their history. If an upstart team decided to take on one of these “offensive” nicknames or logos then there would be an issue. BUT for teams that have had used the name and or logo for a number of years they should be given carte blanche especially if no malice was ever intended.

That’s just some of Dis N’ Dat on this Friday morning.

Enjoy the weekend!



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