Some Of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: I Swear TSN or Rogers Have A Problem

Another seven days have come and gone. Here in no particular order are some of my rambling thoughts from the week that was.

The end of the scrolling tweet era has come after TSN aired a slanderous tweet directed at Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf, his wife Elisha Cuthbert and Joffrey Lupul. To the TSN staffer that missed it in editing… Oooops!

The corresponding threat to sue the issuer of the tweet and TSN for airing it is intriguing on many levels. To me are the Leafs players not attempting to sue their bosses? Bell owns TSN and Bell is a co-owner of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment the parent company of the Leafs. Wow!

Also wowing me is the reeling that has to be going on a Sportsnet. The NHL right’s holders (Rogers) were crushed in ratings on Trade Deadline Day coverage. Early reports indicated that TSN had a 3-to-1 advantage in viewers for the day as a whole.

That being said I have heard rumblings that Sportsnet may look to make a splash with their coverage. Jay and Dan, Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole’s contract is apparently up at Fox Sports in Los Angeles this spring and apparently Rogers is prepared to back up the Brinks truck in an attempt to land the popular hosts. There are a lot of apparently’s to that rumour, though.

Back to TSN and are they getting upset at the swearing at the Brier? Instead of the occasional curse making it to air over the course of a championship it seems as though there is at least one if not more slipping out of the curlers mouths per draw. I’m OK with the display of emotions but hard to justify when trying to watch the game with my kids and introduce them to the sport.

Do the curlers care? Apparently at the team meetings before the event athletes are warned about swearing and threatened with $500 fines should they let one “slip.” However, curlers are still amateur athletes so good luck collecting on the fine. Maybe washing mouths out with soap is the solution.

One more on the Brier and how good has Pat Simmons looked for Team Canada since he took over as skip from John Morris after a disastrous opening weekend? I asked a prominent curler in our province heading into the provincial tankard, Who the best shot maker was in Saskatchewan?” Without hesitation the answer was Pat Simmons. With the undoubted break-up of Team Canada one has to wonder where Pat will curl out of in 2015-16 and whether or not there might be a move to form a Saskatchewan super-team for a run at not only ending out Brier drought, dating back to 1980, but also a spot in the Olympics.

To football and the Shomari Williams 2-point-oh idea in Riderville has come to an end. The former first overall pick couldn’t seem to find a niche with the Riders whether it be on defence or special teams. My guess is that it isn’t the last we have seen of Shomari in the CFL.

When it comes to the Canadian Football League has anyone heard anything on the next commissioner?

To CIS football and I love the idea being proposed by Jim Mullin and David Dube, The Northern 8! The idea to bring national exposure to CIS football is an outstanding idea. Unfortunately, the reception has been cool in Eastern Canada which may nix the idea moving forward.

To hockey and the WHL regular season is quickly winding down. Hard to bet against Brandon or Kelowna in the post-season but I think it will definitely be interesting with maybe a surprise or two in the first round.
AND I’m not sure what to think about the Toronto Blue Jays this season. They already have a controversy with Dioner Navaro wanting out. The projected starting left fielder is out for a month and they have done nothing to upgrade their bullpen. I am always hopeful in the spring that the team may have some over achievers come on and propel them into the play-offs. Unfortunately I don’t get that feeling this year.

That’s it for today! Enjoy the weekend.