Some of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat: AHL Moving Further West?, And The SJHL Needs A Re-Think!

No shortage of headlines from the last seven days in the world of sports… Here’s my spin on what’s going on!

Well it’s not every day that you need to hold a news conference to announce that nothing is going on but that is the situation with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. When Head Coach Corey Chamblin was misinterpreted regarding the team’s interest in free-agent running back Kory Sheets the team had to hold a media availability with Assistant General Manager Jeremy O’Day. His mission, to quell the rumors and let Rider Nation know that nothing is going on. Mission accomplished!

The one thing that O’Day did mention was the intention of Quarterback Darian Durant to throw the football at the team’s spring camp next month. To me that’s a great sign that Durant will be ready to go come the opening of training camp in June. However, with the team’s signing of Kevin Glenn last month I honestly wasn’t as concerned as I could have been had the Riders not secured the veteran pivot.

One more from the CFL and I was asked yesterday for my predictions as far as which teams will improve in 2015 and who may slip back a bit. To give you one of each I can see the Toronto Argonauts, who haven’t done much this off-season, falling back out of the play-off picture. On the other side of the spectrum I know that Ottawa will be better but the team ready to improve pole-to-pole in my mind is Hamilton.

To hockey and it was a game of franchise musical chairs yesterday with the American Hockey League, and Ontario Hockey League. The loser was Bellville who will lose their OHL team to Hamilton with no replacement in sight. Hamilton’s AHL franchise, meanwhile, is moving to St. John’s while Winnipeg will get their own AHL team. The reasoning behind the thought is that the Jets can keep their farm team close to monitor their development and help out when necessary to call players up. While, Montreal will get a chance to move their team to St. John’s for a few seasons before making another move to a new rink in Laval, also closer to the Habs home base.

The one interesting point that stuck me in the franchise relocation announcement yesterday was that the AHL in Winnipeg is said to be a short-term proposition. So where do the Jets envision their AHL franchise being located? Thunder Bay apparently isn’t going to be an option as previously suggested, so are the Jets looking further west? Just wondering.

The other interesting point when it comes to the relocation to the MTS Centre of the AHL is that previously it was reported that there wasn’t enough room for the building to accommodate two major tenants. This, of course, was brought forward to quell the seemingly persistent rumor that the WHL was headed to the Manitoba capital. Now that the building can obviously be home to a pair of teams the question has to be which league will that second team play in?

More hockey and I understand the SJHL’s move to have survivor series, basically it is to ensure that all but two teams in the 12 team circuit will be able to receive some form of play-off revenue. However, I really wonder how much of a financial benefit is there for Weyburn needing to travel to Humboldt a couple of times or Estevan needing to trek to North Battleford three times? Additionally round two isn’t much better, however it will feature rivals Kindersley taking on Battlefords but Weyburn’s series with Melfort and Notre Dame (playing out of Wilcox) and Flin Flon are going to be a stretch. Whatever happened to the north and south?

To baseball and full marks to MLB and Will Ferrell. If you didn’t see the ten teams and nine positions that he suited up for in spring training yesterday you can see it here. Well done promoting the game and Ferrell getting a chance to shine!

Speaking of the diamonds and the already thin pitching staff of the Toronto Blue Jays took a major hit with the loss of Marcus Stroman for the season with a blown ACL is devastating. Every spring I become the eternal optimist when it concerns the Toronto Blue Jays, unfortunately that isn’t the case this season.

On that happy note that’s all that I have for today.

Enjoy the weekend!