Saskatoon Blades Meet The Media

Jack BrodskyLess than 24 hours after the Saskatoon Blades ouster from the WHL play-offs. Saskatoon Blades President and Governor Jack Brodsky along with General Manager and Head Coach Lorne Molleken met with the media.

Mr. Brodsky was very passionate while addressing the media and gave his coach and GM a vote of confidence. You can hear his complete thoughts by clicking here.

Meanwhile Molleken acknowledged the disappointment that he feels in this series loss as well as the lack of success the franchise has had in the post season the last three seasons. Molleken went on to lay out his plans for the team to prepare for the Memorial Cup which opens in more than 50 days. Molleken says that it starts by giving the players some time away from the rink. So he has sent the team home for a minimum of week, that’s when the players still attending school will return. The older players will then return to practice on April 15th.

One Response to Saskatoon Blades Meet The Media

  1. Doug says:

    No matter what kind of spin Brodsky ,Mollenken or the players put on it there is something drastically wrong in the Blades organization. They have brought in veterans that were supposed to have the talent to get to the next level of success, but three conscutive 4 and outs. And to give up all those draft picks, for what?? They could have done no worse with what they had at the start. So, is a managerial house cleaning in order here? It appeared that the Blades did not Believe in themselves or each other, they did not work as an unit. Pass and Go was more a Pass and Follow senario. However there were several moments of brilience that were exciting to watch, but never enough of them. I got my 2013-14 season tickets now and the Mem Cup tickets, so yaaa,I’m a Blade fan, we can all onlu hope for the saskatchewan NEXT yeasr ehhhhhhhhhhh!! it

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