Saskatchewan Teams 1-1 Football Canada Cup: Day 1 Recap

Great weather and fantastic competition were the stories of the opening day of the Canada Cup of Football at Griffiths Stadium on Sunday.

Alberta opened the tournament hammering New Brunswick 76-0. In game two the defending champions from Quebec were victorious over Saskatchewan (White) 25-7. Ontario then topped Nova Scotia 36-nothing in the third game of the day. Opening day action then concluded with Team Saskatchewan Green topping Manitoba 20-2.

Teams are off today preparing for their next games on Wednesday at Griffiths Stadium.

Those games will see:

New Brunswick vs. Manitoba at 10am.
Saskatchewan (White) vs. Nova Scotia at 1pm
Quebec vs. Ontario at 4pm
Alberta vs. Saskatchewan (Green) at 7pm

Despite there not being any game action today players will be putting their skills on display through a specially designed skills competition that starts at 4 this afternoon at Griffiths Stadium.

The full game stories from Sunday’s action are below:

GAME #1 – Alberta versus New Brunswick 10:00am Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saskatoon, SK — Alberta opened the 2014 Football Canada Cup with a convincing 76-0 win over New Brunswick at Griffiths Stadium under perfect weather conditions. Alberta scored on every possession including a punt recovery for a TD in the second half. Sam Clayton, Myles Browne and Landon Rosene rumbled in for two touchdowns each to lead Alberta.
Players of the game for Alberta: Jacob Janke (Off) and Bobby Sugai (Def)
Players of the game for New Brunswick: Gordon Brown (Off) and Kyle Baxter (Def)

GAME #2 – Saskatchewan White versus Quebec 1:00pm Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saskatoon, SK — The three-time defending Football Canada Cup champions from Quebec opened with a 25-7 win over Saskatchewan White in game two of this year’s Canada Cup. Maxime Bouffard hooked up for two TD’s with Francois Rocheleau to lead Quebec. The remainder of Quebec’s score came on a touchdown run from quarterback Bouffard and a field goal from John Molson. Saskatchewan’s touchdown came on a one yard plunge from Paul Farbacher.

Players of the game for Saskatchewan White:
Offense: #21 Adam Machart – running back (Saskatoon Centenntial)
Defense: #45 Tanner Smith – linebacker (Regina Campbell)

Players of the game for Quebec:
Offense: #15 Maxime Bouffard – quarterback (Sherbrooke Harfangs du Triolet)
Defense: #14 Adam Andrews – defensive line (Montreal Hornets Sun Youth)


GAME #3 – Ontario versus Nova Scotia 4:00pm Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saskatoon, SK — Ontario rolled past Nova Scotia to a 36-0 victory in the mid-afternoon matchup at the Football Canada Cup. A blocked field goal was returned for a touchdown early in the first quarter by #23 Elijah Walker to give Ontario an 8-0 lead after kicker #8 Gabriel Siemieniec missed a field goal to make it 1-0. Ontario running back #34 Jevante Stanley had the big play of the game with an 89 yard touchdown run just before halftime.

Players of the game for Ontario:
Offense: #34 Jevante Stanley – Running Back (Brampton – Brampton Bulldogs)
Defense: #44 Carter Wilson – Defensive Line (Arnprior – Ottawa Meyer Riders)

Players of the game for Nova Scotia:
Offense: #6 Gregory Hutchins – Kicker/Receiver (Bedford – CP Allan High School)
Defense: #9 Kyle Gorden – Linebacker (Greenwood – West Kings High School)

GAME #3 – Sask Green versus Manitoba 7:30pm Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saskatoon, SK — Saskatchewan Green’s steady offense proved to be enough as they beat Manitoba 20-2 in Game #4 at the Football Canada Cup. Quarterback Sawyer Buettner (#4) found Receiver Kade Belyk (#18) a couple times deep, one of those for a touchdown. Other touchdowns for Sask Green were scored by Running Back Dryden Kalesnikoff (#29) off a pass from Buettner and Running Back Jamal Hooker (#2) on a nice run late in the 4th quarter.

Players of the game for Sask Green:
Offense: #18 Kade Belyk – Receiver (Regina – LeBoldus)
Defense: #34 Davin Williamson – Linebacker (Regina – Winston Knoll)

Players of the game for Manitoba:
Offense: #18 Kai Madsen – Receiver (Winnipeg – St. Vital Mustangs)
Defense: #54 Max Toutant – Linebacker (Winnipeg – St. Paul’s Crusaders)


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