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The 2014 Racing Season is right around the corner at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. This year’s racing will feature for the first time ever the Bandoleros. This introductory racing-class will allow young athletes an opportunity to live out their dream behind the wheel at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

That’s where Ryley Schneider comes in. This 8 year-old from Saskatoon has been around the race track since he could walk following in the footsteps of his Uncle Neil and father Ron Schneider. Riley has volunteered his time learning the nuances of racing while working with the Ace Motorsports team.

2014 will be Ryley’s first opportunity to climb behind the wheel a challenge that he is ready to meet head on. You can read Ryley’s own words on the attached file.

Ryley’s dream will come at a cost. The initial budget to put him behind the wheel in this inaugural season for Bandoleros at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is $9000.00.

That is where your support can come in! There are various advertising opportunities on the car itself. In addition, Ryley will more than be willing to represent your company with the car at corporate events that you see fit.

Thank-you for taking the time to consider supporting RS Racing and Ryley’s dream to get behind the wheel.
To join our team or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ron Schneider at your convenience at 306-230-2739 or via e-mail at
Ryley Schneider

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