Rain Won’t Cool Down WGR

September is always an exciting month as the racing gets even more intense at the Wyant Group Raceway. Drivers know they are running out of time to get that elusive checkered flag, that extra few inches that will gain them a point or two, or sometimes, payback for something that happened four races ago.

The day started before 9:00am as street stock drivers and crews met at the A&W in Martensville to have breakfast and chat with race fans. The race cars sat on display as others from around the Valley area carefully moved their old Dodges and Chevys, Fords and even the odd Studebaker into place for Martensville’s annual Show & Shine.

By noon the race cars are packed up and on their way south, back to the raceway for an afternoon of fine tuning (sometimes with a sledge hammer). Drivers are not only looking for that extra tenth of a second, but they’re looking for things that will keep these street stocks from making it through their longest race of the year, 100 laps.

As it rolls around to race time, the weather is looking good and fans start rolling in for a night of exciting racing. The drivers are ready go. They have been tinkering with their toys all afternoon. But they have one goal in mind; their name forever etched on the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock Invitational trophy.

Second to hit the track, the number 1 of Scott Barrand surprised everyone laying down a lap of 16.098 seconds, tying the invitational track record set by Mike Schroeder last year, and claiming the local division track record spot from Craig Katelnikoff. Curtis Houben comes up second in qualifying at 16.207 seconds and Craig Katelnikoff wheels the #3 Firebird around for a third place qualify time of 16.258. The
#18 of Mike Rae rounded out the top four, who would face off in the trophy dash.

Mike Rae led the first lap of the trophy dash, but then it was Curtis Houben taking over and leading the rest of the way to the six lap checkered flag.

The remaining 10 cars were split into two heats. The finishing order of the trophy dash determined the top four spots in the starting grid for the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100. The first heat would determine the inside line behind them and the second heat the outside line.

Greg Vangool, driving Ryan Fredrickson’s #22 Camaro picked up the win in the first heat, followed by the #3D of Mike Dionne and #43 Eric McIntosh. The heat two win was claimed by #63 Kevin Mclaggen, followed by the #28 of Brennan Forseille and #66 of Wayne Osbourne.

So we now had our lineup set for the Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100. But wait. One more wrinkle. We had earlier drawn an inversion of eight, so instead of Curtis Houben getting the pole start he was relegated back to the fourth row and the pole was handed to the
#28 of Brennan Forseille, with #3D Mike Dionne on the outside.

Forseille took advantage and jumped to an early lead, but by lap 12 Kevin Mclaggen had different ideas and had moved his 1972 Chevelle into the lead. Mclaggen continued to lead through cautions in laps 25 and 27. By lap 44 Curtis Houben had moved his Camaro into first place and hung on there as the lap 50 competition caution came out.

The #22 of Greg Vangool and the #3D of Mike Dionne opted to go into their pits during the competition caution, meaning they would have to restart at the back. The rest of the cars rolled into the fueling lane where teams go add gasoline, cool the radiator, clean the windshield and give the drivers a drink. The start and end of the five-minute break is signalled with a horn and cars must immediate roll at the end of the five minutes.

As the cars rolled away, officials checked where they were stopped and a puddle of oil was found where Wayne Osbourne had been parked. That meant the #66 had to come in for a safety check. If the car checked out he would be put back in his spot. If any work had to be done, he would start at the back. An oil leak was found so he was sent to his pit to fix it. The race was held for two minutes to allow him to fix the leak.
He determined it couldn’t be fixed at the track, so he parked for the night and the race resumed.

Curtis Houben continued to lead the field when the weather changed around lap 62. The winds picked up and changed direction and you could feel the temperature drop. A light shower hit in lap 67 bringing out the caution flag. After a few caution laps the track was dry and the racing got back underway.

Nine laps later the skies opened up bringing out the caution again.
This time the track was too wet and the temperature was too low for any hope of drying it, even if the rain did stop. The race was called and the leader at the time of caution, the #81 RPM Camaro of Curtis Houben was declared the winner. The #63 of Kevin Mclaggen was second and Mike Rea in the #18 Wheaton GM Monte Carlo was third.

Also on the race card for Saturday night was the Legends cars running a Chase for the Mac’s Cup race. Nine cars were on hand for that as Blake Erb topped out qualifying at 16.230 seconds. Danny Meier took both heat races in his #90 Chevy Coupe. Unfortunately, the rain hit before their feature, so the Chase for the Mac’s cup race was washed out.

The Bandoleros also lost their feature due to the rain, but #93 Ryley Schneider and #21 Dakota Wollfe were able to pick up first place points in the two heat races.

The Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, on the schedule for two features, having a rain make up from August 3rd, did get one feature race in, but lost the second one. #94 of Ben Pogoda picked up the first heat win while the #19 of Aaron Anderson took the second heat. Brennan Kirton driving the #92 Denny’s Family Restaurant Silverado picked up his first win of the year, taking home the Wyant Group Raceway commemorative checkered flag. Luc Haukass, making the pull all the way from The Pas with the #51 Dodge was second and Ben Pogoda wheeled in for third with the #94 Speedtech Racing Development Toyota.

Most of the divisions have one race meet left to try for those final points and movement through the standings. Next week is the exciting conclusion to the Sky Financial SLM Series season, along with the Shell V-Power Sportsman points final and the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock points final. The Golf’s Car Wash mini stocks will be running round eight of their season.

Racing next Saturday, September 17 starts at 2:00pm. Note the afternoon starts for the rest of the season. Gates open at 12:30, with the first green flag at 2:05pm.
Complete Results
Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Division
Heat Race:
1. #94 Ben Pogoda
2. #01 Alex Leschenko
3. #19 Aaron Anderson
4. #18 Bill Zubrecki
5. #49 Shantel Kalika
6. #51 Luc Haukaas
7. #92 Brennan Kirton
8. #14 William Stelzner
9. #5 Ian McLean
10. #88 Brad Wrennick
11. #52 Robin Boomsma

Qualifier Race:
1. #19 Aaron Anderson
2. #49 Shantel Kalika
3. #01 Alex Leschenko
4. #94 Ben Pogoda
5. #92 Brennan Kirton
6. #51 Luc Haukaas
7. #88 Brad Wrennick
8. #52 Robin Boomsma
9. #5 Ian McLean
10. #14 William Stelzner
11. #18 Bill Zubrecki

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature A:
1. #92 Brennan Kirton
2. #51 Luc Haukaas
3. #94 Ben Pogoda
4. #49 Shantel Kalika
5. #19 Aaron Anderson
6. #01 Alex Leschenko
7. #14 William Stelzner
8. #88 Brad Wrennick
9. #52 Robin Boomsma
10. #18 Bill Zubrecki
11. #5 Ian McLean

Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature B rained out

Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends
Chase for the Mac’s Cup
Time Trials (seconds):
1. #21 Blake Erb, 18.230
2. #84 AJ Morrison, 18.251
3. #27 Jody Stewart, 16.440
4. #90 Danny Meier, 16.471
5. #11 Jerry Sabine, 16.590
6. #H20 Darrell Buckingham, 16.596
7. #16 Stan Friesen, 16.627
8. #20 Audra Cooper, 16.646
9. #88 Troy Stewart, 18.868

Heat Race:
1. #90 Danny Meier
2. #21 Blake Erb
3. #84 AJ Morrison
4. #H20 Darrell Buckingham
5. #16 Stan Friesen
6. #27 Jody Stewart
7. #11 Jerry Sabine
8. #88 Troy Stewart
9. #20 Audra Cooper

Qualifier Race:
1. #90 Danny Meier
2. #84 AJ Morrison
3. #21 Blake Erb
4. #H20 Darrell Buckingham
5. #27 Jody Stewart
6. #16 Stan Friesen
7. #11 Jerry Sabine
8. #20 Audra Cooper
9. #88 Troy Stewart

Legends Feature race rained out.

Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros
Heat Race:
1. #93 Ryley Schneider
2. #14 Ty Stewart
3. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
4. #47 Cale Heilman
5. #21 Dakota Wollf
6. #33 Jasmine Speidel
7. #18 Ashton Everitt
8. #8 Braxton Clewes
9. #12 Sam Howlett

Qualifier Race:
1. #21 Dakota Wollf
2. #18 Ashton Everitt
3. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
4. #93 Ryley Schneider
5. #33 Jasmine Speidel
6. #12 Sam Howlett
7. #47 Cale Heilman
8. #14 Ty Stewart
9. #8 Braxton Clewes

Law Enforcement Bandolero feature race rained out.

Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Division
A&W Martensville Valley Street Stock Invitational Time Trials (seconds):
1. #1 Scott Barrand, 16.098 (TR)
2. #81 Curtis Houben, 16.207
3. #3 Craig Katelnikoff, 16.258
4. #18 Mike Rea, 16.342
5. #22 Greg Vangool, 16.523
6. #28 Brennen Forseille, 16.540
7. #42 Nicole Sheetka, 16.563
8. #63 Kevin McLaggen, 16.590
9. #43 Eric McIntosh, 16.633
10. #66 Wayne Osbourne, 16.670
11. #8 Barry Stefaniuk, 16.731
12. #18x Bill Zubrecki, 16.758
13. #3D Mike Dionne, 16.837
14. #11 Spencer Jorgenson, 16.904

Trophy Dash:
1. #81 Curtis Houben
2. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
3. #1 Scott Barrand
4. #18 Mike Rea

Heat A:
1. #22 Greg Vangool
2. #3d Mike Dionne
3. #43 Eric McIntosh
4. #8 Barry Stefaniuk
5. #42 Nicole Sheetka

Heat B:
1. #63 Kevin McLaggen
2. #28 Brennen Forseille
3. #66 Wayne Osbourne
4. #18x Bill Zubrecki
5. #11 Spencer Jorgenson

Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100 (laps):
1. #81 Curtis Houben, 76
2. #63 Kevin McLaggen, 76
3. #18 Mike Rea, 76
4. #1 Scott Barrand, 76
5. #28 Brennen Forseille, 76
6. #43 Eric McIntosh, 76
7. #22 Greg Vangool, 76
8. #42 Nicole Sheetka, 76
9. #8 Barry Stefaniuk, 76
10. #3D Mike Dionne, 76
11. #3 Craig Katelnikoff, 53
12. #66 Wayne Osbourne, 50
13. #11 Spencer Jorgenson, 25
14. #18 Bill Zubrecki, DNS

Martensville A&W Valley Street Stock 100 Race Stats:
Race time – on track: 67 minutes, 15 seconds Green Flag at 7:54pm, Caution/Checkered Flag at 8:55pm Three Race Leaders – 28, 63 and 81 Three Lead Changes – #28 led laps 1-11, #63 led laps 12-43 and #81 led laps 43-76 (finish) Cautions in laps 25, 27, 53, 53, 67 and 76
1 competition caution in lap 50
0 Caution laps counted, 28 not counted