OFC Set To Play Ball

After hearing from some high level executives within  the Prarie Football Conference that the Ontario Football Conference would not be participating in the 2014 campaign the league has issued a statement.

This did not come from the CJFL website nor any of the member teams but rather the ofcfootball.com website.

As many may have noticed, the OFC has released the 2014 Schedule for the Junior division. Like other seasons, this one promises to be an exciting one with rivalry games and tough challenges ahead. With a rematch of the OFC Championship game between the Hamilton Hurricanes and the Windsor AKO Fratmen happening early on in Week 2. This season should be a nail biter right up until the championship weekend.

With the age increase this season, more talent will be on the field, allowing any team to make it to that prestigious final game.

If you have seen the schedule for this season, you will notice one team is missing from last years group of eight teams.

This season, the St. Leonards Cougars have unfortunately pulled out of the league leaving only seven teams in the OFC this season. This means more bye weeks for the teams remaining and no long haul bus trips to Montreal in 2014.

The season still promises to be an exciting one, especially with the age limit change. This change is allowing players age 23 and 24, the opportunity to continually play the sport they love.

Good luck to all teams this season.

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