More of Dis N’ Dat To Wrap Up The Week

Exhale… It’s warmer and it’s Friday.

So here’s a look at some of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat to wrap up the week.

We’ll start with some hockey and the Western Hockey League’s trade deadline will come and go this afternoon. Already 21 trades have been completed by the 22 teams since Christmas. It is going to be interesting to see where the chips land later today. Also of interest of me is the number of draft picks that may change hands. One respected executive told me that teams trade their bantam picks like candy. For example in the last two years 229 picks have exchanged hands. Prior to that from 2009-2011 141 picks were traded. There are some VERY interesting numbers within those deals that I will share next week.

Staying with the WHL and am I the only one that thinks that it is weak of the league to allow a trade earlier this week that saw the Portland WInterhawks obtain a first round draft choice? The sanctions handed to the Winterhawks last season forbid them from participating in the first round of the bantam draft until 2018. One calendar year later and the Hawks have made a deal to get back into the top 22 picks. It seems that should there be a high end prospect returning from American college coincidentally or not their WHL rights seem to be owned by Portland. With that great foresight it shouldn’t be long for Portland to recoup all of their picks for prospects that have never played in the league before.

More hockey and I have sat back listening to the criticism of Hockey Canada and the performance of our team at the World Junior Championships. Everything is being debated from the way the team was selected to the quality of hockey in the country. My two thoughts; 1 – Canada sent the youngest team that we ever have to the event. The conspiracy theorist in me says the team who has double-digit players eligible to return next year should be primed for a good run in Toronto-Montreal. I’m not saying that Canada went into Sweden with the idea that they were building for next year. However, a strong team in those buildings that hold 20,000+ will definitely be a big boost to tournament attendance and financially for the Hockey Canada coffers. 2 – have you noticed that Canadian Hockey is migrating away from a team concept to a more individualistic game? When the going got tough against the Fins in the Semi-Final the Canadian’s team game got going with individuals attempting to thwart Finland’s team defence. Much is made about the “exceptional player” status that is granted to some players. I don’t think there is any doubting their talent, however do they possess the maturity and mental ability to complete with players two or three years older than they are? Additionally doesn’t the term exceptional player lead to more individuality?

To football and it appears as though I may need to eat my words. I have stated very openly and publicly that I believe Weston Dressler will be wearing Rider green next season. However, the admission by the Riders that Dressler is working out for NFL teams and the fact that he has not been on the team’s Grey Cup tour seem to me to be pretty sure signs that he will at least not start the season with the Riders.

More CFL news and the happiest team this week perhaps is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The embattled team should be smiling ear to ear with the news out of Hamilton that the Tiger Cats and Henry Burris have yet to have any contract talks. The Bombers are desperate for a quarterback after being unable to obtain one through the Ottawa expansion draft process. The possibility of Burris hitting the open market may be a glimmer of hope for the squad in the Manitoba capital.

More CFL and the Ottawa REDBLACKS are using the hashtag RNation in their tweets. Does it infringe on Rider Nation? I’m not sure but you know that after not being allowed to use the Rough Rider nickname Ottawa is going to do everything that they can to draw on that heritage.

Well that’s it for this week..

Enjoy the Day!



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