Laycock Wins: Brock Loses it!

Saskatoon’s Steve Laycock is headed back to the Tim Horton’s Brier.

Laycock’s Nutana foursome upset the defending champion and top seeded Brock Virtue quartet 7-6 in yesterday’s final. This after escaping the semi-final.

Early Sunday morning Laycock traded shots with Langenburg’s Jeff Hartung and ended up in an extra end. In the 11th without hammer Laycock forced Hartung into a last shot take out for the win. However, the rock would flash giving Laycock the steal of two and an 8-6 victory moving him to the final where he would play Regina’s Brock Virtue.

In the final, Laycock won the coin toss for rock selection while Virtue was closest to the button to claim the hammer in the opening end. In that end the teams traded shots eventually blanking the first.

In the second end, the teams once again traded shots and looked to be on their way to a blank, however, with his final rock Laycock put it in a tricky spot that caused Virtue to hit it on the nose and stay in the rings to take a 1-nothing lead.

To the third where Laycock with complete a hit and stick for three with his final rock to take a 3-1 lead. In the fourth Virtue with a number of rocks in play would have a wide open draw of his own for his deuce to knot the contest up.

In the fifth end Laycock would once again have a delicate hit and stick to score and he would do just that to take a 5-3 lead at the break.

To the sixth end where Laycock would once again put the pressure on the defending champ forcing Virtue to hit and stick with his final stone. A hair too much ice would cost Virtue as he rolled out giving up a steal of one and handing Laycock a 6-3 advantage.

The Nutana skip would keep the pressure on in seven forcing Virtue into a triple take out. The shooter, though, would spill out leading to a blank end.

Tankard 3The eighth end was when the fireworks began. Laycock with his final stone executed a perfect freeze to force Virtue to draw to the four-foot to prevent the steal. Brock, would pull the string on the draw attempt not only coming up short of the four-foot but also short of the house. In frustration Virtue fired his broom behind him almost taking out a television camera-person. HIs frustration continued to bubble as he made his way to the home end of the arena slamming his broom a number of times. After his third or fourth chop at the ice he was issued a verbal warning from one of the officials which seconds later lead Virtue to Break his broom. The same official then pointed to the dressing room ejecting Virtue from the game which brought another commotion from under the stands as Virtue left the playing surface.

After the fireworks Laycock was up 7-3 after 8 ends and Brock Virtue’s team had the hammer and only three players on the pebbled ice. Playing it safe Laycock allowed Virtue’s team now skipped by Braeden Moskowy to score two in nine to make the score 7-5.

Tankard 2In the tenth end Laycock’s foursome did their best to keep it clean and with two Virtue stones sitting in the four-foot Laycock removed one with his final stone to give up a steal of one but capture the 7-6 win and his first Tankard Championship as a skip.

You can hear Laycock’s comments below following the win:|titles=Steve
  1. Steve Laycock —

Steve Laycock, Kirk Muyres, Colton Flasch, Dallan Muyres, and Coach Lyle Muyres will now represent Saskatchewan at the Tim Horton’s Brier in Kamloops, BC.

It will be Laycock’s fourth trip to the event. Previously he played lead on two occasions for Pat Simmons and once called the game and threw third stones while Simmons threw last rocks.

Tankard 4On a personal note I once again had the pleasure to be a part of the Max TV Local On Demand Broadcast and I tip my hat to the dedicated crew who delivered a professional and slick broadcast to the province. Despite my attempt to side-track the process.

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