It’s Friday… More Of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat

Here we go with a look back at the week that was with some random observations in Dave’s Dis N’ Dat!

Start with a very serious subject and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kootenay Ice forward Steve Bozon who is battling meningitis in a Saskatoon hospital. It really makes you think as we keep him in our minds.

To the NHL and is Mike Gillis worst GM in the league? He had two world-class goaltenders a year ago. Now he has none and nothing to show for either of his assets that were under contract.

You also have to think that the New York Islanders’ Garth Snow is in the running. His excuse in losing more players is that he hasn’t been able to convince pending UFA’s to stay on the island. The better argument should be that he has to invest in players that he holds the trump card on, (i.e. RFA’s) which he hasn’t done.

Also making a case to be in the running is Edmonton’s Craig MacTavish. MacT has to hold his cards closer to his vest. When he took over from Steve Tambellini in the Alberta capital he promised bold moves. If I’m a competing GM do you think I am not going to try to give him every opportunity to make that bold move and perhaps try to have him over-pay with one of his young guns? Additionally, he tells the media that he is hoping to obtain third and fourth round picks on deadline day. Do you think he was going to be offered anything but? Come on Craig!

On the flip side of the coin who is the best GM? Steve Yzerman you would have to think rates up there with his handling of Martin St. Louis after he was put in a tough spot as GM of Team Canada. Also in consideration has to be; Ken Holland in Detroit, and Pittsburgh’s Ray Shero who doesn’t get the credit that he deserves because of his ability to draft Evgenie Malkin and Sidney Crosby in back-to-back drafts, the latter pick which he won in a lottery of all 30 teams after the NHL’s lost season.

Question marks, Where does Brian Burke fit in? You can’t argue the sustained success that Anaheim has had since he was with them, prior to that he did a lot of work assembling a team in Vancouver that Mike Gillis is slowly tearing apart. The moderate success in Leaf Land also has his finger prints on it but a lot of his legacy may be dependent on what happens in Calgary.

Last GM question and where does Winnipeg’s Kevin Cheveldayoff fit in. To be truthful he hasn’t done a lot since taking over as the boss of the Jets except for a coaching change this season that may have saved his job. However, the “just happy to be here attitude” in Winnipeg may not have a lot of life left therefore he may need to make a splash sooner than later.

Staying in Winnipeg, kind of. This was the week that former Bomber Quarterback Buck Pierce announced his retirement from the game. Buck’s health has been a major concern since he arrived in Winnipeg. However, when healthy in his 8 seasons there was no doubting his effectiveness. One can only wonder what might have been.

One more on Quarterbacks and the evelation that Kevin Glenn wants out of Ottawa should be of no surprise. Glenn is a competitor and wants to play. The only problem is the REDBLACKS hold the trump card and don’t have to oblige him and there is no way that they are going to get much for him through a deal. This could be the last we see of Glenn, which is a shame.

To the big smoke and the Toronto Blue Jays are apparently considering manipulating the roof at Rogers Centre to coincide with game situations as opposed to weather conditions. There was a definite change in the fortunes of R.A. Dickey’s knuckle-ball when the roof was opened as opposed to close. As a fan I am all for gaining every competitive advantage that you can. The fickle fans in T.O. and MLB may not be on board.

Staying in Toronto where a massive renovation plan for BMO Field, the home of the MLS’s Toronto F-C, appears to be in place. This is the third major renovation for the facility since it opened in 2007. This time around they are planning to add more seats and bring in a hybrid grass/turf field. Some say this may pave the way for a new home for the Toronto Argonauts. Nowhere in the plan though do I see anything to expand the field itself which at present would not be big enough to house a CFL field.

More football news out of Toronto and the Buffalo Bills have decided to “postpone” their 2014 foray into Rogers Centre. Some felt that the multi-year deal between Rogers and the Bills to host an annual regular season game would be the end of the CFL in Canada’s largest city. That obviously is not the case as what started as a lottery for tickets to the games has turned into an attempt to give the tickets away which still didn’t fill the building.

Back to the ice and the Legends Centre in Warman is an absolute thing of beauty! I had an opportunity to see the new rink first hand this week and it is great! The city north of Saskatoon should be very proud. Too bad it won’t be home to an SJHL team as that would be a major coup, in my opinion, for the community.

Staying with the SJHL and, while I still need the three conference play-off system explained to me, the absolute worst case scenario has developed within their flawed system. First the regular season that only eliminates two teams from the post season has lost substance which allows fans to wait for the post-season to come out to see meaningful hockey. Meantime, the system that allows teams to float into the play-offs will feature a first-round-survivor-series match-up between Estevan and Flin Flon, the largest geographical distance to travel for any two teams. I know the Prince George Cougars are laughing but in a league where distance travelled costs big bucks this is a huge deal for the loop. Watch for changes next year.

Lastly on the pebbled ice, where Steven Laycock may not make it to the play-offs at the Brier I do have to say that I love the compete his team has shown. Giving up a four-ender to Ontario yesterday could very easily have spelt the end for most teams. However, Laycock’s group rebounded and came back for a win. Here’s to cheering for Green in Kamloops!

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