IT’S FRIDAY… Here’s Some of Dave’s Dis N’ Dat To Start The Weekend!

What a week it was in the world of sports from game sevens in hockey to the CFL draft and some impressive names being connected to the Saskatoon Blades… Here’s my take as we enjoy the long weekend…

Point one, the price of gas shot up this week prior to the long weekend. Just like every other long weekend but this gouging is becoming ridiculous. I have said it before and I will say it again; The first politician that announces that they will take on the price fixing at the pump gets my vote and support. Come on!

I’ll Take a Double-Double For the Extra Point: Alright now to the world of sports and if you have not taken it in or did not, why not? The Friends of the Bowl campaign’s Downton Blitz is on today. You can see all the details in the post bellow. However, this is a generational opportunity to have a long-lasting facility for our kids to take advantage of which will already add to the history of Gordie Howe Bowl.

What’s In A Name? In addition to all of the improvements a name change for the Bowl is most certainly on the horizon in order to maximize sponsorship dollars for the upgrades. My question is why all of a sudden the park is being referred to as Gordon Howe Park as opposed to Gordie Howe Park? Just asking.

$$$$$$$: Talks will continue today between the CFL and the players as they attempt to avoid a work stoppage and hammer out a new contract. The sticking point is revenue sharing. The players look at the new TV deal that is more than double what teams have received in the past and want a piece of that pie. The teams who are not making a lot of money especially in Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and B.C. are reluctant to tie player salaries to revenues as opposed to net earnings. Hopefully both sides can get together soon, despite the seemingly general consensus of most that training camps and preseason games will be cut short.

Careful Not To Bite The Hand That Feeds You: Since it was announced that Ottawa was returning to the CFL most observers are wondering if and when a 10th team could become a reality through expansion. What both sides hopefully consider is that with guaranteed money through the TV deal and growing attendance numbers, thanks to new buildings, there truly is a chance for the CFL franchise model to become a profitable one. AND if that’s the case more potential owners won’t be far behind. MEANING that expansion would become a reality a lot sooner. WHICH ALSO MEANS that there will be more jobs for the CFLPA and growing revenues which also will increase salarys. BOTTOM LINE is that this negotiation could tremendously impact the future growth and expansion of the league.

Dogs Bitten At The CFL Draft: Some in Saskatoon are crying foul that no University of Saskatchewan players were selected in the entry draft. Is there talent on the Dogs roster? Absolutely! The question is are they pro ready, which to be honest I’m not sure of. One more season of BT’s tutelage and I’m sure you will see some names called in 2015.

The Name Game: With more and more teams season’s ending the names are starting to fly fast and furious when it comes to the Saskatoon Blades and their new General Manager and Head Coach. There are some impressive candidates from what I have heard, all with impressive resumes. Some with NHL experience others with a winning pedigree in the WHL. The timeline hasn’t been nailed down by the organization, however, look for an announcement the first week of June.

Quality Gets You Quality: It kind of slipped under the radar last week but the Saskatoon Blades promoted Mike Scissons to Vice President of Business Operations. When it comes to bleeding blue Mike is your guy. He protects the integrity of the Blades name like no one I have ever seen. Additionally, his connection with the community and support of community programming through the Blades is exceptional. Perhaps most impressive is that he does it all with a smile and his trademark laugh! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy and I’m sure the Blades will be rewarded ten-fold for their faith in his ability.

Not Such A Good Guy? Milan Lucic is being hammered by some in the media for his “threat” of Dale Weise in the handshake line following the Habs game 7 win over Lucic’s Bruins. I don’t think that it was the time or place for his actions, however, I love the emotion. In my estimation there isn’t a lot to get excited about during the NHL regular season. There is very little emotion and let’s face it guys take nights off. (That is why I love junior hockey as its 110% every night or it could really hurt you.) All that being said I bet there will be a lot more intrigue everytime the Bruins and Habs hook up (more than there already is) and that’s what he league needs more of. Animosity, intriguing match-ups, etc.

A Horrible Guy: OK Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has millions of dollars. Could he not spend some of it on competent communications people? Someone needs to tell the man banned for life from the NBA for being racist to just be quiet. He was on Anderson Cooper 360 this week and Wow. You can see it here. Wow!!!!

That’s it for today. Enjoy the LONG weekend and fingers crossed that the CFL and CFLPA make some strides towards a deal!


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