It’s a Top 10 Tuesday Full of Questions:

Well there are a lot of questions that I have from the world of sports over the past seven days. I will ask and maybe take a stab at answering them.

Feel free to share your thoughts! As always, here are my thoughts in no particular order.

10 – When will the Saskatchewan Roughrider offence begin to click? There is no doubt that the passing game needs to improve if the Riders want any long term success. However, if you are running the ball for on average better than seven yards per carry the passing game can take time to develop. I have faith in George Cortez’s schemes and I’m sure that he can get the air game going.

9 – What should the Riders do with Taj Smith? As of right now his fate has not been decided by a judge/jury so it is wrong to convict him. He did though, make a selfish decision while on the road in Ottawa. That decision has already been punished by not just missing a game but also by missing a pay cheque. One thing that is for sure the Riders need to address this once and for all one way or the other.

8 – What is next in Montreal? Yesterday the coaching staff was shuffled as consultants moved into coaching roles and reports of a change under centre. I will be honest I was shocked when Tom Higgins call the first half of their game against Edmonton the best of Troy Smith’s time in the CFL! Higgins seems to have tied his wagon to Smith and they will either sink or swim together. I put my money on the prior.

7 – Is it Tebo Time in Montreal? Don’t forget the Montreal Alouettes do have his negotiating rights. A number of respected people don’t believe that he has the tools to get the job done north of the border. With that being said he could at least create a buzz in the city as there were a number of fans dressed as empty seats last week at Molson Stadium.

6 – Who has the best one-two QB situation in the CFL? Stay tuned for the View From The Sidelines as we are going to kick this one around. I don’t think that there is any doubt that B-C with Kevin Glenn and Travis Lulay have the most experienced and perhaps best starter/back-up compliment in the CFL. Next though it’s interesting with Calgary (Mitchell/Tate), Hamilton (Collaros/Lefevour), and Edmonton (Reilly, Nichols) all having interesting dynamics.

5 – What about the Riders? I’m not sure that Tino Sunseri is the answer behind Darian Durant in Riderville. Suneri, thus far this season, 3 of 7 for 36 yards in limited playing time. He has not looked comfortable through pre-season or even camp which is worrisome. Interesting enough if Troy Smith were to become available from Montreal I think the Riders would be doing due diligence to take a look at him.

4 – We’re Halfway There? Jon Bon Jovi’s group is apparently a finalist to bring the Buffalo Bills to Toronto. I’m not sold that moving the team can or will happen but a question within an answer, where are they going to play? Rogers is making Rogers Centre a baseball only facility for the Blue Jays with grass to be installed in the next couple of years. Your guess is as good as mine.

3 – Does the CFL need Toronto to be successful? Financially no as the team doesn’t make money but to the advertiser the Southern Ontario market is a huge audience to reach! While, the argument could be made that they are not tuning into games anyway the reality is that the ability to reach that audience is what advertisers will buy on.

2 – Should the CFL eliminate their divisional play-off format? Up until last week I would have completely agreed with this Western Canadian philosophy. Basically one very good western team is going to miss the play-offs this season as two eastern teams are guaranteed play-off spots under the current format. No I don’t think that’s right but if you were to remove all but one east division team from the post season you would have a very small scope when attracting an audience for the play-offs. If there is no games being played in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Montreal there will be no interest in those centres or the eastern part of the country. Viewership suffers, fan loyalty suffers, and the league’s financial foundation will suffer. Long story short, the current system does not lend itself to having the most competitive games on the field but it does ensure a level playing field for fans across the country.

1 – Can we move on from Tiger? I think that it is time to face facts and Tiger Woods is not nor will he ever be the player or athlete that he once was. Physically his back is a huge concern while mentally he no longer has the edge that he once did on the field. Tiger had a great run but the field has caught up and overtaken him. Does that mean he’ll never win again, no. It does mean that it’s time to feature the other athletes that have taken over the sport and are consistently a threat to be great!

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