Huskie Head Coached Benched For Important Weekend Series

The University of Saskatchewan has suspended Men’s Hockey Head Coach Dave Adolph after the use of a homophobic slur.

The suspension means that the Adolph will miss the team’s meeting with undefeated Calgary this weekend at Credit Union Centre.

Adolph is taking full responsibility for his comments and issued this statement:

We live in a world where social media, emails all the interaction that goes on is a pretty public place right now and professional discretion is absolutely paramount to anyone’s success in the workplace.I’m going to serve a two game suspension on Friday and Saturday handed out by the University of Saskatchewan. This suspension stems from comments I made in a private email to my team, a private loop of emails that were going around and have been going around for quite a while which I’m a participant. The words chosen in my email were inappropriate and unprofessional comments using a homophobic slang this language, and the hockey slang which we use periodically in our sport needs to be changed and the hockey culture needs to revamp itself in a lot of the words that are being used. You Can Play and LGBT groups are very near and dear to me I’ve been an outspoken supportive person with them for a long time and I’m a hypocrite for some ways because I got involved in the hockey culture and the banter and for that I’m truly apologetic and I’m sorry to all those who I might have offended and I’m going to do everything in my power to get in front of this and be the leader I think I am”

Adolph will be eligible to return to the Dogs bench when they head to Vancouver next weekend to take on UBC.


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