Huskie Handbook: Saskatchewan vs. Alberta

Saskatchewan (4-3 – 3rd) vs. Calgary Dinos (5-1 2st)

WHEN: Saturday Oct. 28/16, 7pm
WHERE: Griffiths Stadium
PREGAME: 6pm on CJWW from the Rally Alley
FORECAST:  Cloudy Wind NW 9-17 km/h. Temperature Steady at +3.

HUSKIES in 2015: 3-5, Home 2-2 – 2016 4-3, Home 2-1
BEARS in 2015: 2-6, Home 1-3 – 2016 1-6, Road 0-3

HEAD to HEAD in 2016:            Sept. 9, 2016 – Saskatchewan 29 – Alberta 17( at Edmonton)

HEAD to HEAD in 2015:            Sept. 11/15 – Bears 38 – Huskies 26


Huskies OFFENSE: Points 5 (213) RUSH 4 (148 YPG) PASS 5 (276.9 YPG) OVERALL 5 (424.9 YPG)

There is little doubt the impact that the return of injured receiver Mitch Hillis has had on the offence. However, it is much more than just his return. The offensive line has gotten healthy, other receivers are starting to find ways to get open and make plays AND Tyler Chow does not allow opposing defenses to make the Huskies single-faceted. The group is rolling and will need to continue to do so heading into the post season.

BEARS OFFENSE: Points 6 (146) RUSH 2 (183.7 YPG) PASS 6 (233.4 YPG) OVERALL 6 (417.1 YPG)

A look at the Bears offensive numbers show their reliance on the running game. The Bears dare you to load up the box, however, their inability to stretch the field through the air when the opposition has done that has been their detriment. The Bears will be looking to establish a ground game with a running back or their quarterback in order to open up the pass.

Huskies DEFENSE: Points 2 (196) Yds Allowed 3 (475 YPD), Pass 4 (331.7 YPG), Run 2 (143.3 YPG)

The defense has been overshadowed, perhaps, by the offences success the past two weeks so not enough has been made of the Dogs ability to make their opponents uncomfortable. The Huskies are focusing on the oppositions strengths and neutralizing what they do well and forcing them away from their strengths. That and their ability to negate the big play is giving them an opportunity to succeed.

BEARS DEFENSE: Points 6 (307) Yds Allowed 6 (542.7 YPG), Pass 6 (336.6 YPG) Run 6 (206.1 YPG)

Like the Saskatchewan Huskies the Bears defense hopes to bend but not break. Alberta’s young players on the defensive side, though, have had problems consistently executing for a full sixty minutes. They will need to do this against a Huskie offence that is finding its stride.


Tonight is Fan Appreciation night with a number of giveaways planned for the Rally Alley. It’s also the Huskies opportunity to put them in position to host a play-off game. A Huskie win over Alberta coupled with a UBC win over Calgary tomorrow night and the Dogs will host the Dinos next Saturday afternoon.