Huskie Handbook: Saskatchewan at Regina

PHOTO: Visitor Radio Booth NEW Mosaic Stadium

Saskatchewan (2-2 – T 3rd) at Regina (3-1 T 1st)

WHEN: Saturday Oct. 1/16, 2pm
WHERE: New Mosaic Stadium – Regina
FORECAST:  Sunny. Wind SE 20. High 22.

HUSKIES in 2015: 3-5, Road 2-4 – 2016 2-2, Road 1-1
RAMS in 2015: 0-8, Home 0-4 – 2016 3-1, Home 2-0

HEAD to HEAD in 2016:            Sept. 2- Saskatchewan 41 – Regina 39 (2OT) (at Saskatoon)
Huskies OFFENSE: Points 4 (106), RUSH 3 (171.8 YPG), PASS 5 (241 YPG), OVERALL 5 (412.8 YPG)

After a strong start to the season the Huskie offence is being bogged down by mental mistakes; primarily dropped passes. The group will look to rebound against a defense that they had a lot of success against in week one.

RAMS OFFENSE: Points T1 (132), RUSH 6 (101.8 YPG), PASS 1 (428.5 YPG) OVERALL 1 (530.3 YPG)

To say the Rams offence has been rolling all season isn’t much of a stretch. BUT it is how they are doing it that’s a surprise. Most pundits agreed druing the pre-season that the Rams offence would be as good as their running game with Atlee Simon. Nothing’s been further from the truth as Simon has been banged up for most of the season but the aerial attack of the Rams has been the best in the nation. If the Rams get both facets working they are going to be tougher to stop.

Huskies DEFENSE: Points 4 (114) Yds Allowed 5 (516.5 YPD), Pass 6 (372.8 YPG), Run 2 (143.8 YPG)

The numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to the Huskies defence. Yes the Huskies have given up a lot of yards and points. However, if you were to look at the average start of the opposition and possession time, especially in the second half vs. Manitoba and the first quarter against Calgary, there is definitely some deception by the numbers. With that being said the group knows that they will have their work cut out for them against a Regina offence that has been finding ways to get the job done.

RAMS DEFENSE: Points 5 (116) Yds Allowed 6 (532.3 YPG), Pass 5 (363.8 YPG) Run 5 (168.5 YPG)

If your team scores more than the opposition than you have a pretty good chance to succeed. That may have been the case through the opening two weeks of the season. However, the Rams ‘D’ has found a nose for the ball and relentless pass rush. Both ingredients for success in Canada West football.

RAMS House:

Saturday is the first event at the NEW Mosaic Stadium. More than 16,000 fans will fill the lower bowl of the new facility, a number that the Rams hopes will set a new attendance record for a Canada West football game.