Huskie Handbook: Saskatchewan at Calgary

Saskatchewan (3-3 – T 3rd) vs. Calgary Dinos (5-1 2st)

WHEN: Saturday Oct. 22/16, 2pm
WHERE: McMahon Stadium
FORECAST:  Mainly Sunny. Wind NE 15-27. 11-degrees.

HUSKIES in 2015: 3-5, Home 2-2 – 2016 3-3, Road 1-2
DINOS in 2015: 8-0, Home 4-0  – 2016 5-1, Home 3-0

HEAD to HEAD in 2016:            Sept. 16, 2016 – Calgary 20 – Saskatchewan 19 (at Saskatoon)

HEAD to HEAD in 2015:            Nov. 7, 2015 – Calgary 37 – Saskatchewan 29 (at Calgary)
Oct. 16, 2015 – Calgary 44 – Saskatchewan 15 (at Saskatoon)
Oct. 3, 2015 – Calgary 59 – Saskatchewan 19 (at Calgary)


Huskies OFFENSE: Points 5 (175) RUSH 3 (154.2 YPG) PASS 5 (263.2 YPG) OVERALL 5 (417.3 YPG)

Nothing to Mitch about with the offence after a solid performance in week 6 against UBC!. Mitch Hillis’ return to the line-up (10 catches 175 yards) restored the Dogs swagger and gave them the big play that they have been searching for seemingly all season. They will need to continue to limit mistakes and control the line of scrimmage in Calgary if they want to end a 10 game losing streak against the Dinos.

DINOS OFFENSE: Points 1 (218) RUSH 1 (205.3 YPG) PASS 3 (333.5 YPG) OVERALL 1 (538.8 YPG)

Running away with it? Calgary’s offense has long been a quick strike big play by big play-makers style of offence. This season the Dinos have shown some extreme patience in moving the ball and taking what the defense gives you. Will they remain that patient with a possible new quarterback in Adam Sinagra under centre?

Huskies DEFENSE: Points 2 (161) Yds Allowed 4 (499.3 YPD), Pass 6 (348.7 YPG), Run 3 (150.7 YPG)

Picking their poison; After a pair of tough outings in Manitoba and Regina the Dogs defense shut down the passing attack of the Thunderbirds and forcing them out of their comfort zone. That allowed UBC some success on the ground but nothing came easy. The question now is can the Dogs replicate the performance.

DINOS DEFENSE: Points 1 (94) Yds Allowed 1 (359.3 YPG), Pass 1 (268.3 YPG) Run 1 (91.0 YPG)

A lot has been made this season about the high octane offence of the Dinos. However, the real leaders of this team are on defense. As the saying goes the offence is for show while the defense is for dough. AND the defensive group for the Dinos has quietly gone about dominating their opposition.


It’s no secret that football games are decided in the trenches and this week will be no different. Calgary and Saskatchewan boast the top pressure defensive lines in Canada West. Both teams have racked up 10 sacks a piece tied for first in the conference.


There is no doubt the momentum boost that team’s get from sudden change scores. However, Saskatchewan and Regina are the lone teams in Canada west this season not to have a defensive or Special Teams score.