GREY CUP 103: To The Point: Edmonton 26 – Ottawa 20


Not sure that I can handle the hours of pre-game coverage but James Duthie should be on the network as much as they can get him. He is outstanding!

I love the Insiders statements that TSN produces for both the NHL and CFL. However, I really think that the insiders are really trying hard on this segment. They are speculating on their speculations. Saying that Chris Jones may go to Saskatchewan and if he does Jason Maas may go to Edmonton. There are a lot of ifs and buts in that statement.

One interesting note to come out of their discussion was that Toronto will play with 17 yard end zones at BMO Field next year. What a joke! Truthfully they should just fold the Argos now and see if TSN or Bell or whomever would invest in a team in Atlantic Canada.

Can anyone tell me what Brian Williams adds to this broadcast? The league is trying to cater to a younger audience. They have to have younger hosts!

That being said Williams did grill the commissioner pretty good. Thought it was interesting how the Commish downplayed the ratings basically saying that TV was outdated. I’m sure network executives are cringing! Not to mention one of nine owners in the league.

I guess we can call it the Saskatchewan Roughriders affect. Neither team will be individually introduced before the game. The Riders blew it up prior to Grey Cup 101 when they elected to come out as a team. To me the player introductions are a cool part of the game. Too bad I guess.

Still before the kick-off and the players have been on the field for an eternity! Once they are out the show is over start the game!

Still not at kick-off and now we are doing a coach interview on the sidelines. Good idea but it is not for broadcast in the building. You probably wouldn’t get anything from the coaches anyway but now you won’t.


The game is underway and the REDBLACKS look impressive playing like they have nothing to lose. The Eskimos look off balance.

We have a shaken up REDBLACK on the field and the on-field camera is trying to get between the player and the training staff to get a close shot. Come on! That’s bush league. Get out of the injured players space.

Wrong player identified on pass interference. Well we have our first controversy, perhaps. The wrong player was announced by referee Al Bradbury (great choice!) Ottawa challenges are the player announced could not have committed the crime. Penalty is upheld, but correction made on the announcement to uphold the call. Wonder if Ottawa is charged for a wrong challenge.

Ottawa is rolling until Hank throws a duck for an INT. That’s why there is an argument that he should not be a Hall of Famer. Can’t make that mistake and give Edmonton any momentum.

Mike Reilly is running the ball like a man possessed. Hard to believe that he was almost out of football three years ago! In 2013 he was battling with Thomas DeMarco and Travis Lulay for playing time in BC and he was in tough but be came on in relief when bother were injured and hasn’t looked back since being dealt to Edmonton. There is a story for you!

Watching the show and the garbage bag look around the stadium leaves a lot to be desired.
Chris Milo’s miss on an extra-point will pull a coach’s hair out. More momentum to the Eskimos even after giving up a touchdown.


I tell you full marks to Jason Maas as he seems to have the Eskimo defence guessing.

Milo good. Redemption (Perhaps) on a long field goal. He is one of the all-time good guys just needs to find his consistency.

Late in the half a quick shot to the Edmonton bench. Can anyone tell me why Andre Proulx the back-up referee is standing beside Head Coach Chris Jones? The optics are horrible.


The laser light show on the field is nicely done!

Good performance by Fallout Boy. Just really think that it should be a Canadian Act that’s on the stage.

Great location for the show provided by Winnipeg (above the end zone). Great idea! Way better than being on the field in my opinion.


Delay to start as Ottawa isn’t out of the locker room yet. What is going on! Advantage Ottawa I say get into the Eskimos minds.

Just dawned on me that I don’t watch many REDBLACKS games. Just noticed the red plad down their side.

Henry Burris is allowing his receivers to make plays deep. OR at least draw pass interference calls as Ottawa flips the field.

On 2nd and shot Ottawa stopped by Aaron Grymes. His speed and athleticism are amazing to watch live! Dominant defensive back!

Interesting seeing Craig Dickensen on the sidelines of the Eskimos. Almost wonder if his leaving the Riders after a dispute with Corey Chamblin wasn’t perhaps a warning sign.


First scoring of the last frame is a Chris Milo punt single. Sorry for the pot shot but who would have thought he could punt the ball that far.

After a pass interference call on Ottawa and then a non-call I have no idea what pass interference is. The CFL still hasn’t figured it out. Edmonton is now forced to take a time out to avoid a time count violation. This then in turn buys them time to thrown the challenge flag. The entire challenge took 10 seconds appears the Command centre was ready for this one.

The Eskimos run out the clock and that’s that a decade without winning a Grey Cup is over and the Eskimos win.
Make the final 26-20 Edmonton


The trophy presentation was the most-awkward I have seen in years. From the technical difficulties with a microphone (which happens) to Brian Williams trying to interview the Commissioner about the game. Get on with it…

Oh, but when they did you had to chuckle to hear Williams tell the Commissioner how to make the presentation. I would have thought that part of the plan would have been rehearsed. Oops.

That all being said the best team through the season won. However, Ottawa gave them a run for their money in a well-played game. Let the off season begin!!!!!