Green Flag Flies At WGR

A pesky wind blew in a new season of racing at Wyant Group Raceway on Saturday night. An enthusiastic crowd was on hand as four divisions kicked-off their season.

The Market Tire Western Speed Association Series was the first feature on the track. The Swan Rentals 150 saw top qualifiers Kelly Admiraal and Rob Janzen volunteer to start at the back of the pack. They both were after the Propane Plus $500 come from behind incentive, a prize that Janzen said he would donate to Saskatoon’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters should he claim the prize and his fans match which they were more than willing to do.

With that in mind Admiraal and and Janzen started quickly making their way up through the pack. However, Admiraal would get caught up in traffic and a couple of collisions that would hamper his chase. Janzen on the other hand had a fast car and he made his way up through the field. While, he was doing that Trent Seidel who had the third fastest qualifying time with a time of 14.156 seconds was building a lead after passing early leader Kenny Heintz. In the end the two would battle the final few laps but in the end Seidel would hang on to take the first first checkered-flag of the season in the Super Late Model Division. Janzen would hang on to finish second while Howard Crossman would come in third.

Next up was the Tiger Automotive Pro-Truck Feature race. As always, there was bumping and banging throughout the night with Brennan Kirton posting the fastest qualifying time of the evening at 15.691 seconds. However, that didn’t materialize into success for the rest of the night. Shantel Kalika, who was third in qualifying, would take the Pro Truck Heat race while Aaron Anderson who tweaked his truck after time trials took the qualifier. In the Feature you couldn’t afford to look away as there was action all over the track “Mad-Cat” Alex Leschenko started fast and pushed the pace early with both Anderson and Kalika climbing through the field. Leschenko wouldn’t be able to hold on this night as he would surrender the lead to Anderson late in the race and the number 19 truck would go on to a hard fought victory on night number one.

Next up was the Law Enforcement Guardians Bandolero Feature. The youngsters put on a show all night with some bent bumpers and big smiles. In the Heat race the number 93 of Ryley Schneider, who was the fastest on the track in time trials with a time of 19.90 seconds took the checkered flag. However, in the qualifier race he was unable to catch Lachlyn Anderson who drove her number 10 effortlessly to a win. In the feature Schneider stormed out of the gates early going high on the field and moving close to the front of the pack. With the 14 of Ty Stewart in his sights Schneider would guide his car around the track smoothly and efficiently eventually overtaking the final few cars in front of him and then hanging on the final handful of laps to take his first feature checkered flag of 2017.

The night would end with the Shell V-Power Sportsman feature. The guys and gals in this group were fast and the pressed hard all night. Neil Schneider in his #93 CJWW Burco Electrical Contractors Camaro came out flying with the fastest qualifying time of 15.480 seconds narrowly beating out Kerry Neufeld and Kirk Senger. That meant the 93 car would start at the back of the pack. When the green flag dropped it was all systems go and the drivers pushed their equipment to the max. With some bumps along the way the 28 car of Cale Siemens would jump to the front of the pack. With Schneider meticulously working his way through the field Siemens was able to work his way through slower traffic and maintain his lead through caution. In the end Siemens car was too quick to be caught and Schneider would run out of race to finish third.

Night number two of racing at Wyant Group Raceway is Friday night when the Mini-Stock, Street-Stock, Pro Trucks and Legends will be on the track. Green flag flies at 7pm.


Here is the full recap courtesy Richard Woodvine:

Wyant Group Raceway

Results for Saturday, May 27, 2017

Market Tire Western Speed Association SLM  Series – Swan Rentals 150


It’s never easy getting a race car ready for a new season.  Race teams are procrastinators.  Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

For this reason race tracks usually sneak their way into a new season.

Light schedules so teams can tweak their cars. Give drivers who double as farmers a chance to finish up their seeding.


Not 2017.  This year the Wyant Group Raceway jumped right into the race season with both feet, testing the track to its limits with a super late model series race.  Follow this up with Sportsman cars, Pro Trucks and Bandoleros and you immediately see that great racing you’ve been craving all winter.


Race fans responded.  It was a breezy (when isn’t it breezy in

Saskatchewan) but cozy Saturday which brought out a good crowd to witness some great racing.  Race teams from across Saskatchewan and Alberta were anxious to get a new season under way.


Many will recognize the Western Speed Association name from Bridge City Speedway.  The name was resurrected for the super late model series when a deal was reached between Saskatoon and Edmonton which will see two series races at the Edmonton International Raceway in addition to the four at Wyant Group Raceway in Saskatoon.


Day one at Wyant Group Raceway got off to a bit of a shaky start.  Two sportsman cars were lost in practice.  Shane James, making the jump from street stock to sportsman lost a right front tire taking him into the wall coming out of corner two.  Also in the sportsman division, Craig Katelnikoff packed up after practice due to engine issues.


At the start of the season all cars run time trials to set up their starting grid.  Lachlyn Anderson was fast qualifier in the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero division, turning a lap in 19.469 seconds.  In the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, Brennan Kirton was fastest at 15.718 seconds.  In the Shell V-Power Sportsman Division, Neil Schneider put down the quick lap at 15.480 seconds.


In the Market Tire Western Speed Association Super Late Model time trials, where there is cash on the line and the opportunity to make more cash, Kelly Admiraal picked up top spot at 14.058 seconds and Rob Janzen was second at 14.061 seconds (that’s three one-thousands of a second difference).


Both Kelly and Rob would take up the Propane Plus Automotive Challenge and start the Swan Rentals 150 feature race from the rear of the field, picking up an extra $500 if they win the race.


In the Western Speed Association heat races, the #10 of Kevin Dyck picked up the first checkered flag of the season in the odd (from time

trials) heat race and #15 of Andrew Hardy took the even (from time

trials) heat win.


In the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandoleros, #93 Ryley Schneider took the caution filled heat race, with #10 Lachlyn Anderson picked up the qualifier race win.  The feature was a battle to the end, with Ryley Schneider taking home the first feature flag in his #93 AGI Insurance Bandolero. Ty Stewart was second in the #14 Country Style BBQ Bandolero and #10 Lachlyn Anderson was third in her C&F Installations Bandolero.


In the Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks, it was clear last year’s  battle between Aaron Anderson, Alex Leschenko and Shantel Kalika continues.

Brennan Kirton and Mike Dionne have shown they want to play in that front of the pack game as well, making for great racing for the fans.


#19 of Aaron Anderson picked up the first heat race win, with #49 Shantel Kalika taking the qualifier race.  Aaron and Alex battled to the end, but at the line it was the #19 Ens Toyota Tundra of Aaron Anderson taking home the feature flag, followed across by the #1 Family Pizza

F150 of Alex Leschenko.  Shantel Kalika was third in the #49 OK Tire and Auto Service Dodge Ram.


Kerry Neufeld started his Sportsman career off right taking the first heat win.  #33 Ryan Thompson started his year off right as well, taking the qualifier race.  Defending Champion Cale Siemens took the first Shell V-Power feature in the #28 Luck Bastard Distillers Chevy.  Ben Busch was second in the #49 Northern Lights Casino Monte Carlo and Neil Schneider was third in his #93 Burco Electrical Contractor Camaro.



With 17 cars hitting the track in the Swan Rentals 150, the drivers in the Market Tire Western Speed Association Super Late Model Series showed they may be a little too anxious to win.  The race saw eight cautions, though no heavy damage to any cars.  Only the #1 of Brett Taylor was knocked out of the race because he spun out in corner one in lap 63 and was clipped by PJ Kondra.  The hit wasn’t hard, but it tore up the front of the #1 enough for him to park for the evening.


The #22 of Doug Bienia pulled out in lap 49 with mechanical issues as did the #83 of Ken Bone in lap 100.  Kelly Admiraal lost a few laps with an extended pit stop while he replaced a rear axel.


The race started out with PJ Kondra on the pole, but the #62 of Kenny Heintz grabbed the lead on the first lap and hung on until the second caution in lap 25.  #38 of Dave Bone took the lead on the restart but Kenny was back in front by lap 28.


By lap 55 Jim Gaunt and Trent Seidel were tailing Heintz when caution came out in lap 59.  A strategic move in the restart, Kenny took the low line followed by Jim Gaunt.  This left the outside front row open for Seidel who would come to the restart beside Kenny Heintz.


Heintz held on for a couple of laps, but Seidel would take over the lead by lap 61 and wouldn’t look back, leading all the way to the finish.  At the end it was the Elance Steel Chevy SS of #70 Trent Seidel in first, the #17 J & A Heating & Plumbing Chevy of Rob Janzen in second and Howie Crossman in third in the #56 TG Graphics SM Inc. Impala.


Complete finishing order and stats below.


The next racing action at Wyant Group Raceway is Friday night, with the front gates open at 6:00 and the first green flag at 7:05pm.  Hitting the track Friday will be the first race of the season for the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks, the Earth Works Sask Legends and the Golf’s Car Wash Mini Stocks.  The Tiger Automotive Pro Trucks are back for their second race.


Complete Results

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Law Enforcement Guardian CrimeStoppers Bandolero Division Time Trials (seconds):

  1. #10 Lachlyn Anderson, 19.469
  2. #93 Ryley Schneider, 19.910
  3. #21 Dakota Wollf, 20.139
  4. #47 Cale Heilman, 20.271
  5. #12 Sam Howlett, 20.541
  6. #14 Ty Stewart, 21.113
  7. #8 Braxton Clewes, 21.732
  8. #11 Caiden Willey, 21.838



  1. #93 Ryley Schneider
  2. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
  3. #47 Cale Heilman
  4. #12 Sam Howlett
  5. #21 Dakota Wollf
  6. #8 Braxton Clewes
  7. #11 Caiden Willey
  8. #14 Ty Stewart



  1. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
  2. #93 Ryley Schneider
  3. #12 Sam Howlett
  4. #47 Cale Heilman
  5. #8 Braxton Clewes
  6. #21 Dakota Wollf
  7. #14 Ty Stewart
  8. #11 Caiden Willey


Law Enforcement Guardian CrimeStoppers Bandolero Feature:

  1. #93 Ryley Schneider
  2. #14 Ty Stewart
  3. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
  4. #12 Sam Howlett
  5. #47 Cale Heilman
  6. #21 Dakota Wollf
  7. #8 Braxton Clewes
  8. #11 Caiden Willey


Tiger Automotive Pro Truc  Division

Time Trials:

  1. #92 Brennan Kirton, 15.691
  2. #01 Alex Leschenko, 15.744
  3. #49 Shantel Kalika, 15.752
  4. #19 Aaron Anderson, 15.828
  5. #18 Bill Zubrecki, 15.893
  6. #10 Rob Nailsmith, 16.078
  7. #21 Kade Thompson, 16.184
  8. #14 William Stelzner, 16.431
  9. #5 Ian McLean, 16.471
  10. #3 Mike Dionne, 16.505


Heat Race:

  1. #19 Aaron Anderson
  2. #3 Mike Dionne
  3. #01 Alex Leschenko
  4. #49 Shantel Kalika
  5. #21 Kade Thompson
  6. #5 Ian McLean
  7. #14 William Stelzner
  8. #92 Brennan Kirton
  9. #18 Bill Zubrecki
  10. #10 Rob Nailsmith


Qualifier Race:

  1. #49 Shantel Kalika
  2. #01 Alex Leschenko
  3. #19 Aaron Anderson
  4. #5 Ian McLean
  5. #21 Kade Thompson
  6. #18 Bill Zubrecki
  7. #3 Mike Dionne
  8. #92 Brennan Kirton
  9. #14 William Stelzner
  10. #10 Rob Nailsmith (DNS)


Tiger Automotive Pro Truck Feature:

  1. #19 Aaron Anderson
  2. #01 Alex Leschenko
  3. #49 Shantel Kalika
  4. #92 Brennan Kirton
  5. #21 Kade Thompson
  6. #5 Ian McLean
  7. #3 Mike Dionne
  8. #18 Bill Zubrecki
  9. #14 William Stelzner
  10. #10 Rob Nailsmith


Shell V-Power Nitro Sportsman Division

Time Trials:

  1. #93 Neil Schneider, 15.480
  2. #2 Kerry Neufeld, 15.548
  3. #33 Ryan Thompson, 15.624
  4. #5 Kirk Senger, 15.646
  5. #28 Cale Siemens, 15.658
  6. #51 Matt Neufeld, 15.693
  7. #42 Nicole Sheetka, 15.813
  8. #49 Ben Busch, 15.983
  9. #27 Rick Schurmanns, 16.152
  10. #13 Chelsey Wilson, 16.536


Heat Race:

  1. #2 Kerry Neufeld
  2. #42 Nicole Sheetka
  3. #49 Ben Busch
  4. #28 Cale Siemens
  5. #27 Rick Schurmanns
  6. #5 Kirk Senger
  7. #51 Matt Neufeld
  8. #93 Neil Schneider
  9. #33 Ryan Thompson
  10. #13 Chelsey Wilson


Qualifier Race:

  1. #33 Ryan Thompson
  2. #93 Neil Schneider
  3. #49 Ben Busch
  4. #28 Cale Siemens
  5. #5 Kirk Senger
  6. #42 Nicole Sheetka
  7. #51 Matt Neufeld
  8. #2 Kerry Neufeld
  9. #27 Rick Schurmanns
  10. #13 Chelsey Wilson


Shell V-Power Nitro Sportsman Feature:

  1. #28 Cale Siemens
  2. #49 Ben Busch
  3. #93 Neil Schneider
  4. #2 Kerry Neufeld
  5. #5 Kirk Senger
  6. #51 Matt Neufeld
  7. #33 Ryan Thompson
  8. #42 Nicole Sheetka
  9. #27 Rick Schurmanns
  10. #13 Chelsey Wilson


Market Tire Western Speed Association Super Late Model Series:

Time Trials (seconds):

  1. #8K Kelly Admiraal,14.058
  2. #17 Rob Janzen, 14.061
  3. #55 Jim Gaunt, 14.121
  4. #15 Andrew Hardy, 14.140
  5. #70 Trent Seidel, 14.156
  6. #12 Matthew Shirley, 14.202
  7. #10 Kevin Dyck, 14.204
  8. #9 Ian Admiraal, 14.246
  9. #97 Jared Reddekopp, 14.295
  10. #62 Kenny Heintz, 14.311
  11. #56 Howard Crossman, 14.374
  12. #38 Dave Bone, 14.415
  13. #8 PJ Kondra, 14.494
  14. #22 Doug Bienia, 14.561
  15. #04 Tim Kammer, 14.644
  16. #1 Brett Taylor, 14.653
  17. #83, Ken Bone, No Time


Heat A:

  1. #10 Kevin Dyck
  2. #56 Howard Crossman
  3. #70 Trent Seidel
  4. #55 Jim Gaunt
  5. #97 Jared Reddekopp
  6. #04 Tim Kammer
  7. #8 PJ Kondra
  8. #8K Kelly Admiraal
  9. #83 Ken Bone


Heat B:

  1. #15 Andrew Hardy
  2. #17 Rob Janzen
  3. #1 Brett Taylor
  4. #9 Ian Admiraal
  5. #38 Dave Bone
  6. #62 Kenny Heintz
  7. #12 Matthew Shirley
  8. #22 Doug Bienia


Market Tire Western Speed Association SLM Series Feature Swan Rentals 150: (laps)

  1. #70 Trent Seidel, Saskatoon, 150
  2. #17 Rob Janzen, Saskatoon, 150
  3. #56 Howard Crossman, Saskatoon, 150
  4. #12 Matthew Shirley, Saskatoon, 150
  5. #55 Jim Gaunt, Saskatoon, 150
  6. #10 Kevin Dyck, Saskatoon, 150
  7. #38 Dave Bone, Martensville, 150
  8. #97 Jared Reddekopp, Osler, 150
  9. #8 PJ Kondra, Saskatoon, 150
  10. #04 Tim Kammer, Moose Jaw, 150
  11. #62 Kenny Heintz, Saskatoon, 150
  12. #9 Ian Admiraal, Edmonton, 149
  13. #15 Andrew Hardy, Saskatoon, 149
  14. #8K Kelly Admiraal, Edmonton, 137 (running)
  15. #83 Ken Bone, Martensville, 100 (mechanical)
  16. #1 Brett Taylor, Calgary, 63 (accident)
  17. #22 Doug Bienia, Hague, 49 (mechanical)


Swan Rentals 150 Race Stats:

Race time – on track:  1 hour, 10 minutes, 40 seconds Green Flag at 8:15pm, Checkered Flag at 9:25pm Three Race Leaders – 62, 38, 70 Three Lead Changes – #62 led lap 1 to 25, #38 led laps 26, 27, #62 led laps 28-60, and #70 led laps 61 to 150 (Finish)

8 cautions in laps 8, 25, 59, 63, 90, 104, 113 and 140

0 Caution laps counted, 46 not counted

No free pass recipients.


Richard Woodvine