Emotional Night Emotional Winner at WGR

A terrific crowd was on hand for a warm Saturday evening of hot racing at Wyant Group Raceway. Three local divisions joined the Sky Financial Super Late Model Series for some edge of your seat racing. The Sky Financial Series topped off the evening with 150 exciting laps in the Mark McGregor Memorial Dairy Queen 150.

Blake Erb piled onto his points lead in the Saskatoon Shrine Club Legends. Erb’s #21 Flaman Group 1934 Ford Coupe took the top spot in qualifying, heat race and the feature. AJ Morrison, in the #84 Mark’s Auto Body Ford Coupe picked up the qualifier race win and third in the feature. Jody Stewart picked up second in the Legends feature in his
#27 Country Style BBQ Ford Couple.

In the Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero division, #47 Cale Heilman had a great night, picking up wins in the heat and the feature. #14 Ty Stewart took the qualifier win, while the #20 of Caiden Willey and #33 of Jasmine Speidel followed Heilman across the finish in the feature.

Points leader Curtis Houben had a close call in the Golf’s Car Wash Street Stocks. He blew the transmission in his #81 RPM Camaro, putting any chance at the championship in jeopardy. However, he was able to get his replacement car in and safety tech’d before registration closed. He would have to start at the back all night as this was not the car that qualified for the starting positions, but he was only in maintenance mode of his points lead.

Mike Rea looked like he was on fire as he and his Wheaton GM Monte Carlo easily claimed the heat win. Craig Katelnikoff took the qualifier win in the #3 BDI Canada Trans Am. It was once again Mike Rea in the #18 Wheaton GM Monte Carlo taking the Golf’s Car Wash feature win, with Scott Barrand’s #1 Tailgatorz Camaro on his tail. Kevin Mclaggen’s #63 Chevelle was third.

Some familiar faces for the start at the back challenge as Jim Gaunt and Trevor Emond were once again the top qualifiers in the Sky Financial Super Late Model Series time trials. Both took the challenge and would start the Mark McGreggor Memorial Dairy Queen 150 at the rear of the field for a chance at an extra $500 should they win the race.

Trent Seidel got his first taste of victory picking up a win in the first heat race after qualifying third in time trials. Rob Janzen took the win in the second heat race, co-incidentally having timed in fourth.
Were Gaunt and Emond saving their cars for the feature?

Trent Seidel had earned the pole starting position for the feature with his heat win. But of course we don’t do things the easy way at Wyant Group Raceway and we make you earn your victories in multiple ways.
With a toss of the dice, Trent saw his pole start turn into a tenth position start and the pole handed to the #04 of Tim Kammer. #12x of Aaron Deagnon would start outside of Kammer.

The two remained side by side with Deagnon slightly ahead for lap one then Kammer in the lead on lap two when the first caution would fly after a multiple car tangle in corner two, that ended with Trevor Emond’s car sitting on top of Howie Crossman’s. Emond, Crossman, Ian Admiraal, Aaron Deagnon and Trent Seidel all sustained some form of damage from the tangle and briefly pitted, but all were able to continue.
The first restart of the night had Kammer and Kelly Admiraal side by side and Kelly easily pulled away on green, taking the lead he would hang onto until the next caution flew in lap 54 when the #8 of Andy Clewes would go around.

By lap 46 Jim Gaunt had worked his way from the back to second. The crossing at lap 50 was 8x, 55, 10, 38, 70, 04, 17x, 97, 12x, 62, 17, 88, 12, 8, 56 and 9.

That meant the restart on the lap 54 caution would see Gaunt and Admiraal side by side. At the cone, 8x went inside, 55 outside. 10 and
38 went inside, leaving the second row outside behind Gaunt to Trent Seidel.

On the restart Gaunt was able to slip out ahead, but Seidel wasn’t able to follow. At the line it was 55, 8x, 70, an order that held when the next caution flew again in lap 58, brought out by Trevor Emond.

At the cone, Jim Gaunt took the 55 inside and the 8x of Kelly Admiraal followed him, giving the outside pole to the 70 of Trent Seidel. You know Seidel is going to take advantage of this and take advantage he did. He easily slid his car out front and tucked in front of Gaunt for his first lead of the race.

Caution again in lap 87 as Jason Gervais loops the #88 around. Again it’s Trent and Jim on the front row and again Trent takes the lead.
But, the start is called back as the flagman decides Trent took off before the green flag flew. The cars were lined up in the same order they had chosen the lap earlier for a second try. Trent pulled ahead again, this time waiting for the green to drop before putting the pedal to the medal.

It was yellow lights again at lap 100 as the 56 of Howie Crossman and 12 of Matt Shirley went around. Shirley tapped out, indicating he was at fault and would have resulted in Crossman getting his position back, but Crossman pitted, negating that call.

It was Jason Gervais and Ian Admiraal bringing out the caution in lap 124. Gervais taps putting him at the back and Admiraal back into the 9th spot. It’s Seidel and Gaunt again at the front. Seidel still gets the lead but its all for not as caution flies again with the two #12 cars mixing it up.

Seidel pulls out again on green and all seems to be going well, cruising to his first feature win in three years. Three to go and the grin is probably starting on Seidel’s face when the track lights up yellow again. This time Jared Reddekopp loses a tire on the #97, spinning in corner one.

Probably the only thing worse than a green, white, checker finish is a three lap dash, where cars around you have that one extra lap to take advantage of any little mistake you make. Running order had changed now too, with Seidel still holding the lead, but now Rob Janzen was in second, Kelly Admiraal in third and Jim Gaunt had slipped to fourth.

Coming around for green it was Seidel and Janzen side by side, Kelly Admiraal and Jim Gaunt in the second row. Janzen hits the line before Seidel but he goes a little hard into corner one causing some slip.
Admiraal and Gaunt both get by with it being 70, 8x, 55 and 17 at the line. White flag comes out with the order still 70, 8x, 55 and 17.

As the cars come around for the Mark McGregor Memorial Dairy Queen 150 checkered flag, its Trent Seidel claiming the win in the #70 2016 Elance Steel Camaro. The 8x of Kelly Admiraal was second with Rob Janzen in the #17 J&A Heating and Plumbing Monte Carlo in third. Jim Gaunt was fourth and rookie #10 Kevin Dyck was fifth.

The next scheduled racing action at Wyant Group Raceway is the kickoff to the ROCK 102 Show and Shine Weekend, with racing Friday night, August 19th at 7:00pm.

Keep an eye on the media and our website though as last week’s rain out is yet to be scheduled and may go next weekend, August 11 or 12.

Complete Results
Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saskatoon Shrine Club Sask Legends Division Time Trials (seconds):
1. #21 Blake Erb, 16.357
2. #84 AJ Morrison, 16.401
3. #27 Jody Stewart, 16.523
4. #16 Stan Friesen, 16.580
5. #19 Greg Slater, 16.608
6. #20 Audra Cooper, 17.101
7. #49 Jason Hankewich, DNS

1. #21 Blake Erb
2. #84 AJ Morrison
3. #19 Greg Slater
4. #27 Jody Stewart
5. #16 Stan Friesen
6. #20 Audra Cooper
7. #49 Jason Hankewich

1. #84 AJ Morrison
2. #21 Blake Erb
3. #19 Greg Slater
4. #27 Jody Stewart
5. #16 Stan Friesen
6. #20 Audra Cooper
7. #49 Jason Hankewich

Saskatoon Shrine Club Legends Feature:
1. #21 Blake Erb
2. #27 Jody Stewart
3. #84 AJ Morrison
4. #16 Stan Friesen
5. #19 Greg Slater
6. #20 Audra Cooper
7. #49 Jason Hankewich

Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero Division Heat Race:
1. #47 Cale Heilman
2. #93 Ryley Schneider
3. #33 Jasmine Speidel
4. #18 Ashton Everitt
5. #21 Dakota Wollf
6. #14 Ty Stewart
7. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
8. #20 Caiden Willey
9. #8 Braxton Clewes
10. #1 Zoe Wilkinson-Lerat

Qualifier Race:
1. #14 Ty Stewart
2. #47 Cale Heilman
3. #20 Caiden Willey
4. #33 Jasmine Speidel
5. #18 Ashton Everitt
6. #93 Ryley Schneider
7. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
8. #8 Braxton Clewes
9. #1 Zoe Wilkinson-Lerat
10. #21 Dakota Wollf

Law Enforcement Guardian Bandolero Feature:
1. #47 Cale Heilman
2. #20 Caiden Willey
3. #33 Jasmine Speidel
4. #93 Ryley Schneider
5. #14 Ty Stewart
6. #18 Ashton Everitt
7. #21 Dakota Wollf
8. #10 Lachlyn Anderson
9. #8 Braxton Clewes
10. #1 Zoe Wilkinson-Lerat

Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Division
Heat Race:
1. #18 Mike Rea
2. #22 Ryan Fredrickson
3. #63 Kevin McLaggen
4. #90 Denny Neudorf
5. #1 Scott Barrand
6. #81 Curtis Houben
7. #3 Craig Katelnikoff

Qualifier Race:
1. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
2. #63 Kevin McLaggen
3. #1 Scott Barrand
4. #18 Mike Rea
5. #81 Curtis Houben
6. #90 Denny Neudorf
7. #22 Ryan Fredrickson

Golf’s Car Wash Street Stock Feature:
1. #18 Mike Rea
2. #1 Scott Barrand
3. #63 Kevin McLaggen
4. #22 Ryan Fredrickson
5. #81 Curtis Houben
6. #3 Craig Katelnikoff
7. #90 Denny Neudorf (Black Flag)

Sky Financial Super Late Model Series:
Time Trials (seconds):
1. #55 Jim Gaunt, 14.105
2. #17x Trevor Emond, 14.159
3. #70 Trent Seidel, 14.200
4. #17 Rob Janzen, 14.220
5. #62 Kenny Heintz, 14.292
6. #8x Kelly Admiraal, 14.295
7. #12 Matthew Shirley, 14.419
8. #97 Jared Reddekopp, 14.456
9. #88 Jason Gervais, 14.467
10. #38 Dave Bone, 14.502
11. #10 Kevin Dyck, 14.524
12. #04 Tim Kammer, 14.545
13. #56 Howard Crossman, 14.548
14. #9 Ian Admiraal, 14.620
15. #12x Aaron Deagnon, 14.742
16. #8 Andy Clewes, 14.947

Heat A:
1. #70 Trent Seidel
2. #10 Kevin Dyck
3. #55 Jim Gaunt
4. #62 Kenny Heintz
5. #12 Matthew Shirley
6. #12 Aaron Deagnon
7. #88 Jason Gervais
8. #56 Howard Crossman

Heat B:
1. #17 Rob Janzen
2. #97 Jared Reddekopp
3. #17x Trevor Emond
4. #38 Dave Bone
5. #8x Kelly Admiraal
6. #9 Ian Admiraal
7. #8 Andy Clewes

Sky Financial SLM Series Feature
Mark McGregor Memorial Dairy Queen 150: (laps) 1. #70 Trent Seidel, 150 2. #8x Kelly Admiraal, 150 3. #17 Rob Janzen, 150 4. #55 Jim Gaunt, 150 5. #10 Kevin Dyck, 150 6. #9 Ian Admiraal, 150 7. #12 Matthew Shirley, 150 8. #88 Jason Gervais, 150 9. #12x Aaron Deagnon, 150 10. #04 Tim Kammer, 150 11. #38 Dave Bone, 150 12. #97 Jared Reddekopp, 147 13. #8 Andy Clewes, 147 14. #56 Howard Crossman, 136 15. #17x Trevor Emond, 75 (accident) 16. #62 Kenny Heintz, 66 (mechanical)

Mark McGregor Memorial Dairy Queen 150 Race Stats:
Race time – on track: 1 hour, 33 minutes, 14 seconds Green Flag at 8:42pm, Checkered Flag at 10:09pm Five Race Leaders – 12x, 04, 8x, 55, 70 Four Lead Changes – #12x led lap 1, #04 led lap 2, #8x led laps 3-54,
#55 led laps 55-58, #70 led laps 59-150 (Finish)
8 cautions in laps 2, 54, 58, 87, 100, 124, 124 and 147
0 Caution laps counted, 71 not counted
LB Recipients: #12x Aaron Deagnon, #04 Tim Kammer, #97 Jared Reddekopp,
#56 Howie Crossman and #8 Andy Clewes