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Wow what a week! Here’s MY take on the week that was.

Firstly, the disappointment of the entire Saskatoon Blades organization can’t be measured. From top to bottom the organization will comb through absolutely everything in the wake of their sweep from the WHL play-offs by the Medicine Hat Tigers. The good news is they get a Mulligan on the season when they host the Memorial Cup, the bad news is that they’ll have a little better than 6 weeks to try and put things back in order.  Where to start? We’ll I’ll let you begin that analysis. Throw a comment in the section below!

Next the remake of the Saskatchewan Roughrider defense continued with the signing of Rey Williams this week. The addition of the import middle linebacker earlier this week lead to the release of Joe Lobendahn. There is no doubting the popularity of Williams in his first go around with the Riders, I do though worry that a great deal of leadership was lost in the deletion of Lobendahn. In being on the sidelines last season I was afforded the opportunity to hear some of the defensive “calls” being made by Lobendahn prior to the snap. He was a very vocal player which I believe in addition to his physical play allowed the Riders to shore up an early-season porous run defence. All that being said I still have a great deal of trust and faith in Brendan Taman and his operations staff and am more than willing to give him more than the benefit of the doubt.

Back to hockey, and I feel for the frustration of the Swift Current Broncos and their fans. After an overtime goal by Calgary’s Victor Rask was allowed despite an obvious glove pass, the Broncos remained on the ice to protest the non-call while their fans littered the ice to show their displeasure. While, neither act should be applauded I do recognize the passion that both possessed in the situation.  It was a missed call! Officials are human! Did they want to make a mistake? Of course not! However, you do have to give credit to the WHL head office for at least acknowledging that an error was made, in a release they sent out Wednesday.  Obviously there is nothing that can be done to right the wrong. At least, the league which is renowned for developing world class players has taken another step to develop world class officials. The acknowledgement didn’t throw the officials under the bus, nor did it change the outcome of the play. What it did do was recognize the error and show the league and its fans that officials are held accountable albeit normally behind closed doors.

AND Jarome Iginla is off to Pittsburgh. It was an interesting cross-section of Flames fans I came across this week. Some felt he shouldn’t get to pick where he goes (thanks to his no move clause), others believed that he perhaps should have been moved sooner when the return for the captain could have been greater, still others believe the Flames still have a shot at making the play-offs this season.  In the end an Iginla deal could/should spark an entire makeover of the Calgary Flames organization. From a floundering AHL affiliate in Abbotsford to some questionable free agent signings there is a lot of work to be done. Perhaps the biggest questions are will there makeover be quicker than that in Edmonton AND will Calgary fans have the patience to see through a rebuild…

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