Dave’s Dis N’ Dat With Some Wishes To Wrap Up The Week:

After a shortened week due to an ugly flu bug here is a look back at the week that was in sports.

Overdue Congratulations:
For the 16th time since 1977 the Saskatoon Hilltops are tops in the Prairie Football Conference thanks to a 27-7 win over the Calgary Colts last Sunday at Saskatoon Minor Football Field. Full marks to the players and coaches for playing their best game of the year to date in capturing the championship. Next stop for the team is in Langley next week for the Canadian Bowl, a rematch of the 2012 game.

More Championships:
The post-season continues meanwhile for High School football teams in the city. No matter where your affiliation lies one thing is for sure. Isn’t it neat to actually see yard lines on the field at the Bowl at this time of year? Additionally, the safe surface is an achievement that the Friends Of The Bowl Campaign should be very proud of.

Now A Wish:
The push is on to finish the project at Saskatoon Minor Football Field at Gordon Howe Park in time for next spring! That push, hopefully, will be aided by the provincial government and a $1.5-million contribution to the project. The numbers are staggering, since the field re-opened in the first week of September over 280 football games with over 3,000 athletes have been on the surface OR 600 hours of football have been played which is more than triple the hours that the grass field used to accommodate in an entire season. The final step is finishing the club house facility to truly complete the makeover. Call an MLA, send an e-mail, let’s get this thing done!

Quiet Confidence:
To the Roughriders and news as can be expected is slow this week with the team on a bye week. I had an opportunity to have lunch with Weston Dressler, Tyrone Brackenridge, and Tino Sunseri on Monday and there is no panic within the Rider locker room. The boys definitely would love to see Darian Durant back in time for the play-offs if not the season finale next Saturday against Edmonton. If that doesn’t happen they also have confidence in Kerry Joseph. Seeing that and listening to what they were saying made me feel a lot better about their chances.

Meantime the CFL has been anything but quiet this week! The League came down hard fining Hamilton owner Bob Young $10,000 for comments that he made about the officiating. He’s a smart guy in more ways than one. The owner who has been hamstrung by government for his new stadium is deflecting criticism away from his young team that lost a big game in Toronto on the weekend that could have propelled them to the playoffs. Good move Bob to give his club a break even if it cost him $10,000 to do it.

Up in Smoke?
In Toronto, General Manager Jim Barker was fined and banned from the sidelines for the rest of the season for standing on the goal line and talking to an official right before the snap of the ball. Believe it or not he isn’t the worst offender that I have seen on the sidelines. Watch the Calgary Stampeders coaching staff who to be politically correct are stretching the bounds of the players box which is between the 45 yard lines.

Giant Dynasty:
Well for the third time in five years that San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champions. The Giants topped KC in a dramatic 3-2 game seven win on Wednesday. Full marks to the club but I truly wish the Royals had found a way to win with one of the smallest payrolls in all of baseball!

Giant Oooops:
I am still smiling at Chevrolet’s Rick Wildee who presented the Most Valuable Player award. The poor guy was nervous beyond belief. Hear it here:
I have to get one of those trucks with modern technology and stuff.

Tweet Of The Week:
This week’s award goes to TSN’s Dave Hodge. The veteran broadcaster had this to say after the Giants win, “Hard to beat the Giants’ winning formula: Get a lead and turn it over to the closer for the final 15 outs.”

Giant Irony:
Apparently voting is now well underway for baseball’s Gibby Awards. How much pull does Jays manager John Gibson have? Truthfully I’m not sure that Jays fans will be sold on their team without a change of the skipper. The question is whether or not they will show that displeasure by not buying tickets?

On The Ice:
I’m truly impressed with the Saskatoon Blades. I was one of those people on the fence at the start of the season unsure about what we were going to see on the ice this year. I have been pleasantly surprised with their dedication to the game plan and overall complete level. The skill level has improved and the team is fun to watch. Head out and check it out!

Off The Ice:
Get well Mr. Hockey! I have had the opportunity to meet Gordie Howe on a couple of occasions and sincerely wish him all the best. The things that man has seen in his life are incredible and his stories are unbeatable.

That’s it for today!

Enjoy the weekend.



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