Dave’s Dis N Dat: Why The Jays Are In Trouble – Feeling For Buck And Pat

The long weekend is in sight and it is a fun time to be covering the world of sports… Here are some of my thoughts from the week that was.

Bleeding Blue: Had a chance to take in both Saskatoon Blades games this week. (A OTL to Vancouver and a big win over Kootenay on Wednesday) The thing that stood out to me in both games is that while the Blades are continuing to work hard every game that isn’t what they are hanging their hat on. No longer is the team hoping to give their opposition a good game. The fully to expect to win every night which I think is a major step forward in the team’s rebuild.

Crowded Crease: The Bridge City Bunch are trying to find consistency between the pipes, unfortunately, with three goaltenders still in camp the margin for error is razor thin for the three back-stoppers. End of the day it is a pressure that all goaltenders have to face. It is going to be interesting though to see who can rise to the top of the depth chart.

Puck Dropped: The NHL season is underway and on night one we had an opportunity to see the coach’s challenge used. The good news is that it didn’t take too long to come to a conclusion on the play and the right call in the end was made. That being said there is just something that isn’t right with the challenge in hockey.
New Look Same Result: To say that there was a bit of a build up for the debut of Connor McDavid with the Edmonton Oilers last night is an understatement. However, the Oilers lack of a goaltender, number one defenceman and grit proved to be moot against a tough St. Louis Blues squad.

Audition Time: I know in professional sports you’re always fighting to get/keep a job. With that being said I can’t help but wonder how many Riders are auditioning for jobs for this year and next in Hamilton tonight. I’m especially curious to see how Chris Getzlaf performs coming off a six week foot injury. You have to know the writing is on the wall for Getz. He’s a veteran receiver, hampered by injuries the last couple of seasons, making a fair salary and with the Riders in the midst of a re-build he may be an intriguing piece moving forward.

Gloom And Doom Part 1: The Toronto Blue Jays opened their post season with a tough 5-3 loss to the Rangers. The Jays for my money looked like a team that hadn’t played a meaningful, intense game in 11 days. The Jays looked rusty and not being ready to go is as much the manager’s responsibility as anyones.

Gloom And Doom Part 2: I have long contended (see these commentaries back to last season) that the Jays don’t have the character to be a force in the MLB post-season. The core of the team likes to get going when the going gets tough. Prime example yesterday was Jose Bautista. Has a brutal at bat in the eighth inning and winds up “tweaking” his hamstring and has to come out of the game. What if the Jays had tied the game and forced extra innings? The team was already without Josh Donaldson who rattled his brain breaking up a double play.

I give a Buck and feel for him and Pat: I know why we are subjected to the lousy Fox Sports Broadcast of the game with the grainy picture, poor audio and brutal graphics. Not to mention no commentary from Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler. Basically Major League Baseball’s broadcast deals allows for Fox Sports to bring in whoever they want to do the game as a national broadcast which pushes out the team’s local broadcaster. So you work for 162 games and can’t call the games the most fun time of the year. Before you scoff too loud note that the same exists for radio broadcasters in the CFL. It’s heartbreaking for a broadcaster. That is why I thank my lucky stars that the CFL’s current broadcast agreement wasn’t in place in 2013 when I had a chance to patrol the Rider sidelines in the 101st Grey Cup. (perhaps the biggest game in Rider history)

Alright that’s it for today! Happy Thanksgiving!