Dave’s Dis N’ Dat To Wrap Up The Week: Including Why Superman Wears Under Armour

Here are some random thoughts to wind down the week that was in the world of sports.

WHL FINAL: The best of seven series between Edmonton and Portland now sits a 2-win-a-piece with game five in Portland tonight. The hockey has been outstanding! The fan response has been not so much. 6,799 took in game three of the series in Edmonton. Yes, at the time the Oil Kings trailed the set 2-0 but I know there are a number of very concerned people within the WHL and the Oil Kings organizations with that number.

THE OTHER DAVE HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD: One of the broadcasters that I have a ton of respect for is Dave Hodge and he hit the nail on the head earlier this week. The Montreal-Boston series seems to be making as many headlines off the ice as it is on the ice as the series seems to be plagued by a handful of Boston fans who have taken to social media spewing racist comments. The target of their actions is Montreal’s P.K. Subban who had to react to the tweets. The Boston Bruins were quick to distance themselves from the actions and that is where Hodge comes in. He argued that the Bruins organization should have taken ownership for their fans and sent a message to them that they would not stand for such backward thinking. He submits a lifetime ban from Bruins games should be in order for those fans. I think it’s hard to argue that case.

MORE FROM TSN: If you haven’t watched it check out TSN’s “Out For A Rip!” it will make your Friday especially the use of Brian Williams. The line “B Dubs on the wax” is worth the 3 minute investment. You can see it by clicking here.

TIP OF THE CAP: The Saskatoon Yellow Jackets are gearing up for the 2014 season and it’s great to be getting a steady flow of e-mails and media releases to help promote their product. The action is great and the atmosphere is getting better despite the brutal Cairns Field facility. Take it in, you won’t be disappointed.

UP IN SMOKE: Kory Sheets was given an absolute discharge for marijuana possession in Estevan this week. It’s amazing how quick some are to judge him and throw him down. He made a mistake! No matter your side of the argument I wonder would you be opposed to him joining the Riders if his NFL dream doesn’t pan-out? Better yet would you voice your concerns to him in person?

MORE CFL: The league has adopted the video review of pass interference calls for the upcoming season. At first glance this seems like a huge mistake. That being said it can’t be any worse than MLB’s replay system, can it?

THE RIDERS GET IT EXHIBIT #3450090001: Rider fans mark May 23rd on your calendar as that is the day that the team will release their championship DVD. All I can say is Cha-Ching and what a great way to launch the 2014 season AND capitalize on a fan base that is basking in the team’s fifth championship win.

SIMON STAYING IN REGINA: The biggest thing to come out of the Saskatchewan Roughrider pre-season call was that they are renegotiating a contract with Geroy Simon. I will be the first in line to say that the future hall of famer is worth every penny that he negotiated in his contract. However, the reality of the business is that he is an older player making a lot of money within a salary cap. It will be interesting to see how the situation resolves itself. The one card the Riders cannot play that I think is one of their big advantages is that Geroy will be recognized wherever he goes and his earning potential away from football is as high in Saskatchewan as it is in B.C. or anywhere else in the country.

SPEAKING OF $$$$: I was amazed to hear the back story of Geroy Simon. The fact that he almost never played professional football instead almost opting to help out with his college team mates upstart business. Let’s face it a new busisness is almost as lucrative as a professional football career and in the end the choice to play football worked out pretty well. Oh and the remarkable part of the story is the upstart business was Under Armor.

GOOD GUYS FINISH FIRST???: Congratulations to Prince Albert Raider forward Leon Draisaitl will suit up for his country at the upcoming World Championship. The 18 year-old who will undoubtedly be a first round NHL pick will be the youngest participant in the tournament. He’s a great hockey player but just as great off the ice spending a lot of time with media hacks like myself when he clearly didn’t have to and has always been gracious and accommodating.

That’s it for today. Enjoy the weekend!!!!

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