Dave’s Dis N’ Dat To Wrap The Week:

Well the wait is finally over CFL fans! Training camps will open this weekend. Be sure to catch my special edition Top 10 list this weekend for what to watch for at Saskatchewan Roughrider training camp.

In the meantime here are my thoughts on everything else going on in the world of sports.

I don’t think that it’s a big surprise that the TSN wanted to extend their TV deal, which they did last night. I do find it interesting that they would do it one year into their current 4 year-deal. That being said I am shocked the league would go for it and not look for a competing bid from Rogers or the new commissioner’s old employer in the CBC.

Staying on the new deal and one has to wonder if the TV contract extension was in anyway a part of the purchase of the Toronto Argonauts. Of course Bell, TSN’s parent company is the new owner of the Argos. Additionally, the Argos have reportedly been granted not one but two Grey Cup (aka money makers) games. Not a bad deal for the new owners to keep the franchise afloat in the Big Smoke!

One more on the TV deal and I was disappointed to hear that the Radio rights for the Grey Cup were also extended in the contract. That means that local radio play-by-play guys like Rod Pedersen, Mark Stephen, and Bob Irving won’t get a chance to call a Grey Cup game which is a shame and a crime in my opinion!

More football and one question for the committee of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Plaza of Honor, when does Kerry Joseph get in? Yes I realize he just retired but he is only the second Rider to ever be named the league’s MOP not to mention one of four QB’s to lead the team to a Grey Cup Championship.

I always love the conjecture when the inductees are named for the Plaza! It always opens the debate as to whether or not Roy Shivers should be inducted. You can vote on the right. My vote goes with the no. Why, because he definitely improved the talent on the team but he wasn’t able to get them to the championship game and his handling of Nealon Green and Henry Burris in a lot of ways set the franchise backs.

To hockey, and there are some complaints about the Memorial Cup not attracting the buzz that a national title should be afforded. To be honest, a league that opens their season in late September and ends in late May is too long. Especially with nice spring weather across the country. However, none of the leagues will ever shorten their season so it is just something that will have to be dealt with.

Additionally, there has been a call by some to remove the host team from the tournament, play a double round-robin and then a championship game among the three league winners. I like the idea but where would this be held? Good luck selling it in a market without a team competing in the event. Also the magnitude of the tournament would never allow it to be organized in a week or ten days. Lastly, could you imagine if a team won their league title and then it was that league’s turn to host the event and you had to hold it in a substandard facility. Good luck hosting a national broadcast in Swift Current, for example! (Sorry Broncos!)

Meanwhile in Regina good guys do finish first! Congratulations to former Saskatoon Blades Head Coach Dave Struch who was promoted to Assistant General Manager in addition to his Assistant Coach duties. The proud Blades’ alumni’s heart was torn out when his contract was not renewed at the end of 2013-2014 here in Toon-Town. However, he accepted a position in Regina and showed what he could do! How much did he do? Well his name came up with a number of franchises that were looking for a bench boss. Recognizing what they had the Regina Pats wasted little time offering him a promotion and securing his future in the Queen City. Well deserved David!

Off the ice, congrats to the lady in Swift Current who was named the WHL’s Ultimate fan this week. It’s a pretty neat opportunity but I wonder if the CHL and perhaps the NHL shouldn’t add to this loyalty? Why not let a fan present the Memorial/Stanley Cup! Gery Bettman gets booed presenting the Cup, which is an entirely different issue, but boy would it be cool!

Well that’s it for today.

Enjoy the weekend! And be sure to check back for what to watch for at Rider Training Camp.