Dave’s Dis N’ Dat To Wrap The Week: Plus WATCH Riders vs. Stamps Here!

It’s Friday morning and here is my take on the last seven days from the world of sports.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will close out their pre-season schedule tonight when they host the Calgary Stampeders tonight at Mosaic Stadium. The Green and White will suit up 70 players for the game with a number of positions still up for grabs. Some of the pundits are suggesting that former Huskies Scott McHenry and Paul Waldu could be on the bubble. However, one of many problems that the Riders had last season was when the special teams tanked after a number of injuries to key veterans, not the least of which was McHenry. I think the Riders noticed that and I am sure will take that into account in their final evaluations.

If you are looking for tonight’s game you won’t see it on TSN BUT you can see it here. The Riders have launched a webcast for the contest that will feature play-by-play by super talented Dan Plaster and one of my favorite analysts Luke Mullinder providing colour. To see the game click here. Kick-off is at 7:30.

In other CFL happenings are report out of Alberta suggests that all nine CFL teams are in agreement that the start of the season should be pushed forward in order to avoid harsh weather conditions late in the season. The suggested start to the season would be June 1 with the Grey Cup then pushed forward to the end of October. I see the attraction of getting more people in the stands in more tolerable weather conditions, however, you truly lose domething Canadian by not having the game in late November. Not to mention the fact that the Canadian Bowl, Vanier Cup and even provincial championships could be played after the Grey Cup which I think is a mistake. The Grey Cup should be the end of the football season for everyone!

More CFL and the East Division, once again looks wide open. Hamilton who are my odds on favorites to win the East, are hurting and Montreal and Toronto are struggling at Quarterback and therefore on offence. Ottawa, meanwhile, looks horrible. Could be another year where the west is best.

On a different field the Toronto Blue Jays once again proved why they need pitching help, particularily at the back of the bullpen. The Jays double-digit winning streak came to an end after another blown save by the bullpen. The Jays offence has scored 65 more runs than the rest of the big league’s but with 11 blown saves the team won’t take a step ahead unless they can win tight ball games.

To hockey and you have to admire the Chicago Blackhawks don’t you? Three Stanley Cup Championships in six seasons is remarkable in a cap era. I wonder if at some point we will look bat at Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharpe, Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith like the Boys on the Bus (AKA the 1980’s Edmonton Oilers)?

It’s amazing how much you miss something when it is gone. I am definitely missing the Western Major League’s baseball this summer. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many others care. Although I would love to see a way for the league to return to the city, I just can’t see it happening.

What I am so glad is happening is the final stages of funding for Saskatoon Minor Football Field at Gordie Howe Park. It is amazing how the upgrades to the facility have rejuvenated the area. The football field is packed every day of the week with 100’s patrons using the facility with the largest turf surface in North America. The Vision of the Turf-It campaign needs to be applauded but with $600,000 to go to meet their objective here’s hoping the community can pull together to get it done!

Lastly good luck to the mayor and his attempt at an ultra-marathon on Sunday. The Inaugural Mayor’s Marathon will see His Worship Don Atchison run from the Dakota Dunes Casino to Wanuskewin Park on Sunday. A portion of the proceeds from his run will go to the MVA trail which he hopes to see extend between the two points in the future.

That’s it for today.

Enjoy the weekend!